How To Add Beneficiary in HDFC Bank Netbanking?

This blog post is to share the details about how to add beneficiary in HDFC to do transfer funds online, before we initiate fund transfers, to add the beneficiary details is of utmost essential, therefore, we will learn to add the beneficiary from two methods using mobile banking and net banking

How to Add Beneficiary List in HDFC Bank

here we have two ways to add the beneficiary details, first way is through net-banking, therefore, log in to net-banking and then follow these steps given below

  • After log in to net-banking
  • Click on fund transfer
add beneficiary
add beneficiary(1 step)

If you are going to add the beneficiary for the first time, you can do that, from the fund transfer tab, which can be seen in the above pic;

various options for fund transfers are available over there such as IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, and so on, So click on the Go option using IMPS or other modes

mode of transfer funds

(2nd step)And then click on to add the beneficiary, before you add the beneficiary details make sure you have all the required information about the beneficiary such as given below

  • Beneficiary account number
  • Type of account information
  • IFSC Code
  • Beneficiary mobile number
  • Email id,

Along with these above details, it becomes very easy to add the beneficiary, Hdfc bank allows the customers to add a maximum of seven beneficiaries per day;

After you add the beneficiary details, you can modify beneficiary details as well,

How to add beneficiary

To add more than one beneficiary detail, go to the request option and choose ADD BENEFICIARY,  by following these above methods will help to complete this same concern is mentioned in the title of this blog post;

When we add the beneficiary first time, the bank pre-set the third party fund transfer limit, which you can modify also, according to how much limit suits your need

How to add biller in HDFC credit card

Even the charges are concerned, it depends on which ways you choose to do fund transfer,i.e Fund transfer using Netbanking through IMPS, NEFT and RTGS levy some charges,

here are the charges schedule in the below table

IMPS1rupees to 1 lakh =5 rupees charges+applicable GST
more than 1 lakh= 15 rupees charges+gst
NEFTamounts up to 1 lakh= 2 rupees +gst
more than 1 lakh =10 rupees+gst
RTGSCharges applicable like NEFT Charges
UPIup to 10 transactions per day free, and the limit is up to 1 lakh
charges schedule

HDFC bank levy the charges to fund transfers according to the above table, Moreover you should also know that no charges are applicable in case of NEFT, RTGS fund transfer through branch side

How much time does it take to add beneficiaries to HDFC?

maximum turn-around-time is up to thirty minutes which takes to add beneficiary but however, I would recommend you to make fund transfer after 24 hours;
Actually when I made the first transfer using IMPS to a beneficiary after half-hour from when I added the beneficiary, so the transfer was being declined, but after 24 hours it was transferred successfully;
so you can also manage with the turnaround time is expected 

HDFC third party transfer limit for a new beneficiary

Bank has determined a limit to do fund transfer to a new beneficiary, for the first time beneficiary is added, so the limit is up to 25 thousand a day through IMPS but after the first fund transfer, amount up to 2 lakh can be transferred per day to the same beneficiary 
on the other hand, such types of limitation are also applicable to other modes of fund transfer, although no limitation is set up to the UPI fund transfer;
and also there is no time limitation for users can fund transfer any time through UPI 

What to do if the beneficiary is unable to be added?

Ans-This problem rarely comes, it may be due to a technical issue, so my recommendation is to try later if the issue still remaining, call in customer care, otherwise visit the nearest bank branch

How many beneficiaries can be added per day?

maximum of seven beneficiaries can be added in a day

Do I need to add beneficiaries every time at the time of every fund transfer?

No, you will no need to add the beneficiary every time for the existing beneficiary

What to check if the fund transfer was successful but the beneficiary did not receive the amount?

If the fund transfer was successful but the amount was not credited to the beneficiary bank account, do check whether the beneficiary account was mentioned correctly?. if yes, wait for a few hours, or else, call in customer care to make the complaint


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