How to Activate HDFC credit card online Easily?

We have revealed the tips to How to Activate HDFC credit card online Easily using online process or offline process, HDFC credit card comes with the activated state when do we receive the credit card for the first time,

then the all modes of transactions are pre-temporary blocked due to stop un-authorization transactions on the way,
but once the credit card is finally dispatched to the customer’s mailing address, the very first priority becomes to activate that credit card for the various purpose of doing transactions,

How to Activate HDFC Bank credit card Online?

To activate an HDFC credit card, the credit card holder has to use the secret confidential pin which is of four digits sent by the bank either through speed post with envelope form or provided by text SMS, customer can use that pin to generate the credit card pin,

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once the pin for the credit card is generated, the credit card get activated status and ready to do transactions either POS or online, this process is essential for only HDFC credit cardholder;

who does not have an HDFC bank account instead of a Credit card, can’t use the online process to activate a Credit card at the initial time of when the card was dispatched, because the reason is they do not have access to net-banking,

If you have an HDFC Bank account and credit card also, this is easy for you to generate a credit card pin online, but make sure you have net banking access, so go through the below steps to generate a new HDFC credit card pin

  • Log in to HDFC net banking using customer id and password
  • Go to the ‘cards’ tab,
  • select ‘credit card’
  • Go to the “request” option
  • Click on “generate credit card pin’

here an authentication process has to be applied with the received OTP on your registered mobile number, after the authentication process, this request will be accepted but in case if your HDFC credit card is not registered to net banking, the concern of generating pin will not be completed by online methods,

therefore. register the credit card to net banking, which you can do in a few steps –

  • Login to Net banking
  • Go to the ‘cards ‘tab
  • Add credit card
  • fill the required details correctly
  • Click on continue

it’s done but Now wait until you receive any intimation from the bank side, indeed, it takes 24 hours for the final confirmation, and then you can go through the above-provided steps

HDFC Credit card pin generation through IVR process

above we have mentioned the online process to activate but this is also possible to activate HDFC credit card offline process, so the primary issues to be resolved by generating credit card pin as we have discussed above;

Here two scenarios arise for both open market HDFC customers and In house HDFC customers, both can use this offline process – just dial this number 011-61606161 from your registered mobile number and then use the below steps-

  • Listen to the IVR sound carefully
  • Select the preferred language on call
  • Choose the Credit card option when IVR says to Dial a certain number
  • When IVR says to generate the Credit card PIN dial 1
  • Enter your credit card whole number on the call
  • Enter the expiry date of your credit card on call
  • Enter the received OTP on call
  • Authenticate the Call
  • you will receive 4 digits of an OTP Pin, visit any nearest HDFC Bank ATM to generate the credit card pin

Generate HDFC credit card pin to activate HDFC credit card

Even forthwith HDFC credit card pin generation through SMS is only doable in case if a credit card holder receives the secret pin as a text SMS, for which the inside information has been already hashed out above,

nevertheless, if you find any issue connate to generating credit card pin either through online process or offline process, you can forward your issue at this respective mail id – [email protected], maybe your concern accepted from the bank’s credit card department side, if however, this issue is confined to be resolved you can get in touch with HDFC bank customer care services, they will help you to accomplish your matter

Enable HDFC bank blocked credit card

Firstly I would like to clear your doubt, HDFC Bank often apply two types of blocks on the credit card

  1. Temporary block on credit card
  2. Permanent block

Both these types of blocks are applied on a particular credit card if the primary customer permit such types of blocks to be applied on a credit card, therefore you should also understand these types of blocks for the future concern related to this same issue

how to activate hdfc credit card
how to activate hdfc credit card

What is the temporary block on a HDFC credit card

This block represents that the credit card has been blocked for a certain time, so the maximum time for the temporary block on a credit card is 9 days, if the time exceeds more than 9 days, that credit card automatically gets permanently blocked,

if you know, a temporary block has been applied to your credit card, then, that credit card can immediately get unblocked /activated by calling in customer care, HDFC customer care executive will activate your credit card in such cases,

even I had to face the same issue as my HDFC credit card was lost somewhere in my own house and unable to find that credit card for at least two days, therefore I called in customer care and placed a temporary block on my credit card in order to stop misuse from my credit card,

when I found my credit card, at the same time I made a call to HDFC customer care services and told them to remove the temporary block from my credit card

What is a permanent block on a credit card?

