how to deactivate auto pay option in hdfc credit card

this post will let us know about how to deactivate auto pay option in hdfc credit card, process to deactivate auto pay , is very simple , therefore follow these steps to complete this process will allow to disable auto pay

auto pay is standing instruction which allow the bank’s credit card to be automatic payment on credit card ,in keeping with due date ;

which is added with the bank account ,if you have a bank account and credit card of the same bank ,can enable this auto pay process;

auto pay allow the bank to receive the amount on billing due date ,which let you do not have to make payment from your side this is the auto pay benefits ; but sometimes it may happen us to deactivate auto pay due to something wrong

which may create problem in account and auto pay bounced , we know that ,in case of auto pay bounce ,bank often takes bounce charges ;which is really higher ; because bank not receive the payment ,thus late fee charges ,

finance charges and bounce charges applicable ;

but it depends on how you make the maintenance in keeping with auto pay facility ; before you think about auto pay deactivation ,you should know the advantage and disadvantage of auto pay ; if your account have sufficient balance remaining

auto pay never bounce thus it will make due amount payment on time ,and no chances to occur any kind of additional charges ; but make sure auto pay to activate is on monthly total due amount; not on minimum amount due ; because auto pay enabled for minimum amount due ; this may let you bear interest charges on your credit card ;

but here primarily concern to auto pay deactivation process ,so let’s know

auto pay deactivation may complete through net banking and mobile banking ;therefore we will know about auto pay deactivation process from both mobile banking app and net banking as well ;

how to remove autopay in hdfc netbanking

to remove auto pay in hdfc net banking ,first of all ,do login on net banking using this official website

after login , click on the cards , select credit cards , click on request option ,

click on auto-pay De-register option, and then do continue, auto pay successfully may deactivate, this is an instant process, as this process complete, bank accept this request and complete the process ;

in case of auto pay re-activation, the process is the same, after login on the net banking, click on credit cards, go to request option, and select autopay registration ;

before you choose auto pay registration and activate auto pay standing instructions ,bank ask two things respectively ,whether you want to activate auto-pay on minimum amount due or on total amount due ; so choose the option for total amount due ,

choosing the option for total amount due will not levy additional charges such as late fee or finance charges ;

and thus civil score may sustain very good on your credit cards , we know that , when bank does not receive payment on time ,this leads civil score may down , and also reduce offers may come on credit cards ; this is my personal experience which i am sharing ;

hope everything is clear so far ,in case of any doubt ,please feel free to ask in comment section ready to reply ;

deactivate auto pay option using mobile banking

to deactivate auto pay option using mobile banking ,first of all open hdfc mobile banking app ,if you do not have latest version of hdfc mobile banking app ,you may download that application from here

after you download that application , open that application , and then do login on mobile banking application ,

Click here to know how to login on netbanking

after successfully login on mobile banking , click on pay option, then click on cards ,click on your credit card ,you will see the account summary of your credit card ,below the credit card account summary ;

auto pay option available over there , choose the options accordingly ,whether you want to enable auto-pay or want to deactivate auto-pay,once auto-pay deactivation option selected ,this request is to complete from bank side ,

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