Paytm first credit card limit and charges info

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Hey there, do you want to apply for Paytm first credit card, you are at the right place; this blog post will provide all details related to this first credit card limit; How to apply for this credit card; what are the fee and charges, and how to use it,

we know that a credit card is very helpful, to make online or POS transactions, in our daily life; for which bank gives us, like a loan amount; this is how a credit card is also filled up with the credit balance which we can use and pay the amount after certain days; which is offered by the bank,

Similarly, Paytm credit card is, basically this card is being given to the Paytm users, where users can use this card on Paytm transactions; not only on Paytm but also on other merchants sites; this credit is powered by Citi bank ;

when a user make transactions by using this credit card, the user will get 1% cashback on transactions; Now let’s come to our main topic,

How to apply for Paytm first credit card limit

To apply for the first credit card, you need to have an account on Paytm; And with that, you need to open your updated Paytm application, and KYC should be already done; only then you are eligible to apply for this credit card ;

if these criteria match, then, open the Paytm application and search for the first credit card; this option is available on Homepage

as you click on that same option and slide that page upper side, apply now option is available; do click on apply now; and then fill in your personal details, such as First name, last name, pan card no, date of birth, email id, mobile number, and then select gender ;

after you fill in all details, choose your residential address, select only that residential area, where Paytm courier support, i.e, Paytm has some selected areas, where credit card delivery is possible;

if your residential area is under Paytm selected areas; you will be able to receive this credit card ;

after selection of area click on option proceed, Paytm will verify and then, the application will be approved ;

for the verification, you will receive a call from a representative of the Citi-bank to complete the KYC process; once the verification for the credit card is completed; you will receive a first credit card in your mail along with a welcome kit ;

Paytm first credit card limit

This credit card limit is depending on the civil score, higher civil score convey the higher amount of a credit card limit,

however, You may apply for the first credit card limit you wish to because They do consider on the basis of your monthly/annually expend From your registered Paytm application ;

if the consistency of higher transactions from your Paytm application gives an indication towards a higher first credit card limit

What are the fee and charges for the Paytm first credit card?

Now we will discuss this credit card fee and charges; when we apply for this credit card has zero membership fee /joining fee; but there is an Annual fee of rupees 500 +gst,i.e 590 rupees,

These membership charges can waive off if the total expenses are more than or equal to fifty thousand in a year ;

here are some of the things you should know about the membership fee before you apply for first credit card; if this card is activated on or before 30th Nov 2019,

in keeping with Paytm; the first membership will activate within five working days from when this credit card was applied ;

2nd thing, there are no charges for e-statement, you will receive statement details of the credit card on your email id ;

in case of the email statement is not received to you can download the statement online; to download the monthly statement you need to login to the Citi bank website ;

Late payment charges = there has been some slabs for late payment charges, so charges will apply in case of late payment

if the total due amount is less than or equal to 1000 rupees = nil charges

due amount more than 1000 or up to 5000 = 450 rupees charges

more than 5000 and up to 10000, due statement BAL is = 700 rupees charges

if the statement balance is more than 10000, 900 rupees charges are applicable

Over limit fees – if credit card over dues amount exceeds than total credit card limit, in this case, the card is over-limit, so charges applicable with 2.5% of the over-limit amount (excluding fees, charges, and taxes) subject to a minimum of ₹500.

Return payment charges – these charges include when ECS bounce, ACH return, or check payment return, in case of any one of these, charges are applicable with 500 rupees per return charges ;

Cash withdrawal charges – a minimum of 500 rupees or 2.5% of withdrawal balance charges applicable, it means, suppose you withdraw 5000 rupees from atm machine, in this case, charges will 500 not 5000*2.5/100 =125,

If the withdrawal amount is 50000, charges will be (50000*2.5/100=1250) not 500 rupees; this is how the bank takes the charge for cash withdrawal ;

Foreign currency mark up fees – if you use your credit card on an international site, 3.5% FCY charges are applicable on your expense ;

IRCTC charges -, charges will apply with 1.8% of transaction value ;

to know more about fees and charges please visit here

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Benefits of Paytm first credit card

We will know the benefits of this card, when you spend up to 5000 rupees, you will receive 1000 flat cashback,

this credit card also offers an unlimited 1% cashback on each and every transaction; good thing is that cashback will receive within 2 working days before the next billing due date generate ;

there are some premium restaurants partnership, where you will get up to 20% discount at those partner restaurants ;

you will also get two movie tickets at the price of one ticket,

What is the limit of This credit card?

Ans- As above we have discussed higher civil score leads towards a higher credit card limit , if however if a user does not have a credit card, he/she can get in touch with Paytm customer care to know more about the Limit of this credit card,

Is Paytm’s first credit card Good?

Ans- Yes, this credit card comes with many stupendous features and provides benefits to the users, even you can read above, this credit card can be used for either online retail transactions or for offline transactions as well, users get 1% cashback on all online retail transactions,
moreover, this credit has the facility of EMI conversion, all your higher expenses through this Paytm credit card can be converted to EMI installments, For a minimum of 3 months, and a maximum of up to customer choice which bank inform

Who is eligible for payment first card?

All Paytm users even the customers of CITI Bank can also apply for this credit card, even Bank has not demonstrated the eligibility on the basis of Salary slip/ ITR FILE, AGE Criteria(minimum 18 years), Residence proof, but however if you provide such details to the bank, there are higher chances for your credit card approval,

Can we add Paytm money from a Credit card to a Wallet?

Yes, Paytm is such a platform that allows the Credit cardholder to add money from the credit card to Paytm wallet, Good thing is that Paytm first credit card holder also gets cashback on wallet reloads, here it has been not shown up how much cashback often Paytm provides on wallet reload? because, mostly Paytm continue changing for the cashback capping criteria, but yes, while you reload the Paytm wallet from your credit card , you will be able to see in the coupon code area,

How can I pay my first credit card bill in Paytm?

Credit cardholders can make the bill payment of their credit card by Using Paym itself, and the 2nd methods are – If you are a Citi-bank customer and you have this credit card, you can link this credit card to your Citi bank net banking; and can easily bank the Payment of your Paytm first credit card

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