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This page to show you the state-wise HDFC credit card customer care India NUMBER, here all list are shared so that to contact the HDFC BANK customer care number become so easy for you; customer care of HDFC Bank is available for resolving the customer’s queries related to the customer’s bank account, debit card, credit cards, loans, and other such similar activity;

HDFC bank customer care number for credit card

As the credit card, customer care of HDFC Bank in India is concerned; HDFC Bank to continue giving a better experience to the customers, at a priority basis; as being a world-class private sector bank, which is known for banking and financial services, which provides the many services and key products such as retail

banking, wholesale banking, and the products offered on behalf of the bank are consumer durable loan, home loans, auto loan, two-wheeler loans, four wheeler loans, personal loans, INSTA loans, Jumbo loans, and so on,and the various department such as the credit card department, debit card department, loan department, hot-listing department, card settlement department, but all of these departments have different customer care number;

HDFC credit card customer care India number?

HDFC credit card customer care stands for the queries you have related to credit cards so the customer care using the following helpline numbers are given below –Hdfc credit card customer care India

CodeNumberHDFC bank customer care helpline numberState & city
0116160616101161606161Delhi and NCR
hdfc credit card customer care no

As you might notice that number is the same but the code is different state and city wise, therefore select the particular code which belongs to your city, doing this will not let you confront any issue during the call but yeah HDFC Bank IVR process is really time-consuming but no worries,

In our India has lot’s of cities and State also, therefore, HDFC bank branch is Spread all over the Indian cities thus it has also the state-wise helpline number, as above tables contain only a few lists of helpline number due to all those cities have the same number but the code is different;

HDFC Bank credit card call center Number

We have still remaining to show you the helpline number of excluded cities in that above tables; so here are the remaining list –

CodeNumberHelpline noState & city
1860267616118602676161West Bengal
0522267616105222676161Uttar Pradesh
hdfc bank customer care number in India

In this above table some number are still missing but no worries, you can choose any helpline number in the below 2nd table, because as you can all helpline numbers are the same for every cities and state; of Hdfc credit card customer care India

HDFC credit card customer care email id

As our confirmation from the bank side, there are three Email helpline id respectively; one is the

When and what conditions are we supposed to use these emails id should have the knowledge,i.e which email id stands for what concern and queries,

when do we use these email ids –

The very First email id you see is [email protected], this email id is to use if you have a problem-related credit card net banking issue, or, a technical issue, after that problem is not able to resolve from your side, then, in this case, they do ask for screen-shot for the issue you are facing so that they can intimate you a right resolution through mails

HDFC credit card customer care email

on the other hand, if you receive such a mail regarding stupendous offers on your credit card behalf, you can send that mail offers screenshot at this Email id, to detect if this mail was received from the bank side or this mail was sent from fraudster it is really important as that could be a mail from the fraudster

[email protected]

This email id to use in dispute case on Hdfc credit card, but here to think about in what case do we need this Dispute id so the Answer is, in case of fraud scenario, if the transaction failed through credit card and that transactions amount is not credited within the expected time, they recommend us to send a dispute form at this mail id along with transactions details which are making a complaint about;

HDFC credit card customer care email

sometimes ATM skimming fraud case also come in front of a credit card holder so in this situation they do ask for, on the other hand, to say, credit card holders are recommended to send dispute form at this mail id only and only in case of

  • ATM Skimming case,
  • Transaction made but Goods refund and transaction amount not credit
  • Unauthorized transactions
  • void transactions

these above scenarios are for which cardholder supposed to use the dispute case

[email protected]

As I have HDFC Bank account and Credit card as well so after confirmation from the customer care, This Mail id is for you are facing technical issue on your bank account, like, net banking issue, mobile banking issue, unable to use UPI app,in such cases, they do ask us to send a screenshot on this particular mail id,[email protected]

HDFC customer care email

[email protected]

You might have understood what this mail id stand for, customers are recommended to send a mail regarding priority pass information, as we know most of HDFC bank credit cards and debit cards are featured for a priority pass, so you can send your concern regarding prioritypass at this mentioned mail id ,make sure to send the mail from your registered email id with the bank along with right credential details;

prioritypass of hdfc bank email id

hope you might have understood about all HDFC bank mail ids which we are looking for, but make sure, whenever you send anything at these mails make sure you send the emails from your registered email id;

This topic is written with fully efforts after research, if you have any ideas to share with us, feel free to share and also the doubt related finding Hdfc credit card customer care India number, please do ask, and don’t forget to share and subscribe it to never miss an update from this blog,

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on #hdfc credit card customer care no

Is HDFC Customer care number available 24/7?

Yes, Hdfc bank customer care available 24/7

What is the HDFC bank customer care number for credit card services?

You can make a call on those mentioned HDFC credit card city-wise customer care number so choose the number according to your location,

Can I make a call on those HDFC bank customer care number for bank account queries?

Yes you can, but they say that the bank account desk often closed till 8 pm evening time so make sure you call in customer care for  your bank account concern before 8 pm but yeah they also said that the credit card department open till 12am night time Now the time has been changed due to CORONA pandemic,so try to call before 8 pm for any queries

Are those numbers toll-free customer care number?

No, not all those numbers are toll-free but yeah for the BSNL users is toll-free, so make sure the number you often use to make the call in customer care, should be already recharged with the valid pack

HDFC bank customer care number For offers enquiries

For offers enquiries, the same number is recommended, according to what type of loan you want for the call will be transferred in that particular loan department

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