hdfc easy emi credit card review /key features /benefits/fee and charges/

In this blog post , we will know all specific details about Hdfc bank easy emi credit card’s best key features ,benefits ,fee and charges ,and eligibility ;

Hdfc bank easy emi credit card is best appropriate credit card for whose income is in the range of ten thousands to twenty five thousands per month, This card comes with contact-less payment technology feature ; where transaction up to 2000 rupees

can be done without using any otp request sent on registered mobile number ;

As the name is Easy emi credit card ,there is something a big specification behind this credit card’s name ,that we will be cognizant later about this credit card ;

Hdfc bank always ready to do something better and to do provide the better experience to the customers ;

we do use credit cards for online transactions and offline transactions (pos transactions); using credit card in a proper way makes our civil score very good ,

to making good civil score ; all of credit card holder never should be defaulter ,being a defaulter badly impact on civil score ,which create a major problem while we look for loan from banks;

but we should know why our civil score gets down ? it is ,because ,we do not make payment on time ; am i right ? yes i am ,

sometimes it happens that , we do purchase the product from our credit card beyond the limit ; at payment due date ,we are not be able to arrange the money to pay the credit card bill ,

we do look for EMI conversion so that we could pay the amount into installment, but it also happens that EMI conversion on credit card spends is not available sometimes; thus credit card bill becomes a burden to pay,

But This Easy EMI credit card of hdfc bank will never let you feel for there is a burden to make payment of credit card bill; because this easy EMI credit card provides auto installment conversion for any single big spend is more than 10 thousand rupees

before you go to apply for this card ,i would like you to check the terms and conditions ,that you can check from here

easy emi credit card,
credited pic to hdfc bank

How to Apply for Easy EMI Credit Card

To apply for This card you may click here ; if not then,you can visit and then do click on personal >pay >credit cards >emi cards >easy emi credit card >sign up;

this is the way to apply for this credit card online ; but you should know required documents that is mandatory to provide at the time of application filing ;

Salaried personform-16/ monthly salary more than 10000 rupees and above,last three-month salary slip
business-manitr fileannual salary more than 5 lakh current ITR file
AGEMin 21 years,max 60 years

How to apply for regalia credit card and what are the features and benefits ,click here to know more

Apply for payment first credit card

Know the key features

If you use this credit card on Amazon ,flipkart ,hotels and online ticket booking webiste via HDFC Bank payzap and smart buy, and minimum transaction you spend of rupees 2000 or more ; you will get 5% cashback ;

  • get 2.5% cashback on all online transactions
  • you will get 1% cashback on all offline spends (minimum amount =100 rupees or more)
  • Each and Every all single transaction of more than ten thousand or up to ten thousand will be auto-converted to EMI for minimum/maximum tenure 9 months ;
  • the applicable rate of interest for EMI conversion is 1.67 % monthly
  • for each quarter spends for the first initial year is one lakh, then you will worth a voucher of ten thousand
  • if your credit card is a prize card; you will get the benefit of 1000 cashpoints when you pay the first year membership fee (this is called welcome benefits)

fee and charges to this credit card

Hdfc bank provides both type of credit cards , credit card with no annual fee/ joining fee and also with chargeable card ,for your prize card you will get welcome benefits at renewal year,

but in case ,card is LTF , you will not get welcome benefits ;

Joining fee zero
Membership fee 500+GST
FCY fee3.5% of each and every international transaction
EMI conversion fee199+gst
Finance charges 3.60+gst

Rewards point benefits on Easy emi credit card

This credit card not only provides the welcome benefits and cashback but also provide Reward points benefits; the reward points you get on every transaction are cash point,

you will get 2 reward point on every minimum transaction of 150 rupees, that you can use that reward point into card bill payment against the statement due amount, or, you can use that reward points to purchase the online product using the smart buy app

apart from the cashback benefits;this reward points benefits you can avail with using this credit card;but one more thing ;that reward points can be redeemed only when the minimum number of reward points is 2500 ;

therefore you will get more reward points by making more transactions;

How to Redeem Easy emi credit card reward points

To Redeem the reward point , there is requirement of two things ;first thing you should have an account in HDFC bank ,if not then 2nd thing is, you need to create a credit card login and password ;

easy emi credit card

so ,let’s know the steps for creating a credit card login id and password ,first of all visit official website of hdfc bank

Click here to know the steps for how to credit card login

do click on login steps 1 <credit card login>forget user id > Fill all mandatory details >otp> continue ;

2nd steps – forget password >user id >create password >otp >continue;

so this is how we do create an user id and password to do login on net banking for credit card login ;

now let’s come to main topic , i hope ,you will not fess any problem for how to do login on net banking for credit card concept is cleared;

How to redeem reward points

click that above link to know the steps for redeeming reward point online ; however HDFC bank smart buy application also allow to use that available reward points on credit card online ;

to utilize available reward points on credit card ,smart buy app is best option to use ; because you can create gift voucher using reward points of credit card; so you may re-direct to smart buy app from here

so click on any product that you want to purchase by clicking on compare and contrast and then click on cheque out ,enter your mobile no ,last four degit of credit card and then do proceed ;

at the final time of transaction ,bank ask you can use available reward point on credit card up to 30% ,remaining bal to use from credit card available limit ;

so i hope you guys may like this article ,in case of any doubt ,kindly share your thought in comment section and also share to your friends or acquaintances

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