18 easy modes of HDFC credit card payment

HDFC credit card payment online. I have used all possible modes of payment online stepwise through Various specific methods. regardless of Personally used credit cards, business credit cards, as HDFC BANK Has offered an abundance of the credit card with different features and specifications,

This blog will contribute a stupendous recipe for the various different payment methods including Net-banking, Mobile-banking, Phonepe, Google pe, Paytm, using Auto-pay standing instruction, Non-HDFC Netbanking ( Icici bank, SBI bank, Punjab national bank, Canara bank net-banking )

these all have unique steps along with certain terms and conditions, which reveal when Credit card payment may be successfully settled, Once again To re-iterate please do not exclude these methods maybe work for your HDFC bank credit card payment

How to pay HDFC credit card bill payment online through autopay?

This facility can be enabled either by Mobile banking or Net-banking itself, Auto-pay rely on Standing Instructions for Which we have to permit the Bank to take the credit card payment on a specific date which is called Billing due date,

customers have to be fully assured for bill payment of credit cards on time, in order to sustain the maintenance on the credit card with the better payment schedule; otherwise, one mistake may bring charges burden,

this is why the Autopay facility is highly recommended for an Hdfc customer, from here, you can know how to Activate Auto-pay for Credit card payment, moreover, you should keep essential information before you activate Auto-pay,

HDFC Bank customers who have their HDFC credit card can use this facility but make sure, sufficient amount is always available in the Bank account by every cycle of the month, sufficient available balance into an Account never takes you up to bounced credit card payment,

Autopay activation on MAD(Minimum amount due) to be considered as partial payment of Total credit card used to limit, While Autopay SI(Standing instruction) on TAD to be considered as Full payment of Total used Credit card Limit in keeping with Monthly billed Statement,

HDFC credit card payment online

So our recommendation is to go ahead with AUTO PAY on the Total used limit of a credit card

pay hdfc credit card bill through net banking

Direct payment for credit card bills through Netbanking is more convenient, customers can know the required option of credit card bill payment by logging on HDFC Net banking After Logged in follow the below steps

  1. Log in to HDFC Net banking
  2. Go to the Cards tab,
  3. click on Transact,
  4. Select the option’ credit card bill payment [1- Select existing credit card,2- other bank credit card ],
  5. Choose the Either ‘MAD Amount or TAD Amount ‘ and Continue,
  6. Validate the transaction with received OTP on your registered mobile number
  7. Payment successfully done

Note– choose any one of an appropriate option either 1st option or 2nd option in Transact option of net banking, 1st option let you know the billed amount of your credit card due amount, while the 2nd option can be used for making other bank credit card, if you select 2nd option over there, this will not show you billed amount as due on your credit card,

manual payment has to be made using the 2nd option, the 1st option shows you the existing credit card’s partial card number of your by default but if the billing cycle has not been generated then the amount could not be seen, so manual payment is required over there along with the option 2nd;

how to make payment of hdfc credit card via Mobile banking

Mobile banking has also secured access to HDFC Credit card details, this option is available under the “PAY” option, First of all, log on to Mobile APP using USER ID and Password,

  • Click on ” PAY”
  • Go to “cards”
  • Select Credit card
  • ‘Make credit card payment
  • select either MAD amount or TAD Amount
  • Validate the transaction with received OTP
  • Do proceed

Note -during credit card payment, make sure to check whether you are going to make a Credit card payment, instead of a Jumbo loan, as the Jumbo loan credit card number is a virtual credit card also contains the card number of 16 digits, for which only last 4 digits is visible to us but for them who does not have running Jumbo loan, can make the payment manually,

This mode of payment is also considered the as fast process of payment mode, so the maximum expected time to reach payment on a credit card is up to or before 24 hours the same day, but also recommend you to make the payment on Bank’s working days, to avoid delay payment settlement on the credit card,

HDFC bank credit card payment online via Visa money fund transfer

Visa money mode of Fund transfer is different than other modes of credit card payment, as It permits to make defrayal with the exact amount of credit card overdue amount, for instance, if the total amount collectible of a credit card is 50000,

And you make the payment of the same credit card with the amount 51000 using Visa money mode of fund transfer, then, that payment may not be considered because that payment with the amount 51000 excluded, so you will have to make payment with the exact amount 50000, neither less nor enough payment to be paid

