Payzapp amazon offer December 2020

Payzapp amazon offer December 2020, Currently, Amazon’s running festive season brought a lot of offers on products such as Groceries, electronics, mobiles and computers, and much more;

Apart from those offers,hdfc bank payzapp always gear up to cashback or discount;

Moreover offers capping depend on the product type of category, like what products A Payzaap holder buy for

these offers only effective on the products purchased from Amazon via the Payzaap app;

therefore in order to bring this beneficial service, run the Payzap application and do log in using pin;

How to avail of Payzaap offers on Amazon

To bring Payzaap offers in service on Amazon, take in certain as a Hdfc bank customer can only get this advantage

foremost log on Payzaap application and then proceed to click on Shopping,

pawl on Compare and shop, pick out the shopping categories such as Mobiles, tablets, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, and much more ;

Click on the preferred category and pick one or more than one desired product out and then click on more deals available, select Amazon shop

Now go through these below steps –


Before you depart from Payzaap to Amazon to purchase the product, I would recommend you to take a notice of what information available below

When to choose 3x reward points using Payzaap?

Essentially Payzaap app known for offering the best offers, but precisely had to discontinue giving further information to talk about this 3x reward points;

If any transactions are very likely settled to make through Credit cards using this application on Amazon,

then just take a look at what your credit is best for. whether that credit card is appropriate for gaining reward points or cashback?

if that credit card is best suitable for reward points? go consecutive for choosing 3x reward points, why so?

because maybe those credit card reward points contain a higher value in terms of money,

for example – if your credit card achieves 4 reward points on a minimum transaction of 150 rupees. if one reward points contain 50 paise value

then, the total value in money will 2 rupees for 4 reward points, while 1 % cashback means,1.5 rupees at the expense of 150 rupees ;

When to go for 1% cashback offers using the Payzaap app?

As the above example might have unsubtle you can think of which is best for availing offers;

Again reiterate most of the credit cards /debit cards are best for cashback, in case of the absence of a credit card you can go for cashback offers;

something is better than nothing; in this sense using debit cards on Amazon via Payzaap can let you get 1% cashback of whatever expense is

therefore before opting for an appropriate way of dealing; first try to choose which suits your need;

How to make transactions on Amazon using Payzaap?

To initiate the transactions on Amazon through Payzaap, do click on Shopping and proceed,

select Compare&shop; choose Trending category of products; or All categories, pick the products out to buy 

beak up at (more deals available )  as below pic shows the testimonial 

payzaap,Payzapp amazon offer November 2020

Further, go on to choosing reward points or cashback, enter  the Mobile number registered with the bank, and then put the last four digits of the credit card /debit card

and mark up the empty box to authorize the final price may vary on partner site, Payzap will redirect to another hyperlink of that partner merchant site; so finally buy the products and take the advantage of Payzaap offers;

  • Cashback to receive is not valid on canceled transactions in between 
  • Reward points will credit once the merchant claims the transaction amount, maximum turn around time is 2 to 3 working days
  • Reward points will lapse for canceled transaction 
  • Cashback will not receive if EMI is pre-closed before the finishing installment period  
  • If reward points/cashback does not execute till the expected turn around time, lodge a complaint in the bank 

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Payzapp amazon offer November 2020// Payzapp amazon offer November 2020


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