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In this blog post, we will know, the Vodafone message center number in India, we have mentioned state-wise Vodafone SMS center number, And how you can use the Vodafone message center number all details have been discussed so that you may like this blog but make sure to read this article completely so that you never miss any important object from this blog post

Vodafone is one of the best multinational telecommunications company headquartered in London which service operation is available throughout ASIA, AFRICA, and Europe and has more than three hundred seventy-five million users all over the worldwide ; Even Wikipedia says that it has a lot of subsidiaries such as, Vodafone Group, Vodafone Albania, Vodafone United states, and more which details are available on www.vodafone.com

Check Live Vodafone message center number through options

As of now January 2021, it has owned and services network operated in approximately twenty-two countries along with having partner networks in forty-eight countries, which really seemed to be broad telecommunications from Vodafone Global Enterprise division, here our primary concern to find out the Vodafone message center number location-wise, so let’s get started further with this primary topic

message center number for Vodafone India[List]

Below table shows the Vodafone message center number, therefore you can select any one of the message center numbers which are required to your location-wise, as different message center number for Vodafone is for all states in India

CodePhone numberCity Vodafone message
center number INDIA
+919706099990PatnaVodafone message
center number BIHAR
+919709099990RanchiVodafone message
center number JHARKHAND
+919839099999JaipurVodafone message
center number RAJASTHAN
+919736009911ShimlaVodafone message
center number HIMACHAL PRADESH
+919706099990DispurVodafone message
center number ASSAM
+919825001002GandhinagarVodafone message
center number GUJRAT
+919885005444HyderabadVodafone message
center number TELANGANA
+919843000040ChennaiVodafone message
center number CHENNAI
+919846000040KerlaVodafone message
center number Thiruvananthapuram
+919713099990RaipurVodafone message
center number CHHATTISGARH
+919719009998LucknowVodafone message
center number UTTAR PRADESH (WEST)
+919732099990KolkataVodafone SMS center number Kolkata (WEST BENGAL)
+919839099999LucknowVodafone SMS center number Uttar Pradesh(EAST)
+919713099990BhopalVodafone message
center number MADHYA PRADESH
+91988809998ChandigarhVodafone message
center number PUNJAB
+919885005444HyderabadVodafone SMS center number ap (ANDHRA PRADESH)
+919776099990BhuwanesawrVodafone message
center number ORISSA
+919820205446MumbaiVodafone message
center number MUMBAI
+919839099999ChandigarhVodafone message
center number HARYANA
+919886005444BangloreVodafone message
center number KARNATAKA
+919830099990KolakataVodafone message
center number WEST BENGAL
+919796009905Sri-NagarVodafone message
center number J&K
+919811009998DelhiVodafone message center number Delhi
+919884005444RotnVodafone SMS center number Tamilnadu
+91988809998PunjabVodafone Punjab SMS center number
+919839099999HaryanaVodafone SMS center number Haryana
+919885005444TelanganaVodafone message
center number TELANGANA
message center number for Vodafone

Get SMSC Vodafone message center number by using a Mobile device

Basically for all telecom company such as SMSC Vodafone, Airtel, JIO, and so on, have their unique message center number according to location-wise, if somehow, message center Number stop working, then we are unable to send/receive text messages, this is why we have to take care of Vodafone message centre

To find out the SMS/message center number for Vodafone using a Mobile device is easy, every Vodafone mobile device users have a message center number stored in the Device SMS setting,

Find message center number for Vodafone easily to resolve SMS failed issue,
SMSC vodafone center number

to check that number, use the following steps – No matter, (which company of Mobile phone you have, but for all mobile device has similar activity to find out this SMSC number, I have a Samsung mobile device, so I will tell you with the help of this device)

  • First of all launch the “message app” on your device
  • Go to Message Setting
  • Click on Text messages
  • Select the SIM slot
  • view the Message Center number

you should know other details related to the message center number for Vodafone, so here the other details to show you –Why the message center number for Vodafone deactivated and how to do solve

  1. SO the answer is if your Vodafone mobile number is not activated for at least three months, these services get expired and you are unable to do text messages
  2. Another reason may be; this number get exchanged by a certain year by the telecom company just in order to make a good user experience, so do use this number in keeping with the message center number
  3. If you do mess with this SMS service center number in your mobile device, then the number might be changed unknowingly so it may bring such issues,
  4. therefore try to re-type the correct one number from the above-given list in order to overcome this issue
  5. The best recommendation I have to reveal to you is – You should keep recharging your Vodafone mobile number at a specific time which time may Good for you so that You can save this number from being blocked by the Vodaphone company

Apart from these above methods If you find any issue please contact to Vodafone customer care toll-free helpline number is 198, they will resolve your issue

How to update the message center number

To update smsc vodafone Number , we have two ways which can help to reset the message center number on your Mobile device , therefore the first way is Vodafone customer care number ,all you have to do is ,contact the Vodafone executive and ask them to update it for you on call , indeed ,they would very likely do it for you on call ,rather than giving you a process , however I let you know how you can do it from your side ,

Foremost take your mobile device and insert the Vodafone sim, make sure your sim is activated, otherwise this process may not work for you, or it will not be beneficial for you, therefore, after inserting that sim, switch on your Mobile device, after then, Go to Message setting > additional setting > SMSC Setting >choose the Right one SIM selection > select Vodafone SIM >Enter the message center number according to your location > click on OKAY ,

These two above processes are which you can use to update/reset the vodafone message center number ,if you think of less awareness of SMSC number then I am going to tell you about SMSC ,

What is SMSC number

SMSC number stand for short message service number, for every telecom users like Vodafone, Airtel, JIO, have their unique SMSC number which helps in receiving or sending a message to one user to another user, regardless of whom you send using your current Mobile SIM, this number is based on location-wise which help telecom company to identify the users in a short period, and if anything goes wrong, then they can easily resolve that particular issues, for which users have to confront in keeping with SMSC number,

if these services are not working then Users are unable to receive the text messages on behalf of senders, and also unable to send the text message to the recipient, therefore before doing mess with this number, to take the confirmation from your Carrier company, hope you understand now about SMSC No. and its work as well,

The process to find out the SMSC message center number for Vodafone through Txt

Basically, we do have another method to find out the SMSC number To find out the SMSC message center number for Vodafone, dial in such a format ##4636## from your Vodafone mobile number

  • a prompt message for you to select “current Phone device information”
  • Choose SMSC Setting
  • if an updated number is wrong, retype the correct one and update that

if error still persist (failed to update SMSC number)

  • try to enter the UDP number of your phone device and update that
  • re-start your phone to check whether SMS facility issues have been resolved or not

How to find out UDP number

If you do not know how you can find out the UDP number of your device, for this you need to download an application Named UDP PORT SCANNER APP from Google play store, After download, the application, go through the steps given below –

  • Launch UDP port scanner app
  • Click on Start Scanning
  • Wait for a few moments
  • View the Scanned numbers

Conclusion – In this blog post we have mentioned the details related to “#message center number for Vodafone” and how to solve the problems related to SMSC, UDP port scanner details, Hope you liked this article,


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