how to pay hdfc credit card bill

this tutorial may help you will know about how to pay hdfc credit card bill ,using different way either online and offline ,how to pay hdfc credit card bill

most of us have hdfc bank credit cards but also some of us have not an account in hdfc bank

in this case , the main concern come how we can make credit card payment using online platform and offline platform ;

when matter come to pay online hdfc bank credit card payment , a lots of portal available online

which allow us to make payment for credit card ,

How to pay HDFC credit card bill,

therefore we will know all specific details for the same concern ,so that you may not confess any problem for making credit card payment ,

thus making payment on time ,stop us to levy other additional charges such as late fee ,finance charges and other kinds of issues ;

how to login on netbanking

so here is the online platform list , such as , bill desk , phone pay ,paytm , netbanking ,mobile banking ,these platform may use to make the card payment online , so now let us know in details with step-wise ,how to pay hdfc credit card bill

and also the other method to make payment for credit card by using cheque paid , but for this , you may need to visit in bank branch will let your cheque payment on credit cards to be initiated ,but it may takes 2- 3 working days ,

therefore keep these things remember before you go for card payment using cheque paid ,

in this blog post we will also know, what is the best way stop levying any kind of charges on credit cards

how to pay hdfc credit card bill online

to pay hdfc credit card bill online , we can use paytm allow us to make payment online for credit card bills

to complete this process , requirement to open paytm application and make sure you are login on Paytm ,only then paytm will able to make card payments

after login on paytm ,an option for credit card bill payment available on paytm dashboard,

if this option not available over there , else click on more ,

and look for recharge and pay bills section , credit card payment option seen over there

as it has been shown in below picture ,else visit this link given below to make payment using payment

once to click on credit card payment options ,paytm ask to put the credit card number ,else you may select that bank for which you carry credit cards ;

paytm ask you put your credit card number ,continue ,to do confirm paytm ask you to re-enter your credit card number to confirm , after confirmation click on continue ,this time ,paytm ask you to select that bank will make your credit card payment

else you may select UPI id option to make a credit card payment after this process click on proceed, payment successfully made for your credit card, but attention please, hdfc bank credit card to receive payment takes at-least 3 working days ;

so before you go for hdfc bank card payment using Paytm, try to make the payment , before 3 working days from credit card billing due date ;

doing this will not let late payment ,and also could safe from levying of finance charges and late fees ;

paytm make hdfc credit card bill payment

hdfc credit card bill payment through net banking

if you have hdfc bank credit card and account , both , this is too easy for you to make instant credit card bill payment ,

the payment made through hdfc net banking ,in this case ,this is instant payment on credit cards , but in case of non-hdfc bank netbanking it may takes up to 3-to 4 working days maximum ;

so avoid using delay payment ,to sustain the civil score good ;

so let us know the method for how we can make credit card bill payment through netbanking ,

to complete this process , please login on your netbanking ,go to cards section and click on credit card , hdfc netbanking show you three options such as transact ,enquire ,and request , respectively ;

do click on option transact and tap on credit card bill payment , by default , you will be able to see your selected credit card and also allow you to see minimum amount due and total amount due , so select either mad or tad , which may suits to you will be able to make payment easily

hdfc credit card payment bill payment through netbanking

steps in a glance = cards >credit card>transact> credit card payment> tad/mad >continue ,

in case of when you select the option, other credit card payment on net banking, bank ask you to add the card number and re-enter card number and name on card, need to add on net banking; and when you click on continue, this process is complete and you are able to make payment ;

else you can go for non-hdfc bank credit card payment, this option allows you can put the amount in keeping with you want to put ; this option need to select often in case of when you pre-close loans and emi running from your credit card ,

2nd method = cards > credit card>transact >credit card payment>other hdfc bank card payment>add beneficiary > view benefeciary > put desired amt >continue ,it is done ;

in case of when you select the option for other credit card payment on net banking, bank ask you add the beneficiary first , in beneficiary, bank ask us to put the beneficiary card number , name and email id ,and then do click on continue ;

after adding beneficiary ,it takes approximately half hour to be activated for card payment , after when do we click on other hdfc bank credit card ,bank show us to select existing beneficiary details and then do click on added beneficiary ,we have to select that account from which we want our payment on credit cards to be initiated ,after this process ,when we click on continue ;

payment on credit card easily to initiate , this is how do we make payment through net banking

other bank’s net banking to make HDFC credit card bill payment

in case you do not have hdfc bank account but you have non-hdfc bank account such as sbi bank account /kotak bank account ;

however you can make hdfc credit card bill payment ,using imps and neft allow to make payment ,but as we know ,before imps and neft transactions ,we need to add beneficiary ,for which we need to have beneficiary bank account ,ifsc code and mobile number;

but in case of credit card ,card number work as an account number ,if not ,for hdfc credit card has another alternate account number ,you can get your credit card alternate account number by calling in hdfc customer care ,customer care will let you know your card’s alternate account number;

so while you try to make imps and neft transactions for credit card payment, you may put credit card number else alternate account number and ifsc code for hdfc bank credit card is HDFC0000128,

If you want to avoid using netbanking for card payment ,a very suitable option for you is bill desk payment ,

bill desk is one of the easiest way to make payment ,just you require to enter your hdfc credit card number ,re-enter hdfc credit card number ,email id ,and fill the required amt and click on pay ,

this is all the best way to make hdfc credit card payment ,if you have any query related making hdfc credit card payment ,put your question in comment section ,happy to help you ;

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