HDFC CDF Form Download Online In Easy Ways

HDFC CDF form typically known as Card dispute form is often used when complaints are lodged on HDFC credit card due to unauthorized transactions or for other transaction-related issues happened from a customer Hdfc credit card,

in such cases, the bank often asks the customer to provide to CDF form HDFC along with that transaction details, for which the customer is oblivious toward those unknown transactions; in order to raise transaction complaint ahead, a customer has to submit the CDF Form to the banks, therefore, In this blog post, we will know, how to download the HDFC CDF form, how to submit that CDF form, and other queries related to the Customer dispute form

HDFC credit card Dispute Application form Chennai

We have two methods to get the HDFC credit card CDF form, this form can be downloaded from HDFC Bank official website, therefore, visit, to download the HDFC CDF Form, or else, Now follow these steps to download this form easily –

  • Visit –
  • Slide down the website
  • Go to form-center
  • Click on ‘personal’
  • Go to ‘credit card form’
  • Cardholder dispute form
  • download the form

You can click on Download cardholder dispute form HDFC online to save it to your device, after the form is downloaded, matter comes to what details are required to fill in that form; so let’s know further

Hdfc CDF form download online

What details are required to fill in that HDFC CDF FORM &How to send Dispute form

Essentially cardholder personal details along with those transaction details are required to fill in that HDFC CDF FORM, Those transaction details can be found for your particular complaint with the Help of HDFC Bank customer care services, because they do recommend us to submit a cardholder dispute form HDFC online

If you are also unknown for how you can get those Transaction details, for this concern, please get in touch with customer care services and ask them to provide you Transaction complaint id number; Else, check your registered Email id or mobile number to find complaint id numbers, very likely transaction complaint id numbers are sent to either Registered Email id or to the registered mobile number

Remember for each and every transaction complaint has a different unique complaint id, for instance, I have got four complaints raised from my credit card and I am supposed to submit a CDF form, for all those four complaints towards the un-authorized transactions, So, I will check four complaint ids and then I would mention that complaint ids on that CDF form, for all those four complaints towards the un-authorized transactions,

So, I will check four complaint ids and then I would mention the complaint ids on that CDF from HDFC,

Now let’s fill that form, when you open that form, you will see the details mentioned below –How to send HDFC Dispute form

  • Cardholder name- So Enter your name with the exact name is mentioned on your HDFC credit card
  • Credit card /prepaid card/debit card number Enter the entire number of your card
  • Enter the account number – If the complaint is from your debit card so you can mention your bank account, OR if the complaint indicates from your credit card, you can mention CREDIT CARD AAN NUMBER
  • Details of Disputed item – Here all transaction details are recommended to fill in that form with the possible reasons, along with Complaint id and when, where, and how those transactions happened
  • Reason for Dispute – Mark the possible reason which you may think of, you can select multiple reasons, if that indicates your issue
  • At the bottom of that form -Make sure to mention registered Email id, registered mobile number, and consignee signature and Date,
  • Where to send – Send that form from your registered email id to [email protected]

Note- Bank always recommend sending the CDF Form at mentioned mail id with the accurate details, in order to finale the complaint status as soon as possible, however, the bank has determined a time period to sort out the dispute complaint

How can I get the CDF form offline?

You can get this form from any HDFC Bank branch, otherwise, I would recommend you to get this form online by using the above-given steps

Can I submit the CDF Form of HDFC from any Email id?

No, it is recommended to forward the CDF form to the mentioned mail id from only and only registered Email id, if you send the CDF FORM From an unknown Email id, Bank will not recognize your Email id, so there may be a delay to get you to respond from bank side,

What should I do if I do not get a response after sending the CDF form to the bank?

Basically, Bank has determined a certain time period to resolve the case for your disputed complaint if in case, you are not responded, please contact customer care

What is the Dispute mail id of the HDFC credit card?

[email protected], this is the mentioned mail id, this mail id is also given below to the CDF form


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