How to check HDFC credit card statement online


In this tutorial bank going to reveal frequently asked questions and concerns related to HDFC credit card statements; The statement of HDFC credit card which shows all Debit and credit transaction details in one place; typically all debit transactions to be noted as DR, while all credit transactions to be noted as CR,

for every HDFC credit card, Bank has determined a date; to which credit cardholders receive their credit card statement in a text form/document form along with all transaction details; in keeping with a particular date which is called credit card statement generate date,

Get HDFC credit card statement online

HDFC Bank credit cardholders can use the internet banking or mobile banking facility to check their credit card statement online; but with that; they should register their credit card to net banking in order to check their credit card statement details; after registration process online, please go through the below steps

  1. Do Login to HDFC credit card net banking
  2. See the option CARDS
  3. Choose your present Credit card which is registered on Netbanking
  4. Go to ENQUIRE option
  5. Click on VIEW STATEMENT
  6. Choose the card
  7. Select the period
  8. Click on View

HDFC credit card statement download option is also available on net banking; to do download the historical statement of your credit card, kindly use the following below steps –

  1. Go to the cards tab
  2. Credit card
  3. request option
  4. duplicate statement
  5. select the period
  6. download the statement up to 3 years

Moreover, to check the statement details; you have registered email id with the bank send the credit card statement details from time to time; foremost check with email id and then try to find a statement, very likely statement of credit card not to be seen in an email inbox message; so check the spam files of your email id,

however, if you find the absence of HDFC credit card statement details, then, email id to be re-triggered is necessary which is to do possible via either Net banking or customer care credit card department,

How to get physical credit card transaction details

HDFC Bank credit cardholders can give permission to the Bank deliver them Physical credit card statement details; but for this, customers have to choose this option; and this option let the bank levy the statement charges, which is minimal,40 rupees+applicable GST,

so you can avail of this option if your email id is not registered with the Bank; otherwise, I would recommend choosing an email statement that is free of cost and easy to view the transaction details, Physical credit card statement details to be delivered at your home address; which often takes a maximum of up to 7 days, as this is a slow process,

For the physical credit card statement,

  • Logging to Netbanking
  • go to credit card tab
  • Click on request option
  • Physical statement suppression
  • choose the card
  • send email at either personal id or official id
  • enter the email id
  • continue

View credit card unbilled transaction

Unbilled transactions are those Debit and credit transaction which is to initiate after credit card statement generate date; for instance, if my credit card statement generate date is 10th of every month; then all transactions to be considered as unbilled transaction till the next statement generate date; because the next statement generate will be on 11th of April,

Unbilled statement = billed statement due amount + current debit transaction – current credit transaction

HDFC credit card holders can also view the current transaction details through net banking, to do so, do login first on Netbanking, then, Go to the credit card option tab, choose the Enquire option, and Click on Unbilled transaction details, choose the card >select both ( to view credit or debit statement)Click on view


HDFC credit card statement toll-free number

customers can give a miscall on this 18002668535 number from their mobile number; to get the statement of the last 3 years, this process may not work in a case if the credit card is blocked; if you think to get the statement document of your former credit card transaction details;

you may need to write a request letter to the credit card department for the same because once the credit is blocked, Netbanking or mobile banking won’t allow us to view the statement

Why it is important to check HDFC credit card statement

Continue checking statement details of HDFC credit card, make you aware of the details of the current transaction which may have been made, and with that, you can keep real transaction records, almost it happens that we are not aware of the transaction details due to unknown Debit or credit transaction description, which makes us think about that transaction,

somehow, if it is confined to recall the real record of that transaction, very likely consider that transaction may be a fraud transaction, thus it leads to you clear the transaction either by blocking credit cards or getting a refund in return, even though transactions were made by you,

these things often happen when we do not check the credit card statement, on the other hand, we blame the bank itself, which is wrongdoing,

What are the advantage of checking HDFC credit card statement

Advantages of checking credit card statement that you will be cognizant of when are your credit card billing due date, at what date credit card statement generate, thus, you also be aware of billed and unbilled transactions which I have discussed above the same, but the advantage you may consider it when you pay the overdue amount before or on billing due date,

Moreover, Credit card reward points number details, and EMI details, loan details, are mentioned in that HDFC credit card statement, either you get the statement via mobile banking or net banking, or physical statement,

Now we know How to check HDFC credit card statement details with all possible ways; for which, this topic concludes toll-free helpline number to get statement; Physical statement process, and virtual statement download process; if you have any questions for the same, feel free to ask, the comment section is available for you,

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