Note-Visa money transfer is not a fast mode of payment, it takes one to two working days to reach the payment on the credit card, somehow you make the payment with the excess amount than the required overdue amount, that money will be credited into account via the same way, and that refund with the excess balance can be possible after you raise a docket number with concern by calling in HDFC customer care services

this mode accept the payment for all HDFC credit card regardless of a shopping credit card, or, business credit card, or rewarding credit card, if you have the access of visa money mode of fund transfer, you can go ahead with this mode


hdfc credit card payment from other bank

HDFC Bank credit cards accept the payment from the Non-Hdfc bank internet banking such as Sbi bank internet banking, Canara bank Internet banking, ICICI Bank internet banking, and Kotak bank Internet banking and so on,
if You have accession to any other Bank’s internet banking, Then You should have two details of HDFC Credit card, first detail is the HDFC credit card number, and the 2nd is HDFC Credit card IFSC Code,

HDFC credit card often has two types of Card numbers, first is the primary credit card number which is mentioned over the Credit card and is visible to a credit cardholder, while the second number is called ‘Alternate account number of a credit card ” AAN number is only visible to the HDFC Bank, you can ask the AAN number of your credit card by calling in HDFC customer care services,

Note– AAN Number of a credit card like an Account number that only accepts/receive the money from all modes of payment, if your credit card number is not acceptable on the other modes of payment you can use the AAN number of your credit card instead of the primary number

hdfc credit card payment net banking via ICICI Bank internet banking

In order to make HDFC credit card payment using ICICI Bank internet banking, Log on to the ICICI Internet banking/I-mobile app, in my case, I will express the steps using ICICI I-mobile app, After logging on to the Mobile app

  • Go to “Bill pay section”
  • Click on ” credit card bill payment”
  • Add new Biller
  • Enter the Credit cardholder name
  • Enter the Credit Card number (Valid for visa credit cards only )
  • Type the sender name
  • Enter the amount
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Submit

Note-If payment is declined and prompt an Error with This card number is Invalid, again try, otherwise use AAN number instead of the Credit card number, doing this, may resolve your issue, please notice here, we are using 3rd party mode so it will take 2 to 3working days, payment to be received on Hdfc credit card, so please keep patience until you receive the SMS from bankside

SBI Bank internet banking to make HDFC credit card payment online

Internet banking of SBI has also commendable features which can be used for various purposes such as Fund Transfer, Bill payment, including other similar activities, In order to Make HDFC credit card payment using SBI Internet banking, first of all, log in to your Internet banking, after logging in,

  • Click on ‘Bill payment’
  • Manage biller details
  • Add new biller
  • select a “biller”
  • choose the “city/state “from the drop-down button
  • HDFC Bank credit card in Biller Name
  • Click on GO
  • Enter your name
  • Enter HDFC Credit card number
  • Confirm AUTOPAY (yes or No)
  • Choose the appropriate account
  • Click on ‘Submit’
  • Enter the Amount
  • Click on ‘GO’

These above very required steps which you can go through to initiate the payment on the credit card,

Note– make sure to select one appropriate account (in case of multiple accounts ) which has sufficient available balance into account, to avoid of failure of transactions, and the other thing, SBI Bank also offer for auto-payment to other bank credit card so You can choose that option only in a case if that is Good for you, otherwise, let that Autopay off,

Canara bank internet banking to Make Bank credit card payment

All these details to be mentioned here has the only purpose so that you may have an Idea of Using the different mode of payment for one credit card payment, If you are also a Canara bank customer and you use internet banking, you can do a lot more, so let’s know these steps for making HDFC credit card payment, Firstly Logging to Canara bank Internet banking, after logging,

  • Go to the main menu
  • Click on ‘Fund Transfer’
  • Choose ‘Other banks’
  • Enter credit cardholder name
  • Type credit card AAN number
  • Confirm credit card AAN number
  • HDFC Credit card IFSC Code
  • Continue,

Note -When I tried to make Payment of my Hdfc credit card Using Canara bank internet banking with the Option ‘Bill pay” it does not support Hdfc credit card bill, better is to go through Fund transfer because Canara bank fund transfer support instant payment,

Pay credit card bill payment through Balance transfer from other bank’s credit card

Most of the Indian banks including Private-public sector banks or Government public sector banks provide ‘Balance transfer from one credit card to another bank’s credit card, therefore, the bank you have an account in can take the confirmation of BTE, and can use this facility to make HDFC credit card payment, but this is not an Instant mode of Fund transfer, if you have enough time to wait, this may be a good option for you

Note– some banks provide BTE (Balance transfer on EMIs) as a DD so you need to carry that DD to execute as a payment of your HDFC credit card, for this, you can visit any of the nearest HDFC Bank branches

What are the advantage and Disadvantages of BTE?

