how to make a face mask at home

In this blog post ,will know how to make a face mask at home ,making a mask is unproblematic procedure ;

only some unspecified rules that require to fall out ,which i will be sharing in this blog ;

in this very COVID-19 situation, all of us are very cognizant, approx entire peoples from many countries are confessing corona’s pandemic ;

and set a position in a dangerous situation ;

until or unless any vaccination for covid-19 is to investigate successfully ,covid-19 situation makes our life worst;

due to this unsafe affright and worst condition ,many country’s growth have been degraded ;due to stopping all daily need working process ;

So in this situation ,we should live safe and healthy in keeping with maintaining social distance is better option to defeat corona ;

it has been an absolute chaotic disaster ,handling this pandemic anemic is not an easy ;

In a way ,it has been said that using mask on faces very likely not affect if there is no social distancing ;

wearing mask on face prevent many virus and unforeseen air let inside our body ;

we often go outside ,but invariably incognizant of what could touch on our body ; therefore we should use mask for our safety ,

for the reason using mask stop external virus go inside our body

even corona attacks mainly to those organ from where the entrance areas of our body ;

such as organs are ,mouth ,nose ,eye etc ;

these organs are primarily a door to let corona pass in our body ,hence not to take such viruses in our body ,using mask is necessary ;

now the thing is mask ,what quality of mask we should use ,where to get it from ;

such questions may arise ,if yes ,click here to know more

but for the safety it is not indispensable to use a mask of high price ;

you may avail in keeping with how and where you need to go outside in this covid-19 lockdown situation ;

so now let’s move on our main concern for which we are here ;

to make a mask ,first we know a fabric mask easy to make and lasting

not a difficult task ,some essential equipment need to have you is

needle and fabric cloth ; before you search fabric cloth in your house ,

you should know what is fabric cloth

fabric clothes are a good quality of cloth which is to make from thousands of breaded threads ;

those threads are to use in mill to use thread to create the clothes ;

How to make a fabric mask

fabric mask to create is easy not a difficult task, some essential equipment need to have you is needle and fabric cloths ;

What is fabric cloths

to check the type of fabric cloths you may visit this site

fabric cloths made from thousands of breaded threads ,

those threads are to use in mill to create the cloths ,fabric cloths are a good type of cloths ;

so now the thing is how do we make fabric cloth ;so let’s know

How to make fabric mask

to create a fabric mask ,first thing is the requirement for a fabric cloth ,which you are already aware of now ,we should take a measure of

that cloths in keeping with our size is required ;

so that fine length can suit on faces, without mapping the size, the mask may be apraxic on our faces ;

this is why it is of great significance to take measure first ,therefore i have bite-sized the list that can accommodate for a mask

in keeping with mensurate;

  • child – 8 inches (20cm);
  • teen- 9 inches (23 cm);
  • adult- 10-11 inches(25-27 cm);

preceding list of mensurate gives you an approx ideas to create a mask that can fit to your faces ;

this list will let you know what should be the measure for creating a mask at home ;

now let’s see the method in a glance ;

take a large length of fabric cloths in keeping with those above mensurate list of size ;

now take a big rounded ring and fold that cloth in over that ring, doing this, gives the same equal size in each and every way ;

how to make a mask at home ,
credited pic

and also make the easy process to make a mask; now cut that from a corner so that you may get a shape like that big ring ;

Now the next step is to fold that rounded cloths like the way we do close the note book ; consider the same shape is necessary ;

as note book size is equal from left to right and right to left ;

this is how that round cut piece of fabric cloths attain the same shape ;

now the next step is fold once again from the between ,this time length is same ;

doing this create a type of triangle shape ,so cut down from all those side where seizer can easily run and seperate that cut piece of cloth ;

how to create a fabric mask
credited pic

3rd process is to bring two part of that cut piece of cloth together ,so that can be siewed ,as you can see in the above pic ,2nd below left side pic ;

now try to do set up in a way which shows like a mask ,and then do press with press machine ,doing this makes cloth soft and also kill the unusual

viruses ;

last step is to have two rubber type tape and bind one tape from one corner and 2nd tape from another corner ;

you have successfully created a mask ,

how to make a t-shirt face mask

to make a t-shirt face mask ,we need to have three things at home ;

  • t-shirt
  • scissors ;
  • rubber tape

when you think not to go outside from house to bring a face mask ,rather you like to make a mask from yourself at home ;

you need to collect one t-shirt of your ,but keep remember ,do not use old t-shirt ,that is not good for making a mask ;

t-shirt should be the cloth of 100% pure cotton;so let’s know the step for how to make a t-shirt face mask ;

first thing to measure the length height should be in keeping with size level

you can see above (which is written into yellow color );

now apply the 2nd process in keeping with the 2nd picture you see various type of cutting style in above 2nd pic ;

now follow the same instructions given above ,you will be able to create a t-shirt mask also ,

hope you guys like this post ,if any doubt and want to put your ideas feel free to put into comment section ;

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