4 easy ways to fund transfer in hdfc

How to do fund transfer in hdfc? Enable fund transfer facility in just a few clicks; HDFC Bank allows us to transfer money online through various ways such as through UPI, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS; and other payment gateways application; this blog post will help you with the enabling fund transfer facility using Net banking and mobile banking;

TPT registration is utmost essential before remittance of fund transfer, for which this facility to enable is possible from the branch side and also through mobile banking and net banking;

What is the fund transfer in hdfc?

fund transfer means that sending money from one account to another account; for which beneficiary to be added is of utmost necessary
adding beneficiary play a better role to do fund transfer
without adding beneficiary; fund transfer will never be initiated; therefore, you should learn how to add beneficiary first

in order to add beneficiary,net-banking access and mobile banking access are recommended, for your account; if both ways are ready to access, this process will be completed in a few clicks so click here to know  how to add beneficiary in hdfc

UPI fund transfer asks for beneficiary bank account and IFSC code , this is an instant process for transfering fund from one account to other accounts , you can learn from here ,how to create UPI Id in HDFC ,

Now the remaining modes of fund transfer are Neft ,RTGS , IMPS, and Bank to bank account ,which we will learn how we can do it

NEFT– National electronic fund transfer is the best centralized of transferring fund system from one account to another bank account, HDFC Bank Neft basically works according to the batched for which a certain time period is determined as THE rules and regulations which RBI operate the NEFT

the most advantage of using NEFT is that provides real-time payment settlement, maximum turn around which takes is 60 minute, to add the new beneficiary for NEFT FUND TRANSFER
you can visit that link for how to add beneficiary using Net-banking and mobile-banking, which link is given above

RTGS -Real-time gross settlement, which also works like NEFT which has very likely the similar features as NEFT has but few changes are found in terms of RTGS Fund transfer along with the secured transactions system provider as it has no fund transfer capping determined, and work based on the business hours, including Saturday, but the RTGS service is available from 7 am to 6 pm on a working day, HDFC Bank RTGS service is available to all HDFC Bank account holder may use this service, it also requires to be added beneficiary first, but make sure to make RTGS transactions 2 lacs onward

IMPS – Immediate payment service which is an instant mode of Fund transfer it is also a secured payment system provider like NEFT and RTGS , IMPS service is available throught out the year ,no time and no transfer capping is determined ,as it also works on holidays and 24*7hours  which is managed by NPCL

HDFC Bank IMPS fund transfer is possible through Net-banking, and Mobile banking as well , in order to IMPS Fund transfer, log on to HDFC Net-banking, After logging in, Go to the Fund transfer tab, click on IMPS, add a new beneficiary (If you haven’t added beneficiary list) or select beneficiary (if the beneficiary list is already added)  , enter the amount, mark the empty box of terms and conditions, Confirm the beneficiary details and then Enter the received OTP on registered mobile number, and then “Continue”, IMPS Transaction is successfully done, 

Steps in a Glance for all Modes (IMPS,NEFT,RTGS) of fund transfer in hdfc-

Log on to HDFC Net-banking > Fund transfer> Go to request> add new beneficiary,

HDFC bank grant to its customers to add the seven beneficiary list per day which vary on which modes of fund transfer often they choose ; after beneficiary added, again Log on to the Net-banking,Go to Fund transfer tab, and click on IMPS (G0) ,select your bank account ,choose beneficiary account list, enter the amount, fill the remarks button, accept terms and condition, Confirm it ,and THEN do continue,

This is how you can make IMPS ,NEFT , RTGS ,eCMS ,Foreign remittance Transactions,

What is Cardless cash withdrawal in HDFC

HDFC Customer can send the money from his/her account to that person is not carrying bank account in any banks, but for this, Non-HDFC Customers have to provide the AADHAR card number and mobile number to HDFC bank customer, in order for transferring fund to non-hdfc customer

but remember HDFC customer has to add the beneficiary first before card-less cash withdrawal, for this, Beneficiary has to provide the “Nickname” Mobile number” and a valid proof ID such as AADHAR CARD, PAN CARD, VOTER ID, etc, follow these steps given below to Initiate card-less cash withdrawal,

  • Go to www.hdfcbank.com
  • Log on to Net-banking using customer ID and Password,
  • Go to the Fund transfer tab,
  • Click on option “Request”
  • ADD Beneficiary
  • Card-less cash withdrawal
  • Fill beneficiary name
  • Enter the Beneficiary mobile number
  • Click on “ADD”

