How to Unblock HDFC Debit Card Online?

how can i unblock my hdfc atm card

How to Unblock HDFC Debit Card Online?-There are two ways that can help to unblock HDFC ATM cards,

HDFC Net-banking allows the account holder to access debit card details and to do manage online,

managing debit cards means Account holders can modify international usage limit, domestic usage limit, card hot-listing, and debit card upgrade, etc

such activities are possible to do using Netbanking, but the primary concern is it really possible to unblock HDFC debit cards online? so the answer is ‘NO’ to know the reason and solution, please read till the end

The debit card  is just unlike the credit card which is truly linked to a bank account, if transactions are made using a Debit card,

then the amount of the same transaction to deduct from the Bank account, but this is hassle-free that whatever we deposit in the bank account, can withdraw or use, using a debit card;

If your debit card is lost or it is stolen, highly recommend you to block that debit card either via the online process or offline process, because doing this, will keep your bank account money safe from stealer ;

without using net-banking login or also without mobile banking login, debit card details can be managed;

HDFC bank recently launched a new way of checking debit card details through ‘ASK EVA’ which can help to block debit cards;

How to Unblock hdfc debit card online?

In order to UNLOCK HDFC DEBIT CARD, the cardholder can visit any HDFC bank branch to invoke the bespeak for unlocking an existing HDFC debit card;

But HDFC Bank has stimulated that once HDFC debit card has been blocked; that debit card can not be unlocked,

the account holder can apply for a new debit card or re-issue a new debit card;

so account holder has two ways to get new debit card re-issued; the first option is HDFC BANK Customer care SERVICES,

the second option is the HDFC bank branch, Account holder can visit the home branch along with the respective documents, such as AADHAR CARD, Passport size photo & Submit a Debit card application form

Replace a Damaged Debit card?

If your debit card is not yet blocked even that debit card is lost or stolen, or your debit card is damaged; you have a chance to get a new debit card with an online request; few things you need to follow to come to this respective solution through Net banking

  1. Login to Net-banking
  2. Go to cards
  3. Select debit card
  4. Click on the request option
  5. Debit card Hot-listing option
  6. Choose that card which you want to do the hotlist
  7. Put the reason for hotlisting
  8. Select the re-issuance option
  9. Click on Submit

once you follow these above steps, a replacement for a new debit card will be accepted on the bank behalf

most of the account holders are unable to access Net-banking or mobile banking; such account holders can call in customer care and ask for hotlisting and re-issuance of a new debit card;

Can You unblock Your hdfc debit card Online?

When an account holder receives the first Debit card along with account opening; the bank provides a welcome kit is to use unlock that debit card because an ATM pin is given in that sealed envelope;

so the account holder may use that given pin to change ATM pin; for this, the account holder needs to visit any HDFC bank atm along with a debit card and welcome kit,

 then insert that debit card into the ATM machine and then enter the ATM pin given in the envelope welcome kit,

as that pin is entered, ATM will prompt to change the ATM pin; choose the desired ATM pin for further transactions,

This is also possible using Net banking also allows you to re-generate a new pin for your existing debit card, using these methods can help to unlock HDFC debit card

How to HDFC debit card pin regeneration online to unblock HDFC debit card ?

In order to generate a new ATM pin, log in to net banking and follow these steps given below

  • Go to cards
  • click on debit card
  • Click on the Request option
  • choose Pin generation
  • select your debit card number and click on Continue

Again two things to notice on whether you want a pin through SMS on your registered mobile number or what that pin to be delivered at your home address; therefore

  • select the pin generate reason
  • Click on Yes to receive an OTP on your mobile number
  • if the mobile number is not registered with the bank account
  • Click on NO, the pin will be dispatched to your home address

These methods you can use to do generate a new ATM pin if you might have forgotten, so all the above methods are .which is about


Before raising a request for a new debit card, you should know some essential information

  • Do check the address is correct
  • issuance charge is 232 rupees
  • replacement of a new debit card charge is 232 rupees
  • the account should not be on hold/Negative balance due to some reason

Note– Unblock and Unlock is two distinct words which have a different meaning, so Now you know what to do if you need to unblock and Unlock the HDFC ATM card

How to unlock HDFC account?

Ans- If your bank account is blocked, so this can be unlocked with your HDFC Bank branch, visit your nearest HDFC Bank branch and ask for the same, they will unlock the HDFC Bank account, and the maximum turnaround time for account activation is 3 to 4 working days after you raise activation request

Unlock HDFC Net banking

This tutorial may help you to unlock HDFC Net banking
this link is helpful if your HDFC net banking has been locked but if your Net banking is blocked then you need to visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch

How to unblock hotlisted debit cards?

Ans- Visit the Bank branch and apply for a New Debit card, or, you can call HDFC Bank customer care services and ask for Debit card re-issuance

block HDFC debit card online

Ans- To block the Debit card online, Log in to HDFC Net banking, after logging in,Go to the Debit card tabs >Click on REQUEST OPTION >choose the option HOTLISTING DEBIT CARD> chose Re-issue NO> and Continue

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