Phonepe Customer care number new

TO contact Phonepe customer care number you should call on this number 08068727374; to find out helpline line no. using your support ticket; you need to launch your Phonepe application and then do login in with your mobile number ;

Phonepe Customer care number new,
Phonepe Customer care number

After login, do click on profile dashboard as you can see the given arrow direction on the above pic; all Phonepay account details may be seen,
where you can manage your account details from; Now the next thing to do is to click on POLICIES and then Grievance and then go to level 1 to find out the Phonepay customer care number ;

while you call to Phonepe Customer care number with respect to any complaint related to Phonepay transaction declined issue; refund issue, or with any other concern, you must generate a support ticket using Phonepe account;

therefore we should know how to do generate a support ticket for our concern on Phonepay; this is just a very simple process that you need to follow to get a support ticket;

Phonepay itself asks to do generate a support ticket before you raise any complaint in customer care; so let’s generate using these below steps respectively ;

How to generate a support ticket to raise a complaint in Phonepe Customer care number services

Phonepe Customer care number new,
Phonepe Customer care number

This process is very easy to do accomplish; to do generate a support ticket on phonepe ; kindly open your phonepe application and go to that transaction status which you want to know about;

Click on that same particular transaction in the transaction history, where you see the details like below pic

Phonepe support

And then do click on contact Phonepe support to do generate support ticket; once you click on it Phonepe will show you support ticket; which you can use that support ticket in Phonepe customer care to know about that particular transaction details with

basically, Phonepe to continuous working with the aim of better performance and customer experience; to give them valuable and trustworthy experience to the Phonepe users, is the main priority for phonepe;

with the customer making happy Phonepe making it more secured, but no worry;phonpe itself a payment gateway is, users can create desired UPI id using Phonepe application;

The possible reason for Phonepe transaction failed is

How to link a credit card to a bank account

What to do if transaction declined by bank

But sometimes happened a certain transaction with a particular amount always might have been deducting on a specific date; few of us consider it as an unauthorized transaction;

this may not be said as an unauthorized transaction; that may be standing instruction as well; which unknowingly you enable to any kind of bill payment, or for membership on other merchants sites ;

in order to save time make sure you check about that transaction whether that transaction happened in keeping with standing instruction or an unauthorized transaction;

if you do not know how to do identify the difference between Unauthorized transactions and SI transactions,so keep reading,

What is standing instruction to initiate a transaction

Standing instruction to say is to give permission to a bank/payment gateway /merchant to do initiate a transaction automatically on a particular date of a month;

For example – an electric bill comes at a particular date, to which payment is necessary to do; but this may be a mess to miss the date for payment; same as a credit card bill payment on a particular date;

in order not to make payment physically, but for virtual payment on time, giving permission to the bank deduct that amount from wallet/account automatically on a specific date, such activities to calls standing instruction process which we should always be aware of

once is not in a cognizant memory towards given SI to the bank, then it may make us sad and to raise the complaint, therefore utmost necessary to get rid of such misunderstanding;

What to do in case of SI given to the bank for a particular bill payment which you are not aware of

The first thing to do check about transaction details, which you are not aware of, and also take a look even that transaction happen for the first time or more than one time without your authorization;

if that transaction happened more than one time at the same date in every month, this to consider as an automatic SI transaction, which you might have given to the bank,

to stop such transactions to be initiated automatically, just go in quest of that, in case you are unable to find out the same; the first and foremost option you have is to block that debit card/credit card, to stop SI

the best way to do stop automatic payment standing instruction is blocking the way of initiating transaction from debit/credit cards; hope this is clear to all of us about what is standing instruction and how to do it stop ;

Let’s know about what is unauthorize transaction is that you never any permission or grant that particular bank to deduct the amount from your bank account. but due to some wrong activities such as fishing, skimming, wishing may occur to have unauthorized transaction ;

in order to be safe from all these unwanted activities, never come across in front such cases that often happen while you click on unwanted links, or reply to unwanted messages which you are never aware of

How to get rid in case of Unauthorize transaction

such things like unauthorize transaction really a bad for us, as it makes us sad, and also consume our time, as we have to investigate who and how it took to come up to unauthorize transaction ;

in such cases, immediately call your bank and do block the gateway of that transaction such as debit card,net-banking, or UPI so that further unauthorized transactions may stop;

this is the safest way to stop initiating further unauthorized transactions, in case of any doubt with this same topic, feel free to ask, and also share this post as much possible as all of you can make ;

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