how to create UPI id in hdfc netbanking by using 4 easy steps

Howdy, this blog post will share the information related to how to create UPI id using Netbanking and Mobile banking; essentially UPI mode of transactions need payment gateway applications,

therefore we will create a new UPI Id in HDFC Mobile banking, UPI means – UNIFIED PAYMENT INTERFACE, Such an interface of transactions are really commendable;

Generate a new UPI in HDFC Netbanking

UPI transactions are so easy to use; For UPI address ID is linked to a bank account in order to transfer money from one platform to another platform, here platform stands for the beneficiary;

A UPI money transfer often requires a Beneficiary bank account number, IFSC code mostly; then UPI money transfer is possible; but in keeping with this blog post, the primary concern is to discuss how to create UPI ID through Net-banking and mobile banking?

Well, I Would like to just make you clear HDFC Bank net-banking has not this UPI ID creation enabled but yeah HDFC BANK Customers can use Mobile-banking in order to create a new UPI id ;

how to create UPI id in HDFC netbanking/mobilebanking

Remember these settings to show you step by step as it has been discussed that HDFC Net-banking does not authorize us to create new UPI id nor modify UPI address online but to bring many changes in terms of Using UPI ID, use of the Mobile app is utmost required;

so follow these below steps to accomplish UPI id creation process

Launch/open the HDFC Mobile app

How to create upi id hdfc?

Click on the UPI option is available footer area of the app

click on UPI ID registration, with this, the bank asks you to make the right one SIM Selection which is registered with the bank just in order for verification purpose;

UPI Id Registration

upi id registration

Verify your mobile number

further process towards UPI Address to do generate will proceed,but make sure that registered mobile number with the bank account should be recharged,only then further verification may proceed;

The very next thing to do; select the security question; for security purpose so fill the security question and continue ahead,

Select the security questions

After this process, the Bank will recognize whether you might have registered for UPI or not, could be seen on the mobile app,

so the next thing to enter the details such as Name (mentioned as same as accord to bank account’s personal details) and then Enter six digit PIN and re-confirm that PIN, and continue it

how to create upi id in hdfc netbanking

Now the next step to choose the desired UPI address, thus you can choose UPI Address forment in ALPHANUMERIC, OR Digits, and use @HDFCBANK at last, How to create UPI id in hdfc netbanking

such as an example – I want to create a UPI id using digits so I will choose UPI ID – [email protected], How to create upi id in hdfc netbanking

how to create upi id in hdfc

next step is– select the bank and account which you want a UPI id for 

Now you have successfully followed the process to create a new UPI id , but somehow, a technical issue or other such issues come during UPI id creation, then use the same process after a while, maybe, your inclination for creating UPI id may complete ;

but remeber such issues rarely comes during UPI registraion when you put wrong credential details which may different from bank account’s personal data; so make sure to put all correct information;

Steps in a glance to create UPI id in hdfc netbanking

  1. Launch HDFC Mobile app
  2. Click on the UPI option is available footer area of the app
  4. Verify your mobile number
  5. Select the security questions you will see
  6. Enter your full name >choose 6 digits UPI pin>Re-enter the SAme pin to confirm
  7. Enter UPI address of self >Select bank account>continue

hope the issue related to how to create upi id in hdfc netbanking is cleared to all of us for further queries you have feel free to ask How to create upi id in hdfc netbanking

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My hdfc UPI id registration is getting failed

if UPI id registration getting failed due to technical issue, so do try after a while, make sure net speed is good ,and also the registered mobile number with the bank account is capable to send or receive SMS for verification purpose

Can i do UPI id registration through net-banking ?

No, unified payment interface registration can be done through HDFC bank mobile bank ,you can download this app from app store or Google play store

What is the cooling period for the UPI registration?

This is an instant process, once registration is done ,users can start doing UPI transactions

Can I do my UPI registration on another payment gateway?

Yes, you can do that, but make sure you should have an active debit card and mobile number because non-hdfc payment gateway asks for such verifications through debit card and mobile number ,

is there any charges for UPI registration through hdfc mobile app ?


How many UPI transactions are free per day ?

For this question’s answer i would refer you to visit this article will help you to find out for fund transfer’s fee and charges

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