beneficiary pension status for mukhyamantri vriddhjan pension yojna

mukhyamantri vriddhjan pension yojna

do you want to check the beneficiary pension status for mukhyamantri vriddhjan pension yojna ? , well , in this blog post , we will check the status step by step ,

before you go for checking beneficiary status ,you need to have some of the documents such as ,AADHAR CARD ,SANCTION NO,BENEFICIARY ID ,MOBILE NO, and ACCOUNT NUMBER ,along with any one of these details ,

beneficiary pension status for vriddhjan pension yojna can be checked altough;

you have to visit on a website , , once you visit this website ,there has been lots of options available , to check the beneficiary status ,click on beneficiary status option available on homepage ,

now that website ask you to put any one of those mentioned details ,after you put your document details and when you do click on search ; status for beneficiary mukhyamantri vriddhjan pension yojna display ; this is how you can check the status ,

whether you have received the benefit of mukhyamantri vriddhjan pension yojna or not , after then , you can also check how much amount is credited to your bank account ;

to check the credited balance from mukhyamantri vridhjan pension yojna, you need to follow this steps –

please visit this link to check the payment history ,this link will take you on the right portal ,from where you can check the payment history details ,when that amount was credited to your bank account ;

Check Mukhyamantri Vridha Pension Payment Status in Bihar,

therefore ,click on payment report ,and then you will see a drop down with many options ,so click on check beneficiary payment history(after may 2020) to check the current payment status , once you click on that ,

you will be asked to choose ,district with code ,block /sub-division with code ,beneficiary id/ bank account number, after you put all these details then do click on search , you will be able to find your payment history details ,

i hope ,you guys may like this article and might have helped you to check Mukhyamantri Vridha Pension Payment Status very easily ;

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