how to solve hanging problem in Android,how to,

how to solve hanging problem in Android

how to solve hanging problem in Android

In this blog post We will know how to make Android phone working smooth ,in order words ,how to solve hanging problem in Android

no matter how range of phone we do use ,however we may solve hanging problem in our Android phone ;

i will share some of the important tips and with the help of my given tips you may resolve hanging issue;

if seeing that a phone has higher price ,that phone might have great features ,but what if phone’s price is higher

but however that phone is not working cool ,but here we are talking about how to solve hanging problem in Android ,regardless of talking about

Any expense ,so let’s get started ,

here are some of important tips that all of us need to follow those instructions ,

  • Don’t use while phone charging

While we put our phone and start using our phone happen to be heat ,in case of when phone heat it damage the working function and power of

device,make sure never use phone while is in charging ,some other impacts that occur to the main system of device through which phone works slow

And raise hanging problem ,therefore we should agree with this instruction

  • Always keep mobile network data fast

Friends this is my own experience that I am sharing here;in case if you agree, you can put your concern in the comment section ;

Well we can think of why mobile data network should be fast ?

sometimes it happen to us use many applications in our device which run over internet data ,but in case if net are not too fast ,that applications never

run fast ;in keeping with slow working ;that applications take enough time

thus it cause battery consumption and due to battery consumption it makes mobile heat ;

if net is slow ,most of us not willing to use phone , it waste our time and work does not complete on time,

if data is slow ,most of us also reiterate to use that application ,but happen nothing ,only occur heating issue,

so i hope you guys might have understood why we should keep data speed fast ,

  • Keep updating mobile applications

Some of us deny updating mobile applications ,don’t deny ever,

we should keep updating our mobile applications ,whenever mobile device asks for update ,

if application not updated ,that application run slow thus it cause mobile work slow,

it works like ,for example-

no matter ,car is new but the road is broken ,can’t drive fast ,this is how mobile and mobile’s application work ,

  • Use security application

Using security application also keep mobile safe and make mobile working fast ;

for this ,you can download Antivirus in your Android mobile device ,

here is the link that you can download Antivirus Application ,

click here to download

click here to download

Want to know more click here

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