how to calculate bmi,bmi calculator,

how to calculate bmi

Hello friends in this blog post ,we will know how to calculate Bmi

bmi means body mass index ,in fact to know about the bmi ,is very necessary ,i went in a hospital just to check out the range of my bmi

that i am sharing with you guys ,you should also know your bmi range

so that you can understand the importance of bmi in your daily life ,

to find out the body mass index is very simple ,just one thing to do notice on a person’s height and weight ,

it is based on height and weight , in keeping with these two things ,you can calculate body mass index;

basically bmi reveals the maintainence /fitness of a body with the determined range of bmi ,

often bmi is used to measure body fat which is based on height (in meter square ) and weight in (kilogram);

it is quetelet’s index ,there has been same calculation method for both men and women ,

apart from body mass index ,it also help to measure the nutrition level in a human body ;

Body mass index(bmi) calculator

Your Weight(kg):
Your Height(cm):

Your BMI:
This Means:

Basically there has been some determined range of bmi which revels the fitness category;

you can imagine your fitness level in keeping with bmi range and also can come to know body maintence is good or not;

let’s see the bmi classification according to obesity ,

30-34.9class1 (obesity)
<18.5under weight
bmi range

as we notice ,normal bmi range is 18.5 to 24.9 ,if your bmi lies in this range

your fitness is good ,

how to calculate bmi

if you want to calculate your bmi without using any calculator ,so you can apply this formula ;

BMI = weight (in kg ) / height (in meter square)

2nd formula for calculating bmi is –

bmi = {weight (ibs) *703 } / height (inch sqaure),

these two formula will help to calculate your bmi range without using any specific calculator ,

more information about body mass index

Now let’s know what problem may occur if the following range of bmi you lies in ,

if your bmi is less than 18.9 , in this case you need to take care of your body ,some major problem may occur such as ,weakness , digestive problem ,

tiredness,stress etc ,

in case of over weight

problems such as digestive problem, blood circulation problem,etc may arise;

in keeping with obesity class 1 ,2 ,

diabetes ,hypertension, coronary disease ,pain etc ,may occur ,

so friends i hope you might have understood how to calculate bmi as well as what is importance of bmi ;

for further ,if any question you have ,kindly ping me , we are happy to help you ,

thank you visit our site , stay safe ,live happy ,

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