Federal Bank ATM Pin Generate Instantly {calls}

Federal bank atm pin create,

Federal bank atm pin Generate- is a very easy process , because Now you can create a new ATM pin using your mobile phone.

Just dial this below given IVR helpline number and generate the federal bank debit card ATM Pin instantly.

I cordially welcome you here with my ideas that will help to generate Federal Bank Debit card, ATM Pin, through a call, the process is to generate the debit card PIN VIA calls do not require you to contact Federal bank customer care services but you must read this article till the end to complete this process,

Federal bank customers who have received their Debit card but they have not followed the required process for Debit card atm pin generation then they will be able to do that by using our federal bank Debit card Pin generation process,

Firstly keep all these mandatory details such as Federal bank ATM card, the federal bank registered mobile number, Keep your Aadhar card details (just for checking Date of the Birth year), these are the details which will help to generate Debit card atm Pin Instantly,

Federal Bank ATM Pin Generation Via IVR Call

The federal bank provides stupendous pin generation through the call without contacting phone banking officer, not only that if a federal bank customer who does not have Net banking access or mobile banking access, can generate federal bank debit card, ATM Pin,

Customers are advised to dial 04842866700 from their Federal bank registered mobile number, this is the IVR Helpline number of Debit card Pin generation services, and PIN will be generated with the Help of the IVR Calling process, below the steps are given

  • Dial that Number from your registered mobile number and listen to the IVR process carefully,
  • Press 1 to get an OTP on your registered mobile number, for PIN generation, if you have already received an OTP then ignore this step,
  • Enter your date of the birth year ( for ex- 1985 )
  • Enter the last four digits of your Debit card
  • Press 1 to confirm
  • Disconnect the call after Getting an OTP on your mobile number
  • Re-dial that same IVR Helpline number and listen the same,
  • Please press digit 2 on call to set a new atm pin
  • IVR asks you to enter the OTP soft pin you have received on your mobile number
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your federal bank ATM Card
  • Enter the expiry date of your debit card in month and year format (mm yy, if the expiry date is December 2026 then type 1226 )
  • Enter a new PIN of your choice
  • Re-enter that new PIN which you choose as a debit card ATM pin
  • You have successfully used the bank atm pin generation Process,

Note please, while you use Federal bank IVR Calling process of Debit card atm pin services then, please try to dial the IVR’s prescribed details in a quick time, doing a delay on call will take that session out, and then, that will not create a debit card atm pin, however, you can use multiple times a day to complete that process,

Generate federal bank atm pin online from here

There are still remaining a lot of Federal bank debit card ATM services which can be accomplished via IVR Call using that same given IVR helpline number above,

If those methods are not workable in your case then you have another choice to complete debit card pin generation through SMS with the help of any other banks ATM so please read till the end,

Federal bank atm pin generation,

How to turn on/off federal bank Debit pin generation services through IVR?

Federal Bank IVR calling process not only for pin generation but also for setting up ATM card features to turn on and turn off, customers can also set their Debit card transaction Limit using this helpline number, all it is required to dial that helpline number using federal bank mobile number and follow the below steps once again,

  • Dial this 04842866700 from your registered mobile number
  • Press 3 to turn on /turn off the Debit card feature
  • Enter the date of the birth year (1995)
  • Enter the Debit card ATM pin
  • Dial the expiry date of your Debit card
  • Confirm it
  • You have successfully turned on the Debit card feature

Generate Federal Bank Debit card PIN Online

If you can access your federal bank mobile banking, this is really a simple process for you. just do as I want you to go through the below steps,

  • Log on to your federal bank mobile banking app,
  • After logging in please click on left given 3 /// lines(Menu bar) above.
  • View an option called ” CARD MANAGEMENT
  • Manage your existing Debit card option
  • Under Debit card management please click on Set a New ATM PIN
  • So then enter the new ATM PIN which you wish
  • Re-enter that same self-chosen pin
  • Enter the Expiry month of your Debit card
  • Again enter the expiry year of your debit card
  • Click on ‘Change PIN successfully’

Reset/ create a New ATM PIN online for Federal Bank Debit Card via Net Banking

Netbanking facility is a stupendous process for all federal bank account holders to manage their Debit cards, they can easily create a new ATM PIN for debit card transactions, you can follow the below process to generate a new atm pin.

  • Just logging to your federal bank net banking.
  • You can see HOME icon on your phone display.
  • Go to ‘Debit card services’ you will see there.
  • Click on an option’ Change/Reset PIN’ online
  • Select your Debit card from given box.
  • Enter a New ATM PIN.
  • Re-enter that same self-chosen pin to confirm.
  • Select the expiry details of your Debit card
  • Click on to NEXT
  • Pin Is successfully changed.

What is the validity of the OTP soft pin for the bank atm pin generation?

Ans -The Soft pin you received on your registered mobile number, has the validity of 120minutes, therefore customers are advised to use that OTP Pin to create a new ATM PIN within 3 hours from that time,

Can I use that Soft pin at ATM Machine to set a new atm pin?

Ans- Yes,

Can I use other ATMs to Generate/reset the federal bank atm pin?

Ans – Yes, Other ATMs can also be used to reset federal bank atm pin, if you want to Create/reset a new atm pin, then, please go through the below steps –
(1). Send an SMS from your registered mobile in such format – SP {space} Last 4 digits of debit card, Sent to 9895088888,
(2) Once you receive an OTP password in your mobile number, with the validity of 3 hours then visit any other Bank’s atm machine and insert your federal bank atm card in that ATM machine
(3) Enter that OTP as an ATM PIN
(4) Select the option for ‘ Change ATM PIN ‘
(5) Enter the self-chosen ATM PIN of your choice
Now you are good to go ahead for doing ATM transactions at any ATM machines

What If I don’t use the OTP pin within 3 hours of federal bank Debit pin generation

Ans- If that SOFT Pin will not be used within 120 minutes then that OTP password will expire,

How to generate a federal bank atm pin using a Federal bank ATM Machine?

Ans- Once again, send an SMS from your Federal bank registered mobile number, in such formats-
(1) Please open the message application click on create a new message, type SP {Space} last 4 digits of debit card and SMS to 5676762
(2) An OTP will be sent on your mobile number with the validity of 120 minutes
(3) Visit Federal bank atm machine, and then select the option of SOFT PIN to generate on the idle of ATM screen,
(4) Swipe your federal bank atm card & enter the OTP you have received
(5) Enter the pin you wish to set as a Debit card atm pin
(6) Click on Submit
Now it is completed and your debit card has been ready for further atm transactions

Conclusion – Hope you found this blog post information about how to generate Federal bank atm pin is helpful, in case you are confined to create your atm pin, you can use three methods which I have shared, the first method is – Create atm pin via IVR calling process, 2nd method – Visit any bank’s atm machine using that process has given above, 3rd method– Visit federal bank atm machine and generate the debit card pin,

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