JIO Customer care number in 1 for all States


Customer care available here for all Indian states JIO Customer care number; A fast-growing telecom company Jio has brought an extreme stupendous experience amongst the Indian citizens, with a total of 22 broad telecom circles in India, featured for the connectivity of 4 G and 5 G network with the overall Good user experience in keeping with the network speed connectivity ;

BAND 40 2300 MHZBAND 5 850 MHZBAND 3 1800 MHZ

Respectively, The rapid growth of this company proven trust for the millions of citizen and thus became the largest mobile network operator in India; if we think of the difference between JIO company and other telecom companies, we find that JIO has not 2g or 3 g network services of connectivity as when this company established with the new generation 4 g network in 2016; while other telecom company still support 2 g or 3 G network speed including 4G and 5g network as well ;

moreover other services such as broadband, television, fiber and telephone services as well which has been made accessible from home; along with all those services; Sometimes we come across such a type of issue for which we have to contact in JIO help center or JIO customer care; in order to get our issues to be resolved; therefore, in this blog post, we will know all helpline numbers of JIO in keeping with PAN INDIA Helpline number,

JIO Customer care number for All States

JIO Customer care number,

The toll-free helpline number of JIO is available for the JIO Users, they can contact any time but moreover, Jio has launched many apps such as JIO APP, JIO TV, JIO CINEMA, JIO CLOUD, JIO NEWS,
for the users’ convenience, users can find lot’s of issue’s solution using the MY JIO app, without calling in customer care,

only the JIO users should know how they can find the existing issue of themself; which we will know later to check the resolution part in the My JIO app, but the first concern for my visitors to find the helpline numbers are given below -Even the one helpline number is 199 on this number customer can call from their JIO mobile number in order to get their issue to be resolved; moreover here the remaining JIO customer care numbers in the below table –

JIO Customer care number States & cities
18608933333Andhra Pradesh
18608933333Himachal Pradesh
18608933333all over India
JIO Customer care number

Commemorate that above given numbers is same for all cities in India but only JIO users can call on this number with the objective of calling from the JIO’S number; Where JIO users can raise the complaint of whatever the issues may be ;

JIO’s other services customer care number

It is not determined that only JIO users can reach up to the JIO customer care but also the Non-JIO Users can call on this number 18008899999, this number is for if a customer having the concern related to the JIO activation process and other related information as well; bellow table may help you to find out the JIO customer care number

Helpline numberOther JIO’S SERVICES
Online Shopping related
Business and mobility-related

Business and enterprise related

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Talk to JIO Customer care executive

A JIO user can call toll-free number 198 from JIO mobile number, once you start listening to IVR information, so then first choose the desired Language and then dial 2 on call and then press 9, the call will be transfer to the customer care executive; this is the process to initiate the call in customer care but moreover, other helpline numbers are also available such as Whatsapp support helpline number,

What is the Whatsapp support helpline number of JIO Mobility and JIO Fiber customer care number?

Whatsapp support for JIO Mobility concern is available, Users need to save the particular JIO company Whatsapp support helpline number 7000770007 in the mobile device and to get started just send an SMS “HI” For further queries and concern;

While Whatsapp support for JIO FIBER, is also available, JIO fiber users are given two helpline number one is voice process helpline number which we have already discussed above, and the second is JIO Fiber Whatsapp support helpline number which is 700057005, to get started with Whatsapp support just send as SMS “Hi” from the Jio mobile number, your queries related JIO Fiber may be assisted

JIO Customer care helpline Email ids

Email support means to say the queries to be accepted through Email support, Users can avail this facility, Email ids are also categorized state and city wise here, this is for if your query resolution not satisfied, can reach up to the email through,

JIO support Emails JIO Circles name
[email protected]Delhi and NCR
[email protected]Bihar
[email protected]Chhattisgarh
[email protected]Gujrat
[email protected]Andhra Pradesh
[email protected]Assam
[email protected]Haryana
[email protected]West-Bengal
[email protected]Uttar Pradesh
[email protected]Jharkhand
[email protected]Rajasthan
[email protected]Uttarakhand
[email protected]Telangana
[email protected]Mumbai
[email protected]Punjab
[email protected]Odisha-
[email protected]Maharashtra-

You can send or register your complaint related to JIO services using these Emails, even JIO not only endorse calls support, emails support but also live support as well; for this users can download MY JIO APP; apart from those Emails, interrogation underpin Emails are also catered for the user’s convenience, so the JIO users can use those Email ids to take advantage of registering a complaint about any business connection inquiry at [email protected]

and for other security exposure enquiry ,can hit at [email protected]

To do register a complaint using Emails, no time is determined for bringing up the complaint, you can register your complaint anytime, as it is available every day of the year;

How to check your complaint status using my JIO app

With the complaint docket number, we can track the JIO complaint status using MY JIO APP, first of all, log on to MY JIO APP after logging, Go to help center and select the option track my status, and then use your docket complaint id over there , complaint status would be displayed

JIO Customer care number
JIO Customer care number

An analogous dashboard like the above pic will be seen over there which is for tracking complaint request ;

JIO Customer care helpline number and its purpose

In the essence of 198 helpline number is appropriate to make the complaint on call, though 1977 is for the tele-substantiation process, at the initial time of making new JIO SIM workable for calling purpose and net surfing purpose, this particular helpline number is to use

Users can also call on 199 for the interrogation purpose from the JIO mobile number and the last very important helpline number 18008901977 users can use this for the purpose of activating only data services ;


This blog is written after research, we have discussed all India JIO Customer care number, such as call support helpline number, Email support helpline ids, as well as Whatsapp support helpline number, in case if you think that something is missing in this blog post please let us know, As our primary intention to save your time and to provide a piece of better information, therefore we request to please subscribe this blog;


How to configure JIO speed?

Sometimes it happens that internet speed low in a particular location so JIO users can configure the internet speed using MY JIO APP, to do configure the internet, log on to MY JIO APP and go to Help support,
by clicking on the above given Left-hand side’s three small lines,
and then Click on troubleshoot and select the desired issue list given over there

How to do JIO LIVE CHAT ?

Log on to MY JIO APP and then click on JIO CARE and then LIVE CHAT ,

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