Once the beneficiary for Card-less cash withdrawal is added , then wait for at-least 24 hours for configuration , after then Follow these steps –

  • Go to option “Transact”(In Fund transfer tab)
  • Click on Send OTP For card-less cash withdrawal

Non-HDFC customer will receive an OTP along with the unique Reference ID , on Behalf of Primary HDFC customer (who added the beneficiary earlier for card-less cash withdrawal) , That OTP is valid up to 24 hours so the Beneficiary person can visit HDFC Bank ATM to withdraw the Money from ATM ;

But here to note few things, all HDFC Bank ATMs do not have Card-less cash withdrawal facility , therefore Customer has to make sure to visit only That HDFC Bank ATM which has this facility of Card-cash withdrawal

This may create a Problem for you to detect that HDFC BANK ATM With the facility which has cardless cash withdrawal facility;

No worry ,you can be able to detect that HDFC ATM machine which has cardless cash withdrawal facility , so follow these steps to mitigate this problem ,

Locate card-less cash HDFC ATM

Visit official website, www.hdfcbank.com , go to “Locate us” and then SELECT FOR HDFC BANK ATM , Click on to select your STATE ,and then CITY , LOCALITY, Search RADIUS, After then, go to services and choose “Cardless cash withdrawal ” and then Click on SEARCH , You will get all HDFC BANK ATM LIST which have this facility ,

To withdraw the Money from HDFC ATM,look for the card-less cash withdrawal option which HDFC ATM DISPLAY,enter that OTP along with that reference id, enter the AMOUNT,and Continue, now this process has been completed,this is how you can use Cardless cash withdrawal facility,

How to do fund transfer in hdfc using the mobile app

To make the transfer of fund through the Mobile app is also helpful, Log on to HDFC mobile app using USER id and Password, after logged in, Click on PAY > Fund transfer> view /select the beneficiary > enter the Amount, >Continue,

You can also add the UPI beneficiary list through the Mobile app;
but remember, to add the beneficiary list for card-less cash withdrawal by HDFC Mobile app has not this specification;
only the beneficiary list can be viewed or also the history of the Last five transactions can be viewed, HDFC Mobile app also not allow to add/delete the beneficiary list,

Hope this topic related to “fund transfer in hdfc“; is clear to all of us;
please ask if you find any issues related to this concern,

Conclusion– This topic is written after practically used, so in this blog post, we have discussed “fund transfer in hdfc” Including IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, CARDLESS CASH WITHDRAWAL,

  • How much amount can be transferred by the IMPS fund transfer in HDFC?

    You can do IMPS transactions from 1 rupee to 1 lakh per day but remember HDFC bank levy the charges with the amount of 5 rupees +applicable GST, moreover, if IMPS Transaction exceed 1 lac then 15 rupee +applicable GST will apply

  • What is the HDFC RTGS Fund Transfer Limit?

    Real-time gross settlement of Fund transfer is possibly more than 2 lac onwards,
    per day, if the charges are concerned so HDFC bank levy the charges 15rupees +applicable GST if RTGS transactions are made Through Net-banking, moreover NO charges applicable if RTGS transactions are made from the Branch side

    Note- HDFC RTGS fund transfer support the fund transfer of up to 2 lacs onwards per transaction and a maximum of up to 50 LACS per day

  • HDFC NEFT Fund transfer

    National electronic fund transfer grant fund transfer to the maximum extent, if the NEFT fund transfer charges are concerned then, the amount from 1 rupee to 1 lac,2 rupees + applicable GST  charges applied, while more than 1 lac to above, applicable charges is 10 rupees +GST

    Note- HDFC NEFT fund transfer support the fund transfer of up to 2 lacs per transaction and a maximum of up to 50 LACS per day

  • HDFC Cardless cash withdrawal

    We have been already discussed HDFC Cardless cash withdrawal but remember few things , the OTP beneficiary receive on his/her mobile number is valid up to 24 hours, if the beneficiary does not withdraw the money from ATM before 24 hours from when the OTP was sent, then, that beneficiary has  to request from Primary HDFC account holder to re-send the OTP ,

  • HDFC Card-less cash withdrawal limitation

    Maximum twenty-five thousands of rupees can be withdrawn in a whole month but in keeping with a minimum one hundred rupees to maximum of ten thousand rupees per day cash withdrawal is possible

  • HDFC Card-less cash withdrawal charges

    the per transaction is applicable with the charges of 25 rupees+ GST, regardless of whether you withdraw 100 rupees or 10000 rupees at one time

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