Affirm how to check UPI id in Paytm easily

how to check UPI id in Paytm
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how to check UPI id in Paytm

Do you want how to check UPI id in Paytm? if yes, this is the right place to show you the testament for how to check UPI id in Paytm

this blog post to share other information related to how to create a UPI id and how to detect available offers on Paytm so that users can get benefited;

let’s discuss the primary topic that you here for; to check the UPI id. first of all, launch/run the Paytm application, make sure you are logged in on the Paytm application ;

Now follow these steps to see UPI id –

  • Logged in on Paytm Application
  • Look for the setting logo option available above the right-hand side
  • Paytm UPI id may be seen

How to create /change UPI id using Paytm

To change the existing UPI id, go through the same above steps and then another option available over there just below the default bank account on Paytm, three options such as, Remove account, change the pin and check balance,respectively

so click on Change pin ,and then put last 6 digits of debit card and expiry date ; click on proceed,after authentication process this request for changing UPI id will complete;

2nd method – if you do not have debit card moreover you want to change UPI id; just click on “i remember my old UPI pin ,so enter your UPI pin ,and then Set new UPI pin and click on done;

request for changing UPI ID will complete once go through all above steps ,

How to check available offers on Paytm

to check available offers on Paytm, open this application, go to the profile area section, click on Cashback & offers, Paytm will show all available offers on, in Shop payment offers, money transfer and bank offers, Online shopping offers,

recharge and bill payment offers ,mini program offers ,therefore select the category you want to get cashback on,

Also know – Paytm first credit card

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