What to do payment declined by bank google pay

In this blog post, we will know about why often payment declined by bank Google-pay,

we often know, we use Google pay to make the transaction; no matter, the transaction is being made on any merchant sites or making payment to a credit card through Google pay UPI;

I personally use Google pay UPI, but one day; all my UPI transactions were getting declines; why this happens? below statement is all about which relate to this concern

if our cards registered to a different address, in this case; transaction declined chances are higher; therefore make sure the UPI address is accurate; only then UPI transaction will approve ;

another issue may be, the device you are using with the Google pay application, in that mobile device; the same registered mobile number should be installed, and then we should try to verify that mobile number; so that UPI id could be set up,

also, make sure the registered mobile number is eligible to send and receive OTP;i.e mobile number should be already recharged, otherwise; verification may decline on Google pay application behalf; after then, you can try to make the transaction, if however

If the Google-pay application still decline the transaction and you are re-asked to verify your mobile number, so; do add your bank account to Google pay UPI; this reason often come, when the Google pay application ask for an update

therefore you should immediately update your UPI application, to resolve such issue; if your issue does not resolve by following these above-given details, you may put your question to know the reason,

What to do if transaction declined by bank

you may click on this link to know the more details about what could be all possible reason when transaction decline

if you have already updated your UPI application and also set up the UPI id, by using that application; however transaction failed by your bank ;

that could be a possible reason from your bank side, not the fault from UPI application, Because; UPI transaction authorization might be disabled from your bank side, in this case; you should contact to your bank customer care services ;

or, you should visit your nearest bank branch to get the UPI authorization process enabled; only then you will be able to make the transaction,

we know that UPI transaction is an instant mode of the transaction; whether you send money to the beneficiary or make online payment ;

it very eases; because no requirement to wait for any specific time to make transactions using the UPI application; after the beneficiary adding process; because UPI allows us to transfer the amount in that beneficiary account at any time

What to do if Google pay UPI transaction failed but amount debited from bank account

If Google-pay UPI fail the transactions and somehow the amount debit from the bank account; in this case; it will take a maximum of up to 2 working days; according to the bank’s working time, from debit to credit amount into the bank account in order to finalize the transaction,

if not then that amount will receive by the merchant /beneficiary,

but in case neither that debited amount credit back to your bank account nor merchant /beneficiary receives that amount within 2 working days ;

in this condition; you need to lodge a complaint towards that UPI transaction by calling in customer care services to that same bank ;

and then do wait for five to seven days to get that debited amount credit to your same bank account ;

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