How to Enable HDFC Credit Card For Online Transaction Free?

How to Enable HDFC Credit Card For Online Transaction? Bank welcomes you to resolve your issues on HDFC credit card Transactions setting; this is an instant process that takes a minute; to resolve via these two methods so please patient and use the exact methods which I will be telling you,

First, let’s understand in what situation it is necessary to make changes; with Enabling HDFC Credit Card For Online Transactions; more than one reasons are that arouse; to play with Credit card online transaction setting; primarily All online transactions excluding credited amount; but all transaction is to debit from an HDFC Credit card very likely disapprove the transactions

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As per RBI Guidelines; all new credit card is dormant status; until/unless the credit card is to handover to the right cardholders; dormant status shows that credit card is activated internally; but for debit transaction purposes it is disabled; so typically four types of Major transaction settings are necessary to enable on your Credit card so let’s see that

Enabling HDFC Credit Card For Online Transaction

Many circumstances and scenarios are when it becomes to Enabling HDFC Credit Card For Online Transactions, mainly these four types of Setting on your credit card is required time on time,

  • For transaction on Online merchants
  • ATM Withdrawal transaction setting
  • For point of sale transactions
  • Expected Limit set on your credit card

(1). For Transactions on online merchant

It does mean that using a credit card on online merchant sites like e-commerce sites; so when the credit card used on these sites and your credit card disapprove that transaction; very likely to consider the same issue; which you can enable via an easy process;I will tell you the resolution of this issue at the end of the article stepwise; so please be patient and keep reading this article, in order to resolve all your similar issues of credit card limit set,

(2). For ATM Withdrawal transaction setting

A credit card comes with pre-set cash withdrawal limit which you can modify also, to find the cash Limit of your credit card, just take 40% of your total credit card limit, for instance –

if the credit card limit is 100000 INR then the Cash limit is- 100000*40/100= 40000 INR

(3). For POS (Point of Sale transaction)

In terms of identifying issues your credit card is unable to approve that transaction when you swipe your credit card, so in a similar situation please check your POS limit that you have set, it may that POS limit is set up to 20000 P.M and you make POS transaction up to 21000, it will decline your transaction,

(4). Set Limit on a credit card

It reveals that credit card limit is zeroid which disapproves all your transactions, so kindly check the Limit you have set, if you can’t know then I will tell you to check and set up the limit so that you can have an idea how to modify the limit,

How to Enable HDFC credit card for online transaction through Internet banking?

Netbanking permit you to manage your credit card online, most of the possible issues are easy to resolve via Internet banking, if you have accessed your credit card Netbanking then please use the exact process Which i am telling you,

hdfc credit card limit set activate,
hdfc credit card limit set activate
  • Logging to HDFC Bank Netbanking portal
  • Go to a section ‘Cards’
  • Click on your existing credit card
  • Choose an Option “REQUEST”
  • Click on “Set Card Usage/Limits”
  • Set domestic limt
  • Set international limit
  • Click on Conitnue
  • Validate with OTP you receive on your registered mobile number
  • It is successfully done

How to Enable HDFC Credit Card For online International Transaction?

Now the process to activate HDFC Credit card for the international transaction is the same as above above we provide the information, nonetheless, international transaction limit criteria is when you use your credit card for international transactions, otherwise, I suggest you keep that OFF, but no way, to activate it please go through the below steps-

how to enable hdfc credit card for international transaction,
how to enable hdfc credit card for international transaction

Steps– Go to your credit card section, choose the right credit card you want to set the Limit for, click on an option set the Limit/usage under “REQUEST” option, choose the setting for “International set Limit”, do enable all options one by one and do that continue for final confirmation, you are all set now,

Card to be enabled for international and domestic use is disabled HDFC

Now I believe that you are able to activate your credit card for international and domestic use ;because both processes with stepwise details are available here, however, if you find an issue towards this issue please do write your question in the comment section is available for you,

I just would like to mention the remaining process of activating domestic use on a credit card is also simple like before you set up the setting of international uses, to activate that, once again you need to take your presence on HDFC Netbanking,

Steps(2): Go to the same option “Cards”, then choose the existing credit card you want to set the domestic uses for, Click on the “Request” option, find an option “SET LIMIT/USAGE” view the option domestic uses, Set the Limit by entering Amount, click on Continue and validate with OTP, you have successfully activated it,

How to enable Contactless transactions on my Credit Card online?

You might notice on your credit card has a sign of WIFI that is contactless transaction features that allows you to initiate transactions up to 5000 rupees without using your HDFC Bank credit card PIN,

which is pre-disable till you give further instruction to the bank, this feature is mainly for fast and secure payment, to activate it, you can do it online without using Netbanking, but how? so here it is

Steps(3). Visit WWW.HDFCBANK.COM, let the website finally open, search for an Option “ASK EVA” Click on that ICON, type enable contactless transactions, EVA ask you to enter your registered mobile number to send you an OTP, authenticate with OTP, AND then type your credit card last four digits and Do that Submit,

HDFC credit card international usage

Ans- HDFC Credit card international usage setting is for making an international transaction that you set the Limit usage, above details can help you to activate it,

Why is my credit card unable to initiate any transactions?

Ans- Although if your credit card is unable to initiate any transactions then there could have multiple reasons but the primary one is to check your credit card usage Limit,if something is not right with that then, please use the above process to activate it on your credit card

My credit card limit is 80000 but unable to make transactions

Ans- No matter, how decent the limit of your credit card is but if the credit card usage limit is pre-blocked then you won’t be able to use that credit card anywhere, the limit is not set up to that credit card, therefore, please follow the rules you are informed,

HDFC credit card online transaction activation

Ans- Now you can go for HDFC credit card online transaction activation online, here I have shown two methods stepwise to do it on your own, you can activate for credit card domestic usage and POS usage,please check the above steps,

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