Resolve Transaction Declined by Bank Issue

transaction declined by bank,

Transaction Declined by Bank; In this blog post, we will know, what could be the possible reason to get any transaction declined, basically, a major problem comes to our bank account when transactions are declined by the bank,

there has been a lot of reasons to this same issue, when transaction declined, first of all, we check to our account if sufficient balance available in the account before we go for making any transactions either POS transactions or online transaction;

in case of POS transaction, if sufficient balance is available, in this case, first to check whether debit card /credit card is not damaged nay, because cards are damaged, EDC machine does not recognize the card and let the transaction declined,

therefore in case of the card is damaged, please contact your bank customer care services and raise the request for a new credit card/debit card replacement,

Why Transaction Declined by a Bank When I Have Money in My Account?

Apart from any issue to your bank account happened, there has been some other mistakes that you often make while you try to make any transaction; before you go for making any transaction, please take notice of the following instructions

  • 1st thing to check, make sure the card number entered by you is correct, or else, the transaction will decline,
  • 2nd thing to check, OTP you receive should be entered correctly before you authorized any transaction ;
  • in some cases, during the transaction, you enter a card number and received OTP correctly but however, transaction declined even if sufficient balance is available in the account ;
  • in this case, you need to contact your bank and let them initiate the request for an online transaction, but in a few cases, it happens, because this facility is pre-blocked while you open an account,
  1. Check with the Validity of your Debit card, so check the expiry date
  2. Check – Debit card ATM PIN is Correct
  3. The thing to check – Check if Your bank account is not on Hold
  4. Recommendation to check – In Case of UPI Transaction, check with the VPA address, UPI PIN,
  5. DO check beneficiary bank account number is correct
  6. The Beneficiary bank accounts are ready to receive the amount from the sender and have no technical issues with that bank accounts
  7. In the case of IMPS orNEFT Transaction, check with beneficiary and internet speed

How to solve if Transaction Declined by bank SBI

after you check all the reasons in your SBI bank account, such as sufficient Bal, card validity, OTP is a correct, network issue, if these all reason checked and found correct, however, transaction declined while you try to initiate online transaction;

so you need to send an SMS from your registered mobile no . to the following number


while you do message with that same above details, the bank immediately approve the request and become eligible to make any online transactions ;

What to check if credit cards transaction declined

basically, to check some of the things when credit cards transaction declined, a possible reason could be, a credit card is expired, or hot-listed, no sufficient credit available LIMIT balance, the card should not be over-limit, the credit limit is zero, blocks on cards,

net limit or sub-limit disabled, any one of these cases may be, only then transaction failed,

let’s discuss some important facts about credit cards, which can help you to resolve your credit card transaction failed error;

How to pay HDFC credit card bill

  1. if credit card is expired ,or hot-listed ,or re-issued

in case of credit card is expired/hot-listed/re-issued, in this case, you need to contact that same bank customer care services, to resolve this issue, if you carry an HDFC bank credit card, and card is expired, this bank automatically re-issued a new credit card

if you have swiped your credit card, two months before your credit card was expired,

2.No sufficient credit limit balance available

if your credit card limit is already reached up to the maximum limit that credit card has, the transaction failed, so you need to pay for all dues remaining balance on your credit card so that limit of your credit card may increase and then you can make the transaction ;

for example, if the credit limit is 9000, and the outstanding balance is 8999, in this case, if you make the debit transaction of rupees 100, your transaction will decline ;

3.card should not be over-limit

if the card is over limit, this cause, the transaction also decline , therefore you should keep your outstanding balance on your credit card within the given limit ;

4.blocks on cards

here blocks on the card to say about the internal issue on credit cards, which a credit card holder can not come to know, therefore, we should contact in customer care services to the same bank of that credit card,

in case of any blocks on credit cards,they will resolve the issue,

IF Transaction Declined by a bank what to check?

if the transaction is declined by the bank, check all the following issues –
Make sure sufficient available balance in an Account

Check your UPI ID is accurate

Please detect if the UPI Payment gateway application is updated

Check IF entered the PIN By you is correct

Make sure OTP you receive is correct

Confirm from the bank side if an account is not on hold

Make sure Debit card/credit is not damaged during card swipe

Check with the Expiry date of Debit card and credit cards

Also, confirm if the beneficiary account having no issue during fund transfer

Do Activate if international and domestic transaction permit is de-activated using Netbaning of the same bank

Note- please check all above instructions one by one, and then do solve accordingly

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7 Comments on “Resolve Transaction Declined by Bank Issue”

  1. Hey there I have also been come across the same issue ,my debit card of HDfc bank also gets declined, even if Otp receiving and able to make online transactions but while I try to swipe my debit card ,every time gets declined ,what else I can do ?even my card doesn’t seem damaged ,

    1. online transaction happening but in case of card swiped , transaction declined , card very likely may be damaged in this case you will not be able to make any edc machine transactions, but at only merchant EDC machine transaction decline but for another merchant EDC machine transaction successful in this case card is not damaged, that problem may be from the merchant site

  2. Very good information ,I have also come across a reason for which my all transactions are getting declined by my credit card even if available balance is available to make transactions ,could you please tell me why this reason is being happened ,even nothing happened to my card, my card is nog blocked, not yet expired, bal also available ,but OTp is not received, what could be reason could you please tell me ?

    1. not receiving OTP at transaction authorization time, you can delete some unusual messages from your message inbox and check whether that particular bank’s authorization number is not blocked nay, unknowingly that number is blocked or put in spam, remove from the block mode, OTP will be started receiving,
      IF NOT you can update your mobile number , the issue will resolve

  3. Super very nice information is shared, you have resolved my issue I was unable to make transaction thorough my sbi debit card now my issue resolved

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