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Bank share the Google pay customer care number India, essentially to contacting customer care services for the particular issues to get the resolution; Being Google Unified payment Gateway platform offering a lot of online modes of the transaction without hassle,

customers have to call on Google pay toll-free helpline number for any queries which you will know one by one, so the queries you may have from

  1. Google pay transaction declined by Bank,
  2. unable to set up the account on Google pay issue
  3. Issues related to Google pay tej
  4. The transaction failed and amount debited issues
  5. Unable to receive money from the sender
  6. Google pay app unable to initiate issues,
  7. facing problem while changing UPI PIN
  8. Facing problem while re-setting VPA address
  9. Unfortunately, come across Frouad issues
  10. Unusual charges deduction through Google pay
  11. Unable to access Bank account details to check the balance online
  12. Closing Google pay account related issues

Therefore In this blog post, I will share Google pay customer care helpline number and these above issues solutions as well

Google pay customer care number india 24/7

To contact through a call on Google pay toll-free helpline number is 18004190157, customers can use this free toll-free number to get connected with the Google pay customer care executive,

moreover, this helpline number is also mentioned in that Google pay app, but you should know the process to find out that customer care number through your mobile app,


many of you search that Google pay toll-free number online, although it’s a Good choice please be aware of choosing fraudster number, I have noticed many fraudsters have listed their Mobile number on Google, which is available at the top which looks like a General mobile number along with Indian USD Code,

How to identify you are calling to a Right Google pay toll-free number?

To identify the right Google pay customer care number is IVR voice processing, all branded have their Unique IVR calling which tells you, the number you have chosen is correct or incorrect,

another way to identify through they would never ask your personal details such as which Bank accounts you carry, OTP number details, Date of Birth Etc if they ask such means that you are calling to a wrong place

What is the google play customer care number ?

If you think of Google play it is an application store, in another word it is an application search engine, where billions of applications are available for all categories, to contact the Google play customer care number, Google play users can use the SUPPORT facility with the help of that app to connect Google pay customer care number,

How can I contact Google customer care ?

To contact Google customer care executive, please open your Google play store application, click the Left top three lines button

  • Click on HELP & FEEDBACK option
  • Type the Queries you have related Google play store
  • Hit the Next step
  • Choose the question which relates to your issues if does not match then
  • Click on Other issues and Go to the next step again
  • Choose the preferred contact options (Chat support or Email support )
  • Feel that empty box and mention your issues
  • Click on SUBMIT
  • Live chat support will open and then you can let your issue Chat support executive know

Although only two ways are available to put our concern before Google customer care support, which we know now, moreover, currently Helpline number is not reachable due to as a precautionary health measure for them support specialists in light of covid-19,

as they are adjusting with the limited team; However, we have still something remaining to talk about which we often confront the issue which may be resolved without contacting customer care number

unable to set up the account with Google pay

Getting started with Google pay is really easy, you might confront the issues of not setting up the account with Google pay app, if you might be using to access that application without A Google account, to resolve such issues, kindly create a new Google account and then Download Google pay app from play store, after downloading that Google pay app, Login with your current Gmail id, access the grant permission and resolve that particular issue

The transaction failed and amount debited issues on Google pay

Although Google pay transaction declined by bank issues could be based on various factors , which we can know with the help of live support chat as well, to do chat with Google pay representative, open your Google pay application and Click on the right side above profile icon, see the SETTING option, choose the queries list, otherwise Click on GET HELP, and request to get a call from Google pay customer care number, or, choose Live chat option, whichever is applicable and is good for you

Moreover, I would say you not be worried, Very likely debited amount after transactions are failed, take at least a maximum of 2 to 3 working days to get that amount refund in your respective bank accounts,

otherwise, you can also contact the beneficiary for further details to know the status of the transaction, even if transaction status shows failed but when amount debit from the Bank account, is really a thinkable,

Unable to receive money from the sender via Google pay

If you are a recipient and the money provider person say you that amount has been transferred to your bank account but that the sent amount transaction detail is not showing in your Bank account,

then all I can say is either wait for few moments or call your respective bank customer care helpline number, this may be a bank’s internal issue that amount has not yet been initiated because UPI money transfer is an instant process of money transaction,

facing problem while changing Google pay UPI PIN

Confront issue with changing Google pay UPI pin then this may be an issue with that application might have not updated, if that so, please update your Google pay app and then re-try, to change the Google pay UPI PIN,

  • Open Google pay app and click on the right top profile icon
  • Choose the Bank accounts, for which you want to change the Google pay UPI PIN
  • Click on the Same bank account, and then tap on FORGET UPI PIN
  • Enter the last 6 digits of your Bank Debit card number
  • Type the Debit card expiry date
  • Go ahead, and enter the self-chosen UPI PIN
  • Confirm that

Unfortunately come across Froud issues

Froud issues can come if you do not take care of your Banking details, fraudsters are always seeking to take someone in their trap, as this is work of them mainly, using digital banking platform is more convenient while on the other hand, Fraudsters are also taking advantage of it,

Every bank has to say, not to provide any confidential details if you ignore those Banking instructions then you may be a victim of its worst; Unfortunately, if you come across Froud issues then you can report them to Google, by Contacting google pay customer care helpline number,

in this case, I would also recommend you contact your respective bank helpline number and ask them to disable your UPI authorization, doing this can make your future banking system safe and secure,

Unusual charges deduction through Google pay

If you notice that Google pay to charge unusual amounts as per your Google pay UPI transactions, then you can raise a ticket for it, with the help of a Google pay representative, although Google pay has determined UPI transaction Limits in India,

you should be aware of that, with my personal experience I have never come across such unusual charges deduction problem, but they have clearly mentioned that if the same is then you can contact them via Google pay complaint number

Unable to access Bank account details to check the balance online through Google pay

If you are unable to check Bank account balance through Google pay UPI, then, there has been a very likely technical issue, which may be either from your respective bank, or Google pay, but as Long as Google pay is concerned,

such issues only initiate if your application is not updated, if the application is updated then it is very easy to access bank details, because, Google pay works as a 3rd party application for your Bank, which you allow,

Therefore, if everything seems Good on behalf of Google pay then contact your Bank customer care, although, such issues are often seen for limited hours, you’d better wait till the issues are resolved within a few hours,

Conclusion on

To contact #Google pay customer care number, we have three ways, first ways Call support which you can request them to initiate you a call with the help of Google pay app,2nd is LIVE CHAT SUPPORT, and 3rd is EMAIL support, therefore in this blog post I have mentioned how to initiate Live chat support queries, What’s the helpline number of Google pay, and other issues primarily we confront with Google pay app,

Hope you liked it #Google customer care number, if you have a question, feel free to ask, the comment section is available for you,

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