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How to Close HDFC credit card online?

This tutorial will contribute to how to close HDFC credit cards. and what are the things recommended to take on a priority basis? essentially HDFC credit card is not a difficult task to close or to do it cancel but also not an easy task

Deactivating a credit card depends on various factors which only Credit cardholders understand particular issues and reasons; Therefore we have been shared many ideas that may help you to close your HDFC credit card either online or offline ;

First of all please understand the meaning of Closing an HDFC credit card so that you never come across any issues in the future

I want to Close HDFC credit card this statement involve two scenarios ,

1st scenario – Represent that HDFC credit is of no use in the Future,i.e you just surrender your credit card to HDFC Bank, and make them cancel your credit card; This is a permanent type of credit card is canceled; for you is the same scenario which lies to your query; you need to have a look at something which we will discuss

2nd -Scenario to close HDFC credit card- The second scenario is towards also Deactivation of an HDFC credit card, but this represents getting your HDFC credit card blocked; which we call is hotlisting of a credit card; which shows that HDFC credit card is canceled temporarily

So Now let’s understand; what to do; in case of 1st scenario and in 2nd scenario; which may save your precious time; no longer required to suspect for your credit card if you get an intimation from the Bankside;

Close your HDFC credit card with online request from here

How the 1st scenario help to close HDFC credit card

1st scenario to show you a credit card is canceled permanently; before you go to close your HDFC credit card for permanent; make sure to check; all following concerns given below-

  1. Check the billed and Unbilled due amount
  2. Make sure EMIs is not running,
  3. Check if Any Active JUMBO Loan virtual card is not linked to your Primary credit card;
  4. Pay the Entire over dues amount of a Credit card, SO that the available limit is equal to Total credit card Limit
  5. Redeem all available reward points on your HDFC credit card, otherwise, all reward points will expire
  6. Detect if you are not supposed to Get Cashback on your credit card from any merchant sites
  7. Check with the excess balance on your credit card
  8. Check with if Auto-debit for HDFC Credit card payment is de-activate from your HDFC Bank account
  9. Make sure no biller(utility bills) details are linked to your HDFC credit card
  10. Check with the scheduled payment need to be canceled with that

After You check all these above instructions are completely accurate and have nothing to do with that, then make a call to HDFC bank Customer care services number 011-61606161 and ask them to put a permanent block to your credit card

Note– Make sure to get a NOC or docket number of your request just for the future purpose; if anything goes wrong in the future that will help you;

Note– To get the NOC; send a Mail on this – [email protected], please send the mail along with the Card closer docket Number and also mention your details apart from the Credit card expiry date and PIN

How to close HDFC credit card,
How to close HDFC credit card

Permanently Close HDFC credit card

This question indicates scenario 2nd; so the answer is; If your HDFC credit card is blocked but not yet Cancelled permanently; In this case; do submit an HDFC Bank card closer form; To download the form online, Go through the below steps

Fill that Card closer form accurately and do courier at this address – HDFC Bank Credit Cards; Post office-Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600041.

Note– This address is also available on your HDFC credit card; after you submit the form, Bank will inform you via mail or SMS; but; it may take up to 3 working days; since then the Chennai Head branch receive that application form

Moreover, IF your HDFC credit card is Sill active and you want to get your credit card blocked temporarily; this is possible to do via Net-banking or With the help of customer care services

How to block HDFC credit cards through Net-banking

In order to block HDFC credit card through Net-banking, Firstly, Do log in to HDFC Netbanking

  • Go to the TAB of HDFC Credit card
  • Choose the option of “REQUEST”
  • Click on HOTLISTING Credit card
  • Select the reason of doing Hotlist
  • Click on CONTINUE

To unblock the HDFC credit card online option you have or get in touch with HDFC Customer care executive; for the further process;

Ways to activate a canceled credit card

To activate canceled credit card, HDFC credit card holders have two ways –

1st way – If the HDFC Credit card indicates to a temporarily canceled credit card, you can activate it, with the help of HDFC bank customer care service executive

But remember former credit card will no longer be in use as that Credit cardholder will get a new credit card instead of unblocking that the same former credit card

in such cases, Customers have to bear the penalty of 118 rupees for credit card re-issuance charges

Note-2 – Once HDFC Credit card is blocked then Netbanking or Mobile banking of HDFC Bank will never permit you to activate that credit card online