A permanent block meant that a credit card is of no use any longer, in case of a permanent block placed on an HDFC credit card can’t be activated, instead, the credit card holder has to apply for a new credit card,

but the bank checks the following conditions when the card is permanently blocked and when the cardholder applies for a new credit card, so the conditions are – if that credit card was blocked six months ago from when the customer tries to apply for a new credit card?

i.e in case of a permanent block customer has to wait for at least 6 months before he/she tries to apply for a new credit card, otherwise, the bank might disapprove the credit card application

How to unblock HDFC credit card?

To unblock HDFC credit card is only possible through the HDFC customer care support, but only in case if your credit card is temporarily blocked, otherwise, to apply for a new credit card is recommended, as the credit card is blocked in such cases

  • Credit card lost/stolen cases
  • Froud scenario
  • suspected Froud scenario
  • Credit card damaged

if any one of these cases apply to your credit card, you should get your credit card blocked and can re-issue a new credit card, this is called safe banking, which you should follow these rules,

Note- Temporary block can be removed from internet banking?

Temporary block on an HDFC credit card can’t be removed either through net- banking or mobile banking, please get in touch with HDFC credit card customer service is recommended

Can we place a temporary block on an HDFC credit card through internet banking?

Yes, HDFC internet banking has this facility to place a temporary block on a credit card but does not allow us to a permanent block

What to do if my HDFC credit card is damaged?

if your credit is damaged, then call HDFC customer care service and ask them to do credit card replacement, bank does not levy the credit card replacement charge, after you received the new credit card, go through the above-given steps to generate the pin

What should I do if OTP for credit card pin generation is not received to my registered mobile number?

In such case please check whether your registered mobile number has the facility to receive SMS, if Yes, Go through these details-Check your mobile device black-list and see if bank number is not blocked nay, 2nd – check the DND services, if the same issue persists, call in customer care and ask them to re-send the Green pin

Why did my HDFC credit card decline the transactions despite a credit card pin generated

how to activate hdfc credit card

If you have already generated the pin for your credit card and however it declines the transactions, you should modify your credit card uses limit I,e make the credit card enabled for online transactions, to modify the credit card limit, log in to HDFC Net banking,
Go to the cards tab
Click on the Credit card “Request “option
Modify limit
set the Limit
you are all set, this is how you can resolve such issues

How to activate HDFC credit card for online transaction

how to activate hdfc credit card

To activate the HDFC credit card for online transaction, set the limit for either the domestic online transactions or international online transactions, which may suit to your need select the desire option using above given steps, as per RBI guidelines all credit card is sent to the customers by disabling online transactions, for which credit card holder can manually enable this option using Net-banking or by calling in customer care services

How to create HDFC credit card ATM PIN Online

How to generate hdfc credit card pin online through netbanking

First of all Login to HDFC net banking, Go to the cards tab, then, click on “Generate Credit card ATM PIN” under the “Request” option, select the primary card number, confirm your registered mobile number, click on “Continue” you have successfully used the process to generate HDFC credit card ATM PIN,

What steps do I need to follow to create a Credit card Pin through ATM if have received OTP?

If you have already received an OTP from the Bankside in order to generate a credit card pin so, use the following steps –
Insert credit card to HDFC ATM Machine
Select the language
Click on Generate new ATM Pin
Enter the OTP you have received on your registered mobile number
Enter your registered mobile number with the bank
Set the Pin you wish to generate

Conclusion – We have mentioned all required information for – “how to activate HDFC credit card” using the online process, and offline process, in which we have talked about “How to do register a credit card to net banking ” How to unblock HDFC credit card ” types of the block on a credit card ” Credit card pin generate through Net banking ‘ or also through ATM’ if still, something is missing which we had to conclude, can let us know, hope you may like this article,

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