Cardless cash withdrawal HDFC 1st Process


Cardless cash withdrawal HDFC facility is available for all HDFC Bank account holders, this facility can be activated through Netbanking if you are here to know How to withdraw money without atm card HDFC?

then this is the right place to get the answer for the same, as that you will know also know about withdrawal charges, who you can withdraw money and what are the other terms and conditions

Cardless cash withdrawal essentially stand for withdrawing money from ATM without a Bank ATM card, this stipulation refers to visit only to those Bank atm machine, which has cardless cash withdrawal facility, therefore I would also let you know how you can choose an ATM machine of HDFC Bank which has money withdrawal facility

HDFC Bank cardless withdrawal services come with a validity of approximately 24 hours from the time a customer activate it to seclude the money with an online request using internet banking,

if a customer is confined to take out the money from HDFC ATM machine within 24 hours this service gets expired, therefore, he/she may need to re-activate this service through Net banking,

I would recommend locating that ATM first which is nearby your beneficiary location, to do so, visit the official Bank website, Navigate to Locate our option, and then use this link,


Now you know to locate that HDFC Bank ATM machines which come with cardless cash withdrawal facility in HDFC Bank, but the question is who can use this facility? so the answer is, this facility works like the way we fund transfer to Beneficiary account,

for which some necessary details of Beneficiary person required, such as Beneficiary Bank account number, IFSC code, Similarly card-less cash withdrawal facility also work but it requires AADHAR card, mobile number and email id of the Beneficiary person who not holding an account in any Bank, can get the advantage of this facility,

Click here for online withdrawal registration

On the other hand, the bank says that HDFC account holding customers can not take the advantage of it but they can provide this facility to their colleague/spouse/family members/ friends ETC who are not holding an account in Banks so this question may arise that why existing HDFC Bank customers can not avail this facility, so the answer is Bank has not yet determined,

What is Cardless cash withdrawal HDFC?

HDFC Customer can send the money from his/her account to that person is not carrying bank account in any banks, but for this, Non-HDFC Customers have to provide the AADHAR card number and mobile number to HDFC bank customer, in order for transferring fund to non-HDFC customer

but remember an HDFC customer has to add the beneficiary first before card-less cash withdrawal, for this, a Beneficiary has to provide the “Nickname” Mobile number” and a valid proof ID such as AADHAR CARD, PAN CARD, VOTER ID, etc, follow these steps given below to Initiate card-less cash withdrawal,

  1. Go to
  2. Log on to Net-banking using customer ID and Password,
  3. Go to the Fund transfer tab,
  4. Click on option “Request”
  5. ADD Beneficiary
  6. Card-less cash withdrawal
  7. Fill beneficiary name
  8. Enter the Beneficiary mobile number
  10. Click on “ADD”

Once the beneficiary for cardless cash withdrawal hdfc is added, then wait for at least 24 hours for configuration, after then Follow these steps –

  • Go to option “Transact”(In Fund transfer tab)
  • Click on Send OTP For card-less cash withdrawal

Non-HDFC customers will receive an OTP along with the unique Reference ID, on Behalf of Primary HDFC customer (who added the beneficiary earlier for card-less cash withdrawal), That OTP is valid up to 24 hours so the Beneficiary person can visit HDFC Bank ATM to withdraw the Money from ATM ;

How to withdraw money without ATM Card HDFC?

To withdraw money without an ATM card HDFC bank, an HDFC Bank account holder has to add the beneficiary list through internet banking,

cardless cash withdrawal hdfc,

after adding the beneficiary, he/she has to initiate a Request reference number along with a code, which has to be sent on Beneficiary Mobile number,

That beneficiary person can visit any of HDFC Bank ATM Machine which accepts cardless cash withdrawal facility and then he/she has to go through the following instructions given below

  • Choose the option CARD LESS CASH WITHDRAWAL
  • Enter the Reference number which you have received on your Mobile number
  • Enter the OTP number you have received
  • Enter the Amount you want to withdraw

That’s it now, remember please, a beneficiary person won’t receive a reference number or OTP number unless An HDFC Bank account holder approves it through Netbanking, if you do not know, you can learn from here how to add beneficiary for cardless cash facility, moreover, per withdrawal charges are applicable with 25 rupees plus applicable GST on it, regardless of how much amount you withdraw at a single ATM transaction,

Cardless cash withdrawal HDFC Bank charges Information

Now you know that maximum of 25000 rupees for cash withdrawal limit is determined via HDFC Bank cardless cash features , but then , cash withdrawal limit attempt is not considered due to a limited amount of withdrawal ,

therefore, customers can use this facility to withdraw the amount a minimum of One hundred rupees to a maximum amount up to ten thousands a day ,so per transaction via cardless cash withdrawal hdfc charges contain twenty five rupees plus applicable GST on charges,

So things to notice here is that if you withdraw 2000 rupees then you need to pay 25 rupees as withdrawal penalty ,even if cash withdrawal amount is 5000 rupees,charges will apply the same 25 rupees plus GST,

Note– It does not include whether you make your one beneficiary account holder to initiate cash withdrawal via this facility or another beneficiary person ,it is applicable on every beneficiary transactions which you make that facility available,

Who can avail HDFC bank cardless cash withdrawal facility?

Please note that HDFC Bank launched this facility for customer convenience,most of us family members do not have an account in Any Bank (even if account is available but is not activate ) so all HDFC Bank account holders can provide this facility to their Friends,family ,spouse, etc

They can make them to avail this facility if they do not have a bank account but an Aadhar card ,or Mobile phone, if mobile phone is simple ,it is also workable,

In this case ,adding beneficiary list is most important before hdfc cardless withdrawal , now you know everything related to this Article,

HDFC cardless cash withdrawal limit instructions

A maximum of 25000 rupees can be withdrawn in a whole month but in keeping with a minimum of 100 rupees to a maximum of 10000 rupees per day cash withdrawal is possible

HDFC Card-less cash withdrawal charges

the per transaction is applicable with the charges of 25 rupees+ GST, regardless of whether you withdraw 100 rupees or 10000 rupees at one time

Can I withdraw cash using Aadhar card at hdfc bank ATM Machine through cardless cash withdrawal hdfc?

Ans -No, aadhar card to use during adding Beneficiary for card less cash withdrawal ,to get cash from atm you need to have a reference number and otp you are given

Hope you found this article about cardless cash withdrawal hdfc Facility is helpful if you have any doubt, You can write your question in the comment section given below, I will feel happy to clear your doubt, Thanks for visiting

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