Phonepe transaction failed reason & solution

Phonepe transaction failed reason could be some of the important facts; for which we should never ignore while making any transactions, so in this blog post, we will know the required information related to why and what could be the possible reason for Phonepay transaction failed; basically, phone pay transaction never gets failed if any issue has not occurred to the bank account;

but rarely due to technical issues phone pay transactions failed; but no worry, with the help of this blogpost; all essential and needy information are going to be covered;

Get the certain Phonepe transaction failure reason & resolution now

So lets us know, what to check in case of a failed phone-pay transaction; first of all, see the transaction details when it was tried to make and the transaction was failed; and – what could be the most possible reason

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Phonepe transaction failed

After the transaction failed details checked; the major problem you come across that your bank declined this payment for security reasons Phonepe; so please try after 24 hours; this reason often happens when the insufficient amount is available in the bank account and when your bank does not approve the transaction ;

Another reason could be the bank’s internal issue which may be a technical issue or other issues; in this case, best is to do contact in customer care;

Because this is very important to know the actual reason for the transaction failure, but you have another option, Phonepe itself let you know why your transaction fails

as you can see below pic; one transaction was made but that transaction failed so it was not showing the certain reason for that transaction; but when it comes to knowing, Phone pe has a support facility that can make you aware of any particular transaction;

phonepay transaction failed issue ,
transaction failed by Phonepe

This Phone-pe support let you know about not an only recent transaction but also may give information to the former transactions, this is the good thing about Phonepe,

which may save your time from you make a call in customer care to know more about transaction details; so let’s know the steps for how to check the reason

  1. Open PhonePe application
  2. Click on transaction history
  3. Select that transaction you want to know about
  4. Contact PhonePe Support
  5. Select language
  6. Get the transaction fail reason
failure transaction from Phonepe side

What to check if Phonepe decline the transaction

Sometimes it happens that Phonepe decline the transaction, without having an issue on the bank behalf, the most reason is that the Phonepe application is not updated, using the application without an update brings such issue;

make sure to check whether the Phonepe application is updated status or not, if the application is already updated, this problem will not occur;

if you do not know how to do update the Phonepe application, you may follow these steps to do update your application;

  • Do run play store on your mobile device
  • Click on My apps and games
  • Check if the Phonepe application update is pending
  • Click on update

Transaction failed in phonepe but money debited

In this case ,please check the issue that cause to transaction failed but then wait for a while ,you would receive an SMS on your bank registered mobile number if money debited from your bank accounts ,

if SMS related to that transaction does not receive on that mobile number. then. very likely it is to consider that transaction amount ‘d refund within an hour ,

if not then ,please keep calm, money would refund to your same registered bank account within two working days, however you can inform your bank about the deduction of that transaction,

Not only that , merchant should also be informed that you have made transaction that was failed but money debited ,due to this ,merchant ‘d give you a quick response as surety about that transaction ,

this will help you to debate with the Bank ,if that particular bank representative re-iterate you to wait for a certain time period and that amount was not refund within expected time, hope you understand how to manage both merchant and bank if you come across such issues,

What to do when Phonepe not sending money?

If Phonepe app is unable to send money then above issues may be , but with that , do nothing than updating your phonepe application and also check if the sufficient balance in bank accounts , giving a try will make that application start working fine,

major causes are Phonepe app is not updated with the recent version or other reason could be internet speed if you have checked all above steps and resolution process,

Phonepe Failed Transaction refund Time

Ans- Basically It has been determined two working days to get the amount refund in case of when Phone transaction failed, please remember, 2 working days time period is applicable according to that Bank business day,

What to do when Phonepe transaction failed but money debited?

Ans- If a transaction is made via Phonepe, and that transaction failed but money is debited from Bank account, You just no need to worry because That amount will be credited to your bank account after a certain time, I would recommend you lodge a complaint by calling your respective bank customer care services, after two working days if you do not get that amount refund.

Phonepe transaction pending but money debited

Ans-Transaction pending issues primarily happen when that application is not updated with the recent version or else there could have internet speed issues, so please resolve this issue to get rid of pending issues

Conclusion on When # Phonepe transaction failed

Phonepe app get on as a 3rd Party Payment gateway to a Bank account you have,so it does grant to transfer money from one bank account to another bank accounts through UPI mode, which you enable the Phonepe to accept the permission and then let you link your Bank account to a Phonepe, therefore we have discussed the reason and it’s the solution to resolve

Hope this topic concern is clear to all of us, in case of any doubt feel free to ask .and also please share this topic with your friends and acquaintances;

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