Hdfc millennia credit card(Features,benefits,fee and charges)

Are you looking for Hdfc millennia credit card? this is the right place to share all essential information related to this millennia credit card is also one of the most featured credit cards;

which provide lots of benefits to the cardholders, first of using this topic to start from how to apply for this credit card and what all others remaining information to share amongst you guys;

everything is to discuss this credit card, just keep reading from starting to end to know the actual review of this credit card

Hdfc millennia credit card is best suitable for online shopping and who seek for cashback as a higher extent, because this credit card let you avail cashback offers on maximum merchant sites ,

which merchant sites are of cognizant to you or not, ready to give you benefits,

How to apply for Hdfc millennia credit card online

very an easy way to apply for this card, if an existing hdfc account holder go-ahead to apply for this credit card, for in house customer can apply this credit card using their debit card /net banking details,

so to apply for this credit card go to the official website, and click on personal >pay >cards >millennia cards, using these steps will show all cards (including debit cards) with this same name;

but in order to apply for this particular credit card, select that Millennia Credit Card and click on sign up, this will take you to apply credit card portal;

follow these steps to get your credit card approval very easily,

For a HDFC Bank account holder

Hdfc bank account holder has two ways to get the approval for this credit card .using either Customer id, mobile number, or debit card details, these details can help to do apply for this credit card very easily;

Hdfc millennia credit card,
Hdfc millennia credit card

enter customer id and registered mobile number to proceed this credit card approval on bank behalf and click on login and follow the stepwise details during you are on that site;

this process may take up to three working days to complete this process, within three working days bank representative call for KYC verification and after successful verification, the credit card will dispatch to the mailing address which may take up to 7 working days;

How a non-hdfc bank customer can apply to this credit card

Open market customers can also apply for this credit card but they have to provide mandatory documents to full fill the wish for this credit card. not only this. eligibility to check from the bank side is also;

Non-hdfc bank customers can visit here to apply for this credit card ,

How a non-hdfc bank customer can apply to this credit card

and then enter mobile number and fill security check code to initiate the application further ;but before you decide to apply for this credit card you should know eligibility ;

What are the eligibility to apply Hdfc millennia credit card
Salaried person form-16/ monthly salary more than 25000 rupees and above, last three-month salary slip
business-man itr file annual salary more than 6 lakh current ITR file
AGE Min 21 years, max 60 years for self-employed ,min age 21 and max 65 years

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What are the benefits/features to this credit card

This credit card offering stupendous benefits to the card holder., this credit card is best suitable for cashback on online transactions or POS transactions if you seek for

  • get 5% cashback on while you make transactions on these merchant sites such as Amazon ,flipkart ,on shopping using Payzap application /smart buy but min transaction should be up to two thousands
  • on booking flight and hotels using Payzap and Smart buy, you will receive 5% cashback
  • To get cashback min transaction should be 2000 rupees ;
  • get 2.5% cashback on how much amount you spend online;
  • you will receive 1% cashback on your offline spend /wallet reloads using millennia credit card

Other additional features are –

  • Zero cost liability in case of you become the victim of unauthorized transactions on this credit card
  • in case of card lost ,you will have zero cost liability

If you take interest in travelling this credit card also offer you lounge access

  • Per quarter Two lounge access available
  • total 8 lounge access can be availed within a year
  • No require to have priority pass just swipe this credit at lounge but two rupees charge per swipe is applicable because only domestic lounge access available on millennia credit card behalf;

For master-card millennia credit card holder visit here to do check the lounge, while visa Millennia credit card can visit here to check the lounge details

Other additional features

benefits on fuels

  • On minimum transaction of 400 ,1% fuel surcharge is waiver
  • you can get maximum 250 rupees cashback per statement cycle on your millennia credit card but only on fuel transactions
  • this offer available on all fuel station across in India

Gift voucher

  • Using this card on maximum transaction up to 1 lakh per calendar quarter , will get 1000 worth gift voucher, but this is valid only for one year thus in initial year maximum 4000 worth gift voucher can be earned
  • get 1000 cash points on payment for membership fee

Reward points

  • Get 2 reward points on as per transactions of 150 rupees
  • 1 reward point contains 1 rupees value in case of as cashback on credit card
  • 1 reward points contains 0.30 p in case of cash point /withdrawal
  • allow to redeem reward points up to 2500 reward points at one time ,
  • 1000 rewards as a welcome benefits available
  • reward points are valid up to 1 year from the date of accumulation of reward points in statement

If you want to know how to redeem reward points click here to know

What are the fee and charges to this Credit card

Membership fee 1180 rupees including gst
Renewal fee 1180 rupees ”
Max Interest free period up to 50 days but depends on transaction date from statment generate date
f.c charges 3.69%+applicable gst
ovl fee 2.5% of ovl amout /550 rupees ,whichever is higher
cash withdrawl 2.5% of withdrawal amount or 500 which ever is higher
Reward points redemption fee offline 90 rupees+ applicable GST
redemtption fee online zero
fcy 3.5 % +Gst
card re-isssued fee 90 rupees+gst

How often does it takes time to receive cashback on using this credit card transaction

This is really a main concern that often people ask for ,when cashback receive from transaction time, whether instant cashback will receive or does it takes some days ?

so the answer is , it depends on which merchant sites you make transaction on using this credit card , basically to get cashback has turn around time is of minimum 7 working days to 90 working days; from transaction date

This certain information get from only merchant sites .but make sure all you make transaction via Payzap or smart buy

if reward points to receive on credit card is concerned then reward points will settle as soon as merchant claims the amount for particular transaction;


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