how to delete Facebook profile picture

This post is all about how to delete Facebook profile picture, majority of us upload profile picture but sometimes we happen to delete that profile

in Facebook ,if anything goes wrong, in this case we do delete Facebook profile picture;

but this process is very easy ,i will guide you how to delete Facebook profile picture ,as we know ,to complete any kinds of activity on Facebook ,

first it is necessary to login on Facebook ,once you are login in on Facebook

click on your profile picture ,whether you can do it by your mobile or desktop ;

after clicking on profile picture ,you see such kinds of option like ,tagging,location, and three dot sign at header right side ;

click on that three dot line ,you see the option such as edit caption,

delete photo option; this is your specific setting to delete Facebook profile picture

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Even before we go for Facebook profile deletion ,we should save those pics to our phone;

most of us do it when profiles pic gets old ,we delete old one and upload new one ,

but the old pics remind us old memories ,therefore Facebook has provided this option to save those pics before you delete those pics ;

some of us delete due to tagging wrong people ,but do not worry with that ,

Facebook has an another option that you can remove tags from those particular pics ,simply by clicking on pen like sign ,that will show ,

to how many people you have tagged ;doing this Profile pic keep safe and will remain as it was ,without any harness,

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