How to Track HDFC Credit Card Status Online?


HDFC credit card status online, One of the Largest Indian private banks HDFC Bank continue bringing the stupendous facility to its users; whether in terms of financially or in terms of banking facilities, it has developed a lot of strategies such as Physical/virtual Debit cards, credit cards & e-wallets and going cashless,

HDFC Bank has made available a number of Credit cards which suits a customer need, Credit cards for shopping, for traveling, for dining, for business, and with these all, it aims to provide a better world-class payment facility

Open market customers & in-house customers can use an online portal To do apply for an HDFC Bank credit card, after completing the online process, To track HDFC credit card status can be done with the help of online process and Customer care services

Know Your HDFC credit card status online

To track credit card status online, you should have the following details mentioned below during credit card application tracking time,

  1. HDFC Bank Account customer id (if you have an account)
  2. HDFC Credit card application reference number
  3. Registered mobile number with the Bank credit card
  4. You know your DATE OF BIRTH

If you contact HDFC Bank customer care services to know the status of your HDFC credit card, you can let them verify with only Bank account customer id and DOB, While online credit card application tracking requires those 3 things so visit the official website,


Click on personal,then pay,then click on TRACK YOUR CREDIT CARD


Enter your registered mobile number, select any one either Application reference number or Application form number, and then enter Date of birth, Click on Submit, whatever the consequence may be seen over there, Customers can also get an Intimation as a Text message for Credit card status, along with reference number or Card application form,

Note– Customers won’t get application status before they get calls from one of an HDFC Bank executive or without Bank intimation message on your registered mobile number,

What does HDFC bank credit card status in process means?

It means that your credit card application is under approval, and your submitted documents are not yet reviewed, basically, the Bank often takes two days for reviewing and to updating the consequence, if you track your credit card application and it shows it is in process, then, please, do wait till you receive further intimation from the Bankside

Once that credit card application is reviewed then confirmation messages for (approval or disapproval) will be sent to the customer’s Email-id or Mobile number as well, therefore do not take any action while the application is in process, take action only in such a case if the Bank does not respond within two working days at least and it still shows HDFC credit card status in the process

HDFC Bank credit card status decline means

Credit card status decline means that card initiating for further processes have been stopped and that Credit card application disapproved, so the customers won’t receive the credit card, unfortunately, they do come across such an issue on behalf of Bank,

I would recommend to re-check the credit card application which you had to submit those documents, maybe, provided documents could not be met the eligibility criteria so it showed the HDFC credit card status decline at that time, otherwise, contact an HDFC Bank phone banking officer and ask the details for the same

Even Bank also intimate to the customers along with the particular reasons of why Credit card status declined in the form of text messages, however, It would better check your registered mobile number or email id

Why My HDFC Credit Card Application Status is not showing?

Ans – If your Credit card application status is not showing then the application may be in progress so just wait till you get intimation through TEXT SMS

What could be a credit card application declined reason?

Ans– you can get in touch with HDFC BANK customer care executive and ask for the same, moreover, I would recommend checking the eligibility criteria for the credit card you have applied for if everything is right then check with the document you have submitted,

My credit card application has been Validated but has not yet received an HDFC Credit card?

Ans- If your Credit card application has been Validated but not yet delivered to your mailing address, then, you need to wait 7 working days because HDFC Bank deliverable services take a maximum of 7 working days, moreover you can track the Credit card online by using the tracking number you might have received

What if I submit all documents but do not get any response for my HDFC credit card application?

Ans- After filling document for the credit card application, you do not get a response from Bankside then it does mean that you need to re-submit the document, otherwise, contact customer care services,

Check your address details

Ans- Sometimes Credit card application is approved but then that credit card is not dispatched, it has happened due to maybe bank’s deliverable services are not available to your location, in this case,you can visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch and request them to deliver the same credit card in that same branch and later on you can pick up that credit card

Hope you liked this article about how to check hdfc credit card status online or offline, feel free to ask if it does not solve your questions

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