Essentially BTE Transfer as a DD often takes to reach the Customer mailing address within seven working days, according to deliverable services of the Bank, in between, If the urgency of credit card payment is expected, then, this may put this urgency aside and need to wait till the DD is dispatched to the Mailing Address, this may be the disadvantage of BTE but On the other hand, This will really accomplish your need, by late but assured, this is the advantage of BTE,
Hope you might have understood what exactly BTE Stands for

HDFC credit card payment online through Paytm

Paytm is one of the best Payment gateway applications where security and trust of banking is assured, it has a lot more features available Such as Online shopping, Train, AIR, Hotel bookings facility, Banking facility as Paytm payment banks, Bill payments, and so on,

it is more convenient and easy to use, HDFC credit card holders can use Paytm to make their credit card payments online, but they need to have an Account on Paytm, without an Account on Paytm won’t allow making the credit card payment, therefore, Log on to Paytm app, to make the payment of Hdfc credit card,

  • Click on the Manage bills option available on Paytm Dashboard,
  • Tap on credit card bill
  • Enter Hdfc credit card number
  • enter the amount and click on Proceed
  • select the account is linked to UPI id on Paytm
  • enter the UPI Id Pin and Continue
  • Payment successfully made

Can we make hdfc credit card bill payment online by Google-pay?

Yes, Google pay provides this feature to make HDFC credit card payments online, with the help of UPI money transfer, payment can be done, in order to do so, Just launch, Google pay application

  • click on “New payment”
  • choose Bank transfer option
  • Enter the HDFC credit card number at the place of a Bank account number
  • Re-enter the Same number of credit card
  • put IFSC code “HDFC0000128”
  • Recipient name
  • Click on Continue
  • Enter Amount
  • select the bank account /add the new bank account,
  • Proceed to pay
  • Enter UPI ID PIN, AND continue,

Note– to finale the payment process on Hdfc credit card often takes 2 to 3 working days,
If payment is declined, you can re-try, otherwise, make sure the Google pay app is updated with the current version, and the bank account is successfully added to Google pay for UPI money transfer

If however, any error occurs during credit card payment through Google pay, use the AAN number of your HDFC credit card and the IFSC code instead of using HDFC primary credit card number

hdfc bank credit card payments online through Phonepe

Use Phonepe to make HDFC credit card payment online Phonepe is also a payment Gateway app like Paytm, featured with the maximum extent in the online world, it has also very likely the similar activities like Google pe or Paytm, it also grant to make an HDFC credit card payment online,

  • Launch Phonepe app
  • Click on credit card payment option is available under the Recharge &Pay bills,
  • choose the type of your credit card,(Diners club, Master card, Visa card, Rupay card)
  • Enter the Credit card number and continue it
  • Put the Amount
  • Select the bank account
  • Click on “PAY BILL”

you have successfully made the payment with these appropriate steps,

Note – [ if you do not know what types of credit card you have, so, you can see your HDFC credit card physical card, at a one corner side of your credit card, this info is mentioned with the logo, ]

Phonepe supports a maximum of 25000 rupees payment at one time, so make sure you type the amount equal to or less than 25000, otherwise, Payment can’t be initiated,

hdfc credit card bill desk payments

Bill-desk is also one of the best online portals to make bill payments online, including Credit card bills, and other types of bill payment, it accepts various billers electronically, in order to make payment through Bill-desk, just visit the official bill desk website – www.billdesk.com, register yourself with required details on the bill-desk portal, if you do not know how to register on bill-desk you can take the help of a guide available over there after successful registration,

  • Click on ‘billers/payees
  • Select the HDFC credit card payment online
  • Enter the amount you wish to make the payment
  • Re-confirm your credit card number
  • Add that bank account from which you wish to make payment of your HDFC credit card,
  • Select the desired option (UPI ID, Net-banking, and so on) and continue
  • Enter the UPI Pin, click on proceed,

