How to set up a water cooler

Hello friends in this blog post we will be knowing how to set up a water cooler;

, here set up a water cooler, means, we are not going to buy any readymade cooler,

But we will be creating a water cooler from our self,

As we know cooler often used more in summer season, to keep maintaining the room temperature,

This is very a easy process to build a cooler at your home, but for this, we should have some equipment,such as, water pump motor;

moter, and three or five concluded part of plastic fan, and we need three switch plugin;

how to set up a water cooler
how to set up a water cooler

Which maintain moter speed and water pump moter,So now let’s apply the method to build a water cooler;

Once we have already have those required equipment, this will make our work easy and will give an ease to complete our work in a short time,

So first thing is that, arrangements of a plastic made big cooler cover, which can be found anywhere,

if not, you can get it from an electronic shop, else if there is available for the same shape size of things in house ,

can be used to build a cooler;

But I had a plastic made cover which I received from when I brought a tv 📺 ,

How I made it?

first of all I took that plastic and then set up a plastic made large bowl,

And then I made two hole from two side, to set up a pipe in that large bowl, so that water supply is continue;

I didn’t set the water pump moter in that plastic bowl, just because it was not possible,

if I could set up that pump in that bowl would get damaged,

to escape this issue, I set up water pump aside from water tank,

I brought two thin pipe, which is to use in that cooler,

one pipe was set in a moter and connected to the moter and 2nd was connected in water tank,

so that water supply remain smooth,

How I set up cooler moter?

To set up cooler moter , I brought two iron made rod, and also a ring type round iron so that moter can be set in that rounded iron,

I installed that iron in that plastic made cover, very carefully,

And patch up tightly from Every side, so that nothing impact on that moter as well ;

Now this is the time to set up plastic fan in that moter,

this plastic made fan available in approx every electronic shop, you may get it from where it is available,

keep remember, take that fan which may suit in keeping with your moter size, else it could be unfit;

So this is how I set up fan with moter,

Now the thing is how to set up electric 🕹🔋🔌 current along with switch and moter,

You need two three switch, first switch for on/off moter,

2nd switch for keep maintaining fan speed, and 3rd switch for water moter pump maintenance;

Once everything is available, we can easily set up with these instructions, so let’s see how we can set up,

First thing you should have electric wire which we plugin electric board for electric supply,

As well also keep some piece of wire which may use to connect moter to pump to switch,

Take one wire to connect in switch on/off buttom, and then connect the same wire in electric fan switch, as well as water pump moter also,

Keep one electric wire without joining anywhere, which may use at last to electric supply;

Now you may notice, one switch of all moter, and other switch buttom is remained,

so do join that left electric wire in to water pump moter ,

and all is to connect in other remaining switch,

Now the process for connecting one equipment to other equipment is, and it has also been ready to run your trial;

This is how I made a electric cooler at home,

Friends , I hope you may like this tutorial, and you can also build a water cooler st home,

If any doubt kindly let me know,

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