how to apply new debit card in hdfc netbanking

Hello friends in this blog post ,we will know how to apply new debit card in hdfc netbanking ;

friends before you make a lead for a new debit card in hdfc bank ,you should have an account in hdfc bank ;

only then you can through in acquire for a debit card ,

before anything else ,visit any nearest hdfc bank branch and inquire about account opening process ,but here we will be knowing the required

document for account ,account opening time it is irremissible to stockpile Aadhar card,pan card,photo,and address proof ;

so far we have understood account opening process and now let’s come to the main concern ;

hdfc debit card lost

how to apply new debit card in hdfc netbanking

Now our main concern is how to apply new debit card in hdfc netbanking ?

If your debit card been lost and want to apply for a new debit card , you can do it from netbanking allow you to apply for a new fresh debit card,

first of all if debit card is lost ,make sure your card should be hotlisted

which you can by calling in phone banking of hdfc bank else you can hotlist your card by netbanking ,

kindly follow this step to do hotlist your debit card in case of lost debit card

how to apply new debit card in hdfc netbanking
how to apply new debit card in hdfc netbanking

to hotlist the card follow these steps –

visit official website , and then do login , click on cards ,select debit card ,click on request option and search for hotlist debit card

and do continue ,

cards>debit card >request >hotlist debit card >select card no.>continue

hotlisting debit card
hotlisting debit card

This above given process is for hotlisting debit card ,

Now re-issuance of the debit card

to apply for a new debit card ,kindly visit the same official website and do login ,

again click on cards ,click on debit card ,there are 3 options given such as transact ,enquire and request ;

click on request ,a lots of option available over there ,in those options ,select one option is re-issuance of debit card ;

once you click on that and proceed further ,choose your mailing address need to select ,if not mailing address ,

else can raise the request for branch delivery , it is mandatory to select ,

because it will be convenient for you to receive your debit card on time

once request for new debit card raised ,it may takes maximum 7 days to reach up to mailing address,

Process in a glance

open website >login> cards> debit card> request >re-issuance of hotlisted debit card

Debit card upgrade

debit can also be upgraded but for this there has been some terms and conditions

as well as this comes as an offer ,when you are eligible for debit card upgrade

you may raise the request via net banking , and on call in phone banking as well ;

better is to call in phone banking customer care to know the details ,

because you may not upgrade your debit card which type of debit card look for ;

for better understanding \follow these steps (cards >debit card >transact>upgrade debit card ,)

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