HDFC Debit card EMI customer care number & EMI eligibility

hdfc debit card EMI customer care number,

This blog post has discussed the HDFC debit card EMI customer care number, the HDFC dc EMI customer care number do we have is for all types of queries very likely.

therefore the HDFC bank debit card EMI customer care number is 18602676161/ 01161606161; from here you can know city-wise HDFC Bank customer number, HDFC debit card EMI helpline is for all your queries related to, EMI installment details; Debit card EMI activation related questions, ACH Bounce queries, which we will discuss one by one,

How to check HDFC debit card EMI loan details?

HDFC debit card EMI installment details to inform you is for how much EMIs have deducted for your consumer durable loan; auto loan, personal loan, two-wheeler loan, and so on, If an issue indicates to any one of these; contact to #HDFC debit card EMI customer care number; because they have to access the details for these types of loans EMI details,

  • Note-if you call in HDFC Bank accounts department or credit card department; they would very likely not consider delivering you the information related EMIs on Debit card, so you may request them to transfer your call to the required desk which may help you #check HDFC debit card EMI loan details

HDFC Debit Card EMI eligibility check

For the confirmation of whether your HDFC debit card is pre-approved for EMI eligibility; with this purpose; you can get in touch with the Debit card EMI customer care number, Because, in such a case if debit card EMI facility is not pre-approved; then, Debit cardholder can request them to enable EMI facility on the HDFC Debit card, although bank provides the Debit card to the customers with a Debit card EMI facility; in a few cases; this facility auto gets disabled; when debit cardholder block his/her debit card, or, the bank account is always being lined due to hold

  • Note 2- If your debit card is blocked or on hold due to a specific reason; so immediately try to remove such issues in order to avail debit card EMI facility by calling in customer care services

What are the ways to check HDFC debit card EMI statement

There are multiple ways which an HDFC Bank debit cardholder can use to check the HDFC debit card EMI statement, I would recommend contacting a Phone banking officer for the same, moreover, you have your registered EMAIL id with the Bank, so you may check your email id,

Bank often send the Statement details of Running EMIs through your Debit card, if you do not find the statement of your loan details then, check the EMAIL SPAM folder, there must be available those details if you can not see then either do email registration for your Statement alert or visit the nearest bank branch along with Debit card EMI loan number,

Can I get ACH Bounce details by calling in debit card EMI customer care number?

Ans- Yes, ACH and ECH bounce details can be checked across, simply speak with the customer care executive and ask about it to know the details

Can I HDFC debit card EMI eligibility check online?

ANS – YES, you can check HDFC debit card EMI eligibility online, just log on to,after logging in, go to offer details, and view the terms and conditions of those available offers to know the Debit card EMI eligibility, if the offers are available then this is a good sign that your HDFC debit card is eligible to approve EMI facility, if you do not have net banking access of HDFC Bank then you can EMI eligibility through an SMS which I have discussed above

How to check HDFC debit card EMI eligibility by SMS?

Ans- To check the HDFC debit card EMI eligibility, send the SMS from your HDFC Registered mobile number, in this format1
DCEMI {} DDDD TO 56767
Here the keyword – DCEMI =debit card EMI
{}= Space,
DDDD= last 4 digits of your HDFC debit card
once you send the SMS, the bank will make you aware of all available EMI offers on Behalf of your bank accounts,
But to check all types of offers (including Debit cards and credit cards), send the SMS in this format2 –
MYHDFC TO 5676712

Please note the SMS format1 you see is for only DCEMI Eligibility, while the SMS Format 2, is for all types of available offers, including ( personal loan, Jumbo loan, Insta loan, BTE Offers, EMI offers, Home loan, two-wheeler loan, etc)

What is the HDFC debit card EMI toll-free number?

Ans- the Helpline number 01161606161 we have provided is a toll-free number for the HDFC debit card EMI, once your call gets connected to HDFC Bank customer care executive, then request them to transfer your call to HDFC DC EMI loan customer care department

Conclusion on HDFC debit card EMI customer care number

In this content article, we have discussed HDFC Debit card EMI Customer care number, as well as the related terms, such as # how to check EMI eligibility, EMI offer details, and how to approve EMI through SMS, Hope you find this article helpful, please share with your friends also to make them aware, thanks for your support,

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