How to block HDFC credit card and reissue online?

how to block HDFC credit card and reissue online? Bank demonstrates the possible ways to block HDFC credit cards, either online or offline, HDFC credit card has also net banking facility, for which credit cardholders can use the digital platform to manage his/her credit card online, in this blog you are going to learn what are the ways which can be used to hotlist Hdfc credit card Easily

The bank has given credit cardholders multiple ways to block credit cards online and offline without visiting a bank branch for the same purpose, therefore the possible methods are in which you can choose anyone methods

  1. Block HDFC credit card online
  2. Hotlist HDFC credit card online through Netbanking
  3. block HDFC credit card by call
  4. Permanently block the HDFC credit card

One of my friends has the only credit card in HDFC bank so he does not use net-banking, He said that while he starts trying to log in on net-banking, the bank asks for customer id, which he does not know, due to not having an account in HDFC Bank he is confined to avail full support online through Netbanking, but even HDFC credit card net banking registration was informed to him to manage the HDFC credit card online but he is still confined

if the same concern which you confront in keeping with managing credit cards online; then you are at the right place to do discuss the great ideas related to how to do block credit cards online; if you do not any details of your credit card, like entire credit card number, or, in another word, if you have lost your credit card, so without contacting HDFC Bank Phonebanking officer, it is possible to block Hdfc credit card online without Netbanking Login

But please make sure you have your registered mobile number with a Credit card and also the knowledge of the last four digits of a credit card number,I know that you may not have remembered the entire digits of your credit card but if you know your last 4 digits of your HDFC credit card then this will be beneficial towards hotlisting credit card online without logging on Netbanking or Mobile banking

in order to complete & to block Hdfc credit card just visit the official website; and then, click on the ASK EVA icon, this icon is available right-hand side at a corner below, ASK EVA is a chat representative, which helps to answer the queries related HDFC Bank services, this chat box will help to accomplish this process in six steps –

  1. Click on ASK EVA ICON and Choose the Option credit card
  2. Select the Hotlist credit card option or type Block my HDFC credit card
  3. To confirm choose a Credit card option
  4. Enter the registered mobile number
  5. OTP will receive on mobile number, so enter that 4 digits OTP password
  6. Enter the last four digits of the Credit card
  7. Now your credit card is hotlisted without Net banking login

The Bank will immediately send an intimation along with card blocked reference number, as noticed here how it is easy to block Hdfc credit card without using mobile banking, or net banking ;

How to Block HDFC Credit Card via Net Banking?

One of the easiest ways to manage credit card online is Credit card Netbanking facility, in the above discussion, we learned how it is possible to hotlist the HDFC credit card online without Net banking, Those credit cardholders who have accessed of internet banking, they are supposed not to talk HDFC Bank customer care executive if they have lack of time, otherwise, they can talk with them also,

I am not revealing to you the primary issues for which you have decided to block Hdfc credit card, only the genuine process which I Have for you is important to let you know, To do block credit cards using net banking, firstly do log in on net banking using customer/user id or password and then follow these steps given below –

  • After logging in on HDFC credit card Net banking
  • Go to the cards option directly
  • Select credit card which you want to hotlist
  • Click on the Credit card ‘Request option’
  • Choose the option Hotlist credit card
  • Mark the re-issuance of credit card either YES or No
  • Click on Continue, this request is completed now,

How to Block hdfc credit card customer care number?

Put an HDFC credit card with the blocked status through Calls then basically We talk about Customer care services, Yes, this is a good way to hotlist credit cards, but it takes time more than We need, as the calling process is not easy like we make a call to our friend and immediately calls get picked up, but with the HDFC Bank calling process only considered to be Good if you have enough time, am I right? I think Yes, No worries, You can use IVR of HDFC Bank to the hotlist credit cards.

To do so, please make a call from your registered mobile number, and then select the IVR preferred language of your own, listen to the IVR carefully, and then dial that particular digits if IVR says you to dial if you have queries to Hotlist the Credit card, enter your Credit card Number on call, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number, dial that number, your credit card will be blocked, after then, you may get a call from one of an HDFC Bank executive to confirm it,

  • Dial HDFC Bank customer care number
  • Listen to the call IVR Voice process and when you listen such words that to block the Net banking ,Debit card ,credit card and UPI ,please Dail 1
  • To confirm your call again press the digit
  • Call will start ringing to the representative
  • Ask them to Hotlist your credit card

Ways to block credit cards by SMS in HDFC Bank

To get your HDFC Bank credit card blocked, you can use an instant method of hotlisting your credit card via SMS, please take your mobile phone and open the SMS application on your mobile device, use the following format

TYPE “BLOCK” {Space} Enter sixteen digits credit card number SMS to 5676782, please consider that if my credit card number is 1234567890123654 then SMS Format will be BLOCK 1234567890123654 to 5676782

Note– Do not try to send this SMS from an unknown mobile number, otherwise this request may be declined,so you can choose another option,

How to re-issue a New credit card in HDFC Bank ?

Re-issuance of a new credit card is also possible via multiple processes, first one method is credit card representative officers, when you get your credit card blocked at the same time, you can say them to re-issue a new credit card, doing this will instantly re-issue a credit card which levies issuance charges for one time,

the second method that we have is Net banking, you can read step by step process to apply for a new credit card even if your credit card is blocked, otherwise, you can contact us directly via mails,

  • Please go to your netbanking session
  • After Logging in take your click on CARDS
  • Choose your blocked credit card
  • Go to an option “Reqest”
  • Find the option ‘Reissuance of hotlisted credit card”
  • Validate with your concern
  • Confirm your mailing address

you have successfully made it,

Note that we do never ask you to send any of your personal details or bank details, the author of this blog only aims to solve your queries through his own ideas which you can implement

Conclusion – We do block our credit cards when something wrong happens, but using these above methods will help to block credit cards very easily, For any doubts and consent feel free to ask in the comment section and also never forget to share and subscribe;

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