Please note here, as bill desk is a service provider of various online bill payments so you can add any bank’s account to initiate the credit card payment, but make sure your input over there is correct, bill-desk is also a 3rd party service provider for HDFC Bank so payment made via bill desk often takes 2 to 3 working days,

hdfc credit card bill payment online from other bank account via imps

IMPS is an Immediate payment service, Most of the banks have an IMPS fund Transfer facility but it is being operated by RBI’s rules and regulations, IMPS is supposed to be an Instant mode of fund transfer, therefore, HDFC credit cardholders can use IMPS,

it does not care, in which bank do you have an account, if you know how to fund transfer using Imps, you can have a golden chance to make the payment of your credit card, IMPS requires you to have beneficiary details including credit card number, IFSC code, Email id, and Beneficiary name, which is to be added as a beneficiary before initiating a fund transfer,

I would take an Example of HDFC Bank IMPS fund transfer, just to show you, you can also use the same method with the other bank’s IMPS fund transfer process,

first of all log in to your respective bank’s internet banking,(I would use HDFC bank internet banking) after logging in,

  • Go to the fund transfer tab
  • click on IMPS GO
  • add new beneficiary
  • credit card number
  • re-enter credit card number to confirm
  • Put IFSC code
  • Enter name
  • continue it
  • validate with OTP
  • make the payment

Note– while you validate the beneficiary details for IMPS I would recommend you to wait for at least 30 minutes as it takes a cooling period of half-hour, according to bank policy, after half-hour from the validation time, you can do IMPS to make your HDFC credit card payment online,

NEFT-Net electronic fund transfer has a similar process as we do IMPS Fund transfer, so use the same process for NEFT,to hdfc online credit card payment

Make the payment of HDFC credit card through offline modes

Branch -Most of us might not have access to Net-banking, In some unspecified ways, unable to use other online modes of making payment, but yes, it might be a difficult task to visit a branch, but no way, in such cases, Branch is helpful, they have access of all facility, once we deposit the certain required amount, they do make the payment of credit card,

Note– payment of credit card made via Bank branch often takes 24 hours to finale the transaction, and also, make sure to visit the branch on bank’s working days, otherwise, it is just waste of time to visiting there

Credit card payment via Cheque

the authority of making HDFC credit card payment via Cheque is also possible, you can visit any of the nearest HDFC bank branches from your location, and can do Cheque pay for your HDFC credit card bill,

Remember, to put the consignee details on a cheque is most important, no matter, whether you have a valid cheque but if the consignee does not match, payment may be declined, and also, you will not get informed early, as payment made via cheque often takes 2 to 3 working days if you have used non-HDFC bank’s cheque,

Note– Cheque paid is not an instant process of making a credit card payment, therefore, make sure, whatever the details you input on your cheque should be absolutely accurate to avoid the further problem of putting on hold or pending transaction-related issues,

HDFC Credit card payment via ATM

HDFC credit cardholder can use HDFC Bank ATM to make the payment of a credit card, in order to find the nearest HDFC Bank ATM from your location, take the help of the Official HDFC Bank website,www.hdfcbank.com and click on ‘locate us’ enter your location details and find the ATM machine easily, now, follow these steps to make the payment

  • Insert your debit card
  • Select the Language
  • Enter debit card pin
  • Tap the services
  • Choose bill payment
  • Credit card payment
  • Enter your HDFC credit card number and confirm
  • ATM screen display tad and MAD amount
  • Select the desired payment, click on confirm

Note- Payment made via HDFC ATM often takes 24 to 48 hours maximum,

EMI conversion for credit card total due amount

Even total or partial due amount of a credit card to convert into EMI installments somehow can be considered as the Payment, as it reduces the burden of making payment at a time,

somehow, we feel relaxed towards credit card total amount due, but this may be possible not for every month because we can take the due amount on the credit card into EMI on our first higher expenses,

for instance- by this month, total expenses on the credit card are approx up to 40000 rupees, for which billing due date is on 5th of next month,

So If I get the total amount due converted into EMI before the 5th of the month then I will have to pay only the minimum amount due payment till the 5th of the month, but by the next month onwards whatever you expend is required to pay along with running installment value,

Note– to avoid additional interest charges, Try to make the total amount overdue payment before or till the billing due date of your credit card, instead of taking the EMI facility, Although more than 60 days to any transactions can’t be converted to EMI on HDFC credit card

Conclusion – We have tried to mention all possible ways to make the HDFC Credit card payment either online or offline modes of payment,

however, if we have lost to mention something necessary, can let us know to make it more convenient as this article is written after practically being used, hope you liked this article

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