2nd ways to activate HDFC canceled Credit card

Note please; if an HDFC credit card was blocked permanently or If the same HDFC credit card was not in use for more than SIX months at least, then to activate that HDFC credit card, the Credit cardholder has to Provide an Application for re-activation of your same credit card, therefore, a cardholder can submit the application to the Chennai Head branch of HDFC Bank

Address- HDFC Bank Credit Cards; Post office-Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600041

How to Check Hotlisted Status of a credit card

There are 3 ways To check the Status of an HDFC credit card, whether that Credit card is in blocking status or not

1ways – After you raised the Credit card cancellation request either through Customer care services /Through Netbanking /or with the help of Card closer form submission, Bank will make you aware of the SMS trigger

2nd ways – You can simply get in touch with the HDFC Bank customer care services to know the status and ask them to provide a cancelation letter

3rd way – You have net-banking to check the status of your HDFC credit card whether your card is still active or has been de-activated

4th ways -This is a new way to check the STATUS of an HDFC credit card; this new process of checking Credit card details including Whatsapp banking or ASK EVA Process

During the lockdown period, HDFC Bank launched this new feature for the Customers to get all details without calling HDFC Bank customer care services ,

How to activate a suspended HDFC credit card

Please understand what does it means to say a suspended HDFC credit card, so the Answer is, most of us have an HDFC credit card but are unable to manage that credit card in a proper way to sustain the civil score

so a credit cardholder seek for card settlement and the Bank only accept the card settlement when the bank does not receive the credit card overdue amount even a time in the last three month

And customer was unable to make the HDFC credit card payment continuously for the next three months, from the 4th month onwards bank suspend that credit card

So a customer has to pay the total amount of overdue amount or settlement amount,

and then that customer has to wait for at least 6 months before he/she goes to apply for a new fresh credit card because this is not possible

They need to submit an application for a new credit card approval, hope you understand this ;

How does the Cancelation of a credit card impact Civil score?

The answer to this question depends on various factors, for instance; a customer could have multiple credit cards, if such customer close his/her credit card may impact on civil score because, unable to manage the credit card performance, if they are really delinquent customer

Moreover, if you have only a credit card, and you maintained your credit card quite good but later on you get your credit card closed it won’t impact your civil score

How to make a CIVIL score Good?

Basically, A credit card is the best source to make CIVIL Score Higher, for a credit card holder, few things follow at any cost if he/she wants to get a Good civil score
1- Good relationship with the bank
2- Make credit card payment on time
3- Never being a delinquent customer in the Glance of Bank
4- Keep delinquency away
5- Try to avail all offers of the Bank

Can I unblock my HDFC credit card online if it has been blocked six months ago?

No, HDFC Bank has not yet determined to unblock an HDFC credit card online, if that credit card was blocked six months ago, you need to submit an application

What is the difference between permanent and temporary blocks of credit cards?

Permanently blocked credit cards can’t be activated, or,re-issued, while a Temporary block on a credit card can be re-issued upon customer request, But you can do close hdfc credit card with any blocks of your credit card

What if I won’t submit the credit card closer form to the Bank?

Bank would not take any action indeed your credit card will retain Temporarily block but maybe, it may bring the issue to you in further times, therefore you should take action to close hdfc credit card from your side

How can I close my HDFC credit card online ?

To close HDFC credit card online permanently is not determined yet HDFC credit cardholder can Submit a Card closer form to Chennai Head branch of Credit card department
,the address of HDFC chennai head branch is mentioned on your credit card

How do I deactivate my credit card online/offline ?

To deactivate HDFC credit card online through Net banking, use these steps-After logged in >Go to the tab of ‘cards> credit card> Choose the option “REQUEST>Hotlisting credit card>reason of deactivating >Continue,
to deactivate it, Later on you can contact with HDFC bank customer care executive to close hdfc credit card

is cancelling credit card bad for us?

it depends on when a credit cardholder request for credit card cancellation ,although if that cardholder always made the overall good performance ,and for that cardholder is of no use anymore ,it may be Good;

Conclusion – we have mentioned the instructions related How to close HDFC credit card through all possible ways, if you might not understand these instruction read carefully to find the solution to all your queries;

Hope you like this article ‘How to close hdfc credit card close’, please do not forget to share this article with your friends and acquaintances, in case of this article help you, otherwise please let us know if we confine to solve your query

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