How to apply for Regalia first credit card and know the offers, features, benefits, and make it lifetime free

Do you want to apply for regalia first credit card , you are at right place , this blog post will provide all specific details about Regalia first credit card and Regalia card ,

as well as ,you will also know how you can get your Regalia first credit card with zero annual fee ; i.e , you can get that card for life time free ,before you go to apply for Regalia first credit card, you should know about eligibility, and terms and conditions ;

hdfc-Regalia credit card comes with better feature and benefits ; whether you are an existing customer of hdfc bank ,or ,even if you do not have any relationship with hdfc bank , however , you can apply for this card ;

Regalia and regalia first credit cards are the type of super premium credit card ,which is best for lifestyle ; therefore ,it has some terms and conditions ,that you should know ,

so let’s know the eligibility for regalia first credit card

eligibility for the regalia first credit card and regalia credit card is different , not only in terms of eligibility but also in features and benefits ;

Income proof

If you are salaried person, and you earn a monthly gross salary more than 40000 rupees,and the minimum age is 21 and maximum age is up to 60 years, are eligible to apply for regalia first credit card ;

For a businessman / self-employed person, annual gross salary should be more than 4.5 lakh, and they must have ITR file,

Residential proof NRI and Indians citizen can apply for hdfc regalia first credit card or regalia card ;but they need to provide proof of identity such as -AADHAR CARD ,PAN CARD ,PASSPORT, VOTER ID ,DRIVER’S LICENSE ,Citizen of India card,

latest utility bill ,ration card,bank account statement ,

How to apply for Regalia credit card

To apply for credit card you can visit official website , bank .com , if not, you may click here to

apply for Regalia card ;

here two things depend for applying this credit card ,if you are an existing customer care of hdfc bank and have a debit card ,you can apply for this credit card along with your hdfc bank’s account debit card details ;

regalia credit car,
regalia credit car,

now put your whole debit card number, and then debit card pin number, select expiry date of your debit card, and then do click on proceed; this is the first option to apply for this card ;

but with that you need to provide form-16 /salary slip for latest three month ,as well as pan card ,aadhar card ,passport size photo for documentation required ;

once you submit these details ,one of hdfc bank representative call you for KYC verification , this process may takes two working days to finale this process ;

2nd process is for non-hdfc bank customer ; if you do not have any relationship with hdfc bank, you want to use only credit card ;

click here to visit this website and to submit the application ; now, Put your mobile number and fill the given code and then do click on proceed ;

for mobile verification , you will receive an otp number ; enter that OTP and click on verify option ; now you have to provide your personal details ;

after personal details submission ; you need to upload your ,form-16, latest three month salary slip; aadhar card ,pan card ,

after digital mode of form submission ; and documents verified by bank ; within two working days ; you can track your credit card application status ;

after two working days ; confirmation message will be sent to your mobile number and email id ,if application approved ; you may receive your credit card within seven working days ;

How to make this credit card Lifetime free

do you know ,you can make your hdfc regalia credit card lifetime free,i.e zero annual fees; but there are some terms and conditions , that you need to follow,to make card lifetime free with zero annual fees;

so the terms and conditions are – when you receive your credit card , so it is mandatory to avail any one of these hdfc bank services ;such as new utility bill registration ; buy life insurance /general inusrance ; and balance transfer emi ,or one assist security, on your credit cards

Note – these registration should be done before 90 days from the time of card dispatched at your mailing address ;

Visit here also –how to pay hdfc credit card bill

if card holder does not avail any one of those services within 90 days , card will not be Lifetime free , in this case , that credit card holder may confess membership fees charges or annual fees;

annual fee for this credit card is 2500 + applicable gst , so make sure to avail those services of hdfc bank ;

Regalia credit card Benefits and features

This credit card provides welcome benefits from bank side of Zomato Gold membership for a year, you may click here to know more about the features ;

travel benefits – every regalia card holder can avail the travel benefits ,because 12 complimentary lounge access are free per calendar year ;

therefore credit card holder can access domestic and international lounge access for free ; as you can see all possible lounge access in this below pic ;

lounge access
credited pic

here one thing to keep remember ,while you travel abroad ,in this case , you must have priority pass , this bank provides priority pass on credit card behalf ,free of cost , you need to raise the request for priority pass by calling in customer care services ,

Difference between Regalia credit card and Regalia first credit card

Now you may think about Difference between Regalia and Regalia first credit card, well, you will know the exact difference between these two credit cards ;

Regalia first credit card

  • this credit card provides 8 lounge access free per calendar year
  • 4 reward point earn on each and every retail transactions of rupees 150 minimum but one reward point contains the value 20 p ;
  • Credit Liability cover of upto Rs 5 lakh ,
  • worth 50 lakh on air accidental death
  • first year membership fees 1000 + applicable gst
  • welcome benefits of 1000 rewards point

Regalia credit card –

  • membership fees 2500 + applicable gst
  • 4 rewards point on minimum retail transaction of rupees 150 but one reward point contains the value 50 paise ;
  • Credit Liability cover of upto Rs 9 lakh ,
  • worth 1 crore on air accidental death
  • welcome benefits of 2500 rewards point

hope you guys may like this article about hdfc regalia card ;in case of any doubt and question you have ,please feel free to ask ,and show me your love by sharing this post on social media and to your friends also ;


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