SBI Rupay debit card charges IN 2021 (ATM & POS LIMIT)

SBI Rupay debit card charges details are given here,SBI Rupay debit card has many variants in terms of Usage, features, and benefits; its variant concludes the Platinum, classic, master card, Global; for all these variants of SBI Rupay debit card charges specified

SBI bank provides the Rupay debit card with the PMJY Bank accounts, but with that SBI users get any one of the Rupay debit card variants,

SBI users get free of Cost Rupay debit card at the time of account opening, Users have to deposit a certain amount in their PMJY bank accounts;

here are the Rupay debit card charges of SBI Bank in 2021,

SBI Rupay debit card charges for maintenance

SBI Rupay debit card chargessbi debit card charges
Zero (NIL)For SBI Rupay debit card Joining
zero(NIL)SBI Rupay classic Silver debit card charges
118 rupee, including GSTIssuance SBI Gold debit card charges
NILSBI Rupay classic Global debit card charges
NILSBI Rupay classic Contactless debit card charges
354 rupee including GSTSBI Rupay platinum debit card issuance charges
147.5 rupees GST includedSBI Rupay classic debit card yearly maintenance fee
147.5 rupees GST includedSBI Rupay classic silver debit card yearly maintenance fee
206.5 rupee with GST IncludeSBI Rupay Global debit card yearly maintenance fee
147.5 rupees GST includedSBI Rupay contactless debit card yearly maintenance fee
413 rupees +GST includedSBI Rupay premium business debit card yearly maintenance fee
354 rupee including GSTPride debit card yearly maintenance fee
206.5 rupee with GST IncludeSBI combo debit card yearly maintenance fee
300 rupee+ applicable GSTSBI Rupay debit card replacement charges
206.5 rupee with GST IncludeSBI Yuva debit card yearly maintenance fee
SBI Rupay debit card charges

SBI debit card charges limit (ATM withdrawal, POS and International )

Again This debit card limit Depending on the variants of cards, very likely SBI Bank Rupay debit card including Global and Platinum variants Comes with the Specific daily ATM Withdrawal limit is 40000 rupees per day,

while for an International Transactions vary country to country so the maximum of withdrawal possibility is up to 50000 INR subject to that particular currency of a Country,

On the other hand, all these variants of the SBI Rupay Debit card follow the distinct POS(Point of sale ) transactions limit and International debit card swipe limit of transactions,

SO SBI Rupay Debit card is featured with the Limit of 75000 INR with the Global Rupay debit card for POS Domestic transaction monthly, AND Platinum Rupay debit cards have a maximum limit of up to 200000 INR for domestic POS transaction monthly limit

While the international POS transaction is subjected to a particular country’s currency equivalent to 50000 INR monthly limit for both variants of the SBI Rupay Debit card

sbi rupay debit card charges,
sbi rupay debit card charges

sbi rupay platinum debit card charges

Although Rupay debit card is also given free of cost when you apply for a debit card first time along with bank account opening time, the second time onwards, all customers have to pay the charges for Rupay platinum debit card, this debit card’s features and benefits in keeping with a variety of a bank account is also commendable

so here you are concerned in charges description then, as you can see above tables that show all debit card charges, which includes renewal charges and joining fees, moreover you should know that ATM cash transaction charges are also expected once the cash withdrawal by this debit card crossed the threshold limit in a months

Moreover, only the important for you to know is charged for sbi Rupay platinum debit card,so customers may need to pay 354 rupees,

sbi classic rupay debit card charges

SBI Bank classic Rupay debit card charges include up to 147.5 rupees as yearly Maintainance charges, i would suggest that while you open an account,you must ask the variant of debit cards and types of bank accounts, and then you should choose the kind of debit card and bank account which suits to your need,

In fact, we have visited a bank branch for one of these purposes, but it also happened that none of them come to inform us in descriptive information, thus, we happened to open an account somehow, without knowing further information, therefore please choose an appropriate debit card before you avail a debit card ;

sbi rupay debit card limit per day

I have already mentioned the useful information and instructions about the debit card usage limit, but however, I would like to mention it again in short information, SBI bank Rupay debit card lets you do up to 20000 rupees debit transaction a day via ATM

While POS transaction limit is determined up to 25000 rupees a day, you know that debit card is accepted all over the India, so this is one of the best debit cards for small account holders, they can use this debit card anytime and anywhere in India at any atm machine,

One additional benefit you also get with that provides insurance coverage up to 1 lakh if you are not sure how this insurance coverage benefits work , you can approach your nearest SBI Bank branch,

sbi rupay platinum debit card limit

This debit card also comes with a pre-determined limit, whether you this debit card for cash atm transactions, or point of sale transactions and for online transactions, for all these transactions limit is also determined,

SBI Rupay platinum cum-debit card permit to use up to 2 lakh daily ATM Cash withdrawal facility, and for online transactions, it is eligible to use up to 5 lakh per day, if you are a businessman or having a high profile action then you can avail this debit card, this debit card is often given to those customers who agree to maintain the QMB (QUARTERLY monthly balance) up to 50 k ,

This debit card is also pre-enabled for domestic transactions as well as international transactions,

sbi new atm card charges

Friends I have mentioned that a debit card you choose has distinct features and limits of usage either on the domestic platform or international platform,so it is pretty clear that the new credit card you receive might have some name of that debit card,for instance, sbi gold debit card,sbi classic domestic debit card rupay and sbi classic rupay debit card , if anyone of these or else platinum debit card ,you can see the charges description above ,

hope you found this information really helpful,if your doubt is still not cleared then please write your question in the comment section but please do not write your confidential details about the debit card and bank account,

Features &benefits of sbi debit card charges

Rupay Debit card is conducted by the National Payment Corporation of India,(NPCL) which fit the domestic transactions and accept all ATMs and POS transactions,

  • It is best for domestic ATM transactions,
  • Accept all Pos transactions (cashless transactions)
  • Featured for online domestic and international transactions,
  • IT comes with many variants as we have discussed above
  • Anyone can avail of this debit card from a specific branch
  • An illiterate person also use this debit card
  • Lowest maintenance charges,


This blog brought you this information to make you aware of SBI debit card charges details, for which I have mentioned Issuance charges, replacement charges, and the limit of the SBI Rupay debit card

Hope you find this article helpful, please feel to ask if you find any problem and also let us know If We are confined to mention something which you want to ask about, and share this article

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