what is computer

As we know that computer is an electronic device,computer word contains 8 letters which bring into some peculiar existence ,nonspecific words show meaning such as

C stands for Commonly

O fundamentally typify operated

m basically connote machine

P typically denote Particularly

u express indirectly typify “used for”

T represent technical

E stand for Education ,

R convey the meaning Research ,

in terms of Computer word all of you perceived what exactly computer word colligate;

before we make an effort to acquire the knowledge about computer ,it is very indispensable to acknowledge the history of computer ;

The aggregate of past computer events can let us know at least basic information close to technological development in computer;

what and how computer used in past events and what may be the projections for the future ;

As computer grounded on technological and intellectual breakthrough


Fundamentally computers are mechanical and electromechanical devices in the 17th century computer were the sane types of devices ,

every bit of it capable of carrying out four mathematical actions /operation

addition ,substraction,viz,division and multiplication ,

In the very commencement ,when Blaise pascal created the automatic computing and contrived a device ;

anti-type of mechanical device which had oodles of gears and chains ,

which previously utilized to perform ingeminate additions and substractions;which we say pascaline device ;

and later on two computer were to contrive by Charles babbage,

that had strong point of the difference engine and Analytical engine;

What was the difference engine ?

This machine was having a mathematical operation and principle of finite difference and was to utilize to solve calculation ;

or large number using a formula as well as also used for polynomial and trigonometric function solving ;

What was Analytical engine

Analytical means to say automatic solving mathematical operation ,this device was based on sum of peculiar feature such as

  • Automatic sequence control
  • provision of sign checking of result existed ,

not only this ,some other computer was also stimulated at a university is Harvard;

but that was an electromechanical device ,with mark 1 forward motion developed a decimal machine ;

that was to use only for decimal solution,though solving the solution when erroneousness were perceived was called bug-offere use to indicate errors

in computer programs ;

First generation computer

Indeed the first generation of computer was dandy significance of excogitation ,that was developed during the 2nd world war;

in fact, the idea came from if nuclear energy wound not have been formulated as fast it colossal efforts were not to drain towards devising

nuclear bonds ; therefore specific general research for the innovation of first generation of computr;

Electronic numerical integrator and calculator device to design was in 1945,

behind this designation ,only one reason was to calculate figures for thousands of gunnery tables, for which US army irremissible for accuracy

in unreal fire;

this Eniac which knowns as first generation computer ,

basically the first generation computer is known for the performance of

five thousands addition or five hundred multiplication per minute,

i.e first generation machine could carry out fast multiplication and addition ;

this is why it ws very easy to use that time and also able to handle the work in a while ;

but it was abnormally a large installation;

it had to contain thousands of vacuum tubes ,approximately eighteen hundred and weighed 30 tons,

essentially it was in need of great amount of electricity and excessive heat emission;

general feature of First generation computer

  • it was a general-purpose computing machine
  • vacuum tube technology used
  • having a base of decimal arithmetic
  • not having a base of binary arithmetic
  • single CPU is central control
  • the punched card used as an input device
  • magnetic tapes and magnetic drums to use as secondary memory
  • binary code for programming
  • assembly language
  • accessible to only one program at a time

Second generation computer

Second generation computer was made from silicon ,which contains a two state device ,what we say is transistor;

transistor was to use in 2nd generation compute because it was relatively in low price smaller and libertine ; less heat than vacuum tube;

higher powerful than 1st generation ,

consumption of electricity less than 1st generation device

2nd generation device contains the transistor so it is also known as solid state device ;

transistor was invented in 1947 and gave impetus to the electronic revolution ;

fundamentally generation of computer differentiated by hardware technology ;

the more increment in technology it led to higher speed ,

large memory capacity and smaller size in various generations this is why 2nd generation machine had higher capacity of memory size and also

more advance in terms of arithmetic and logic unit and control unit

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