What is Html text formatting

this tutorial provide the details about what is html text formatting , basically text formatting in HTML present the texts on html page in a specific manner ;

text formatting is an essential part of creating a web page ,therefore layout of text controls and it’s presence on a page is important to understand

before we go in depth , to talk about text formatting layout on a page ,we would like to know at least header ,header used to specify the heading of sections or sub-sections in a document ;

that document may contains a specific size of the text ;and header has six available labels ,H1 TO H6 , when do we write post we use headers in that document ;

header specify for what actually that context is all about ,here in this below pic ,headers are specified into html coding

what is html text formatting,
what is html text formatting,

these html code in above pic to specifying headers, as we move on H1 to H6 ,in keeping with H1 to H6 orders ,text size also getting decreased with that header orders ,

but there is no predefined sequence for using the different labels of the header tags nor any restrictions on which one can be used ;

so we have absolute right to write any label of header tags in anywhere in the document ;we can write in keeping with our desire ;

if happen to center text on a page ,use the center tag ,and write the header between <center> and </center>tags ,

this coding will gets aligned in the center of the HTML page ;as you can see in this below given pic ‘


Html text formatting

There are lot’s of formatting tags in Html, which we should be cognizant of at least before we do start coding in HTML, these formatting tags are ,<B> ,<I>,<U>,<P>,<S>,<STRONG>,<EM>,<BR>,<HR>,<BLOCK QUOTE> ,<ADDRESS><CITE>,ETC

Let’s us understand these formatting tags one by one ;

here the code <B> stands for writing the text into bold format ,if something is required to write on a page into Html document in bold format ,we use this tags ;

Italics ; this is to use for displaying the text into italics so the texts are written within <I> AND </I> ;

Underline ;to display the text into underline mode ; i.e it is used for underlining the text to be displayed ;we have to use this tag <U>WRITE SOMETHING </U>;

But in case of when you happen to write the text into bold ,italics using underline tags ;you may write your code in this way =

<B><I><U> something</U></I></B> ; Here one thing to take a notice on the closing tags are written in reverse order ,because any tag used within some other tag should be closed first ;

Paragraph ; to display the texts in the form of paragraph ,then we do use <P> AND </P> tag ;

Strong; in case of there are lot of browsers that do not render the text as boldfaced ,in this case we can use this tag <strong> and </strong>,instead of using <B> tag , because both tags <B> ,<STRONG> display the text in a same manner but only browsers understand the differences ;

Strike; the text to be marked with a strike through character,in this case write the text between <S> AND </S> tag;

<BR>This is to use for inserting a line break ,the texts written after the <BR> tag is displayed from the beginning of the next line onwards ;

BLOCK QUOTE;to display the text as quoted text ;in this case we do use <BLOCKQUOTE> AND </BLOCKQUOTE>

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Special characterCharacter symbol Description
<&lt;less than symbol
>&gt;Greater than symbol
&quot;Quotation mark 
a’&agrave;small a,grave accent
A’&Agrave;capital A,grave accent
n&ntilde;small n,tilde 
N&Ntilde;capital N,tilde
 &nbspblank space 
 &#188one fourth

these all are the special characters and it’s symbol with description that we often use in HTML coding in terms of mathematical symbol ;

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