How does HDFC credit card EMI calculator works?

How does HDFC credit card EMI calculator works; calculate EMI online

In this tutorial we are going to know the procedures of How does HDFC credit card EMI calculator Works and how do we calculate it accurately online, all HDFC credit card variety comes with different specification and offers benefits,

But in terms of calculating EMI has the same process for all varieties of credit cards in HDFC Bank, therefore I am going to tell you, what are the procedures to get all your expenses on the credit card to be converted into EMI and How you can use credit card EMI calculator easily,

HDFC credit card EMI calculator online

Most of us have to avail of loan offers which HDFC Bank offer on behalf of Credit card and civil score, Credit card loan offers could be basically, INSTA LOANS, JUMBO LOANS, BTE(balance transfer on EMI), and EMI conversion for credit card due amounts (Billed amount & or could be unbilled amount)

To calculate HDFC credit card EMI online please visit the official website, and then slide the website below, and look for Loans on Credit card EMI calculator option under the Calculator tab, Go through the following steps below to know the procedure how does HDFC credit card EMI calculator calculate

  1. Choose the type of Loans you have opted for (INSTA, JUMBO, BTE, EMI)
  2. Enter the loan amount
  3. Select the interest rate period (either monthly or annually)
  4. Type the Rate of interest for your loan (1%,2%, whatever may be applicable)
  5. Choose the repayment tenure (6 month tenure ,12,18,24 ,months etc ,select the best tenure )
  6. Select the loan booking date (the day you opted for the types of loan on behalf of your credit card)
  7. Select the statement Generate date
  8. Click on Calculate,

You have successfully calculated the Loan’s EMI, let me give you an example to make it more clear to understand

My HDFC Credit card Limit =200000 rupees,

Credit card statement Generate date = 17th of every month

Loan opted for SMART EMI with the Amount = 100000rupees

The rate of interest applicable for SMART EMI is = 1.2 % monthly

Loan Booking(EMI conversion )Date is = 09/03/2021


Now click on, Calculate Loan, after then, you can see the Snapshot of EMI structures on monthly basis,


Note(1)- EMI +GST Is the monthly EMI payment amount that is required to pay on credit card billing due date,

Note(2)- you can choose the Date, EMI tenure, types of loan, rate of interest, loan booking date & credit card statement generate date which is applicable in your case

How to know the HDFC Credit card EMI details

HDFC Credit card’s running EMIs details available through credit card internet banking, to convert the over dues amount of Credit card into EMI, customers can take the help of either Phone-banking services or Net-banking, to convert the over dues amount to EMI installments, use these below steps –

  1. First, log in to Netbanking using User id & password
  2. After logging in, Go to the Cards tab
  3. Click on Credit card lists have been listed
  4. Choose the Credit card Transact option
  5. Click on the SMART EMI option
  6. Choose the transaction lists which you have made
  7. Do not include more than 25 debit transactions otherwise, the EMI conversion process will decline
  8. Click on proceed option
  9. Authenticate that process using OTP you receive on your registered mobile number
  10. Click on CONTINUE

Note(1)During EMI taking process, do not include those transaction details which are made on Jewelry products, very likely Bank does not approve such transactions for EMI installments on Credit cards

Note- (2)The very second major issue may be that debit transaction details of more than 60 days ain’t eligible for EMI installment, Banks often disapprove of this particular concern, therefore select only those transaction details which are made within 60 days from the EMI convert time ;

Note(3)to know the HDFC Credit card EMI details, you can contact HDFC credit card customer care services, or either check your registered EMAIL id, Mobile number, and Netbanking as well

What is cash on call HDFC credit card EMI calculator

Cash on call is a type of loan which we call Insta loan, which bank offer to Credit cardholders, if we see meaning of COC it represents that Bank might offer the customers as a Loan through Cash, but it is not like that at all,

if you are an HDFC Bank Credit cardholder and you have also an account in this bank then, you can avail of COC Loan directly to your bank saving account , this is an instant hassle-free loan which Bank credit the balance in your bank account in no more time,

Basically, it happens that this loan which you avail is offered by your credit card limit and Bank always offer such loan of 60% of your total credit card limit, for instance,

if your credit card total amount is 80000 INR then you can get up to 48000 rupees cash on call Loan, moreover when you check with the available offers on your credit card, primarily Loan offers, then Better to avail Jumbo loan may be a good choice if your credit card limit is less but you are in need of Higher amount of loan,

to calculate COC loan through HDFC credit card EMI calculator then choose the loan type Insta loan to get an accurate result,

I am trying to convert EMI for my HDFC credit card due amount but this process is being Declined?

Ans– EMI process to decline issues only come when the Note(1) and Note(2) criteria do not match, moreover, other following conditions you can check with during you try to opt for EMI,
Check with if the credit card is not over Limit
Authenticate that process using the Accurate OTP number you receive
When Smart EMI offer is not available
The Credit card is recently re-issued
The credit card is recently upgraded

HDFC credit card Insta loan EMI calculator

Ans- You can use the above methods which I have discussed to calculate the monthly EMI installment, the same process is applicable with HDFC credit card instant loan EMI calculator,

If the transaction made on/ before the 20th of the month then when the first EMI installment will be added?

Ans- For instance, the transaction was made on 15th of JULY and Determined credit card statement date 17th of the same month then first EMI transaction date to be added on your current credit card statement generate date,
I have mentioned all details – how a credit card works, this will be easy for you to understand about credit card limit, billing due date, etc

Hope you liked it and Now you know how HDFC credit card EMI calculator works,

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