Easy Process to Close HDFC Credit Card Jumbo Loan

Bank mehowto.site demonstrates the possible procedures of How to close HDFC credit card jumbo loan, Insta Jumbo loan is very likely a type of personal loan which is offered on behalf of HDFC bank credit card

but is unlike an Insta loan on a credit card, if you have questions about pre-closing of HDFC Bank credit card jumbo loan then I welcome you on this blog, as I will answer all questions you may have

The jumbo loan which you get as an offer on your HDFC credit card is a virtual credit card and dissimilar in terms of as we use a credit card, basically, the tenure of this loan starts from a minimum of one year to a maximum of 5 years,

which is free of GST on interest, customers have to pay the interest for Jumbo loan as an EMI installment but it excludes GST charges on the interest you pay to the Bank

But when it comes to canceling HDFC credit card jumbo loan then very likely is only possible to get it closed with the help of Phonebanking services, however, you should still read this article, which covers more information really necessary to follow before/after you think of foreclosing HDFC jumbo loan,

How to Close HDFC credit card jumbo loan via phonebanking

In order to Pre close credit card Jumbo loan, I would recommend contacting HDFC bank customer care executive, as online options for the closing jumbo loan on HDFC credit card are not available, only the details you can have of Jumbo loan EMIs details, JUMBO loan total outstanding balance, and Jumbo loan virtual credit card number

To check the Jumbo loan details, please visit www.hdfcbank.com and then do login using Netbanking credential,

  1. After Logging In, Go to the Cards tab
  2. Click on the Credit card option
  3. Again click on TRANSACT option
  4. Select the option Jumbo loan
  5. Select the Jumbo loan card you see
  6. view the Running Jumbo loan installment Details

Jumbo loan pre closure process also contains 3% of preclosure charges, like the pre-close of HDFC Insta loan process, so typically total charges of a preclosing jumbo loan consist 3% OF pre-close charge on total outstanding jumbo loan balance + Gst charges on Pre closer charge + pro-rate of interest charges

So the customers have to pay the amounts, Jumbo loan outstanding balance +precloser charges+ pro-rate charges+GST charges), HDFC credit card jumbo loan does not conclude GST charges but during the pre-closer time it does levy these charges, during you close HDFC credit card jumbo loan

close HDFC credit card jumbo loan,
HDFC credit card jumbo loan customer care number

Some important things when HDFC credit card jumbo loan foreclosed

As that instant Jumbo loan is dissimilar to Insta loan in terms of making payment and Credit card Limit concern, because Taking Jumbo loan never block HDFC credit card Limit, moreover, Customers have to make Jumbo loan credit card payment manually,

or with the help of Net banking or cheque or cash deposit, whatever the easy process for a customer maybe use any one of these modes of payment, and also do check the below instructions before you think to close HDFC credit card jumbo loan

  • Do not make the payment on your credit card, indeed, make the manual payment of your Jumbo loan credit card
  • Do not forget to take the Jumbo loan Alternate account number which helps
  • Do not depend on Auto payment, very likely if your jumbo loan credit card is linked to a bank account
  • Pay the Jumbo loan due amount payment after 24 hours from the timing of closing that Loan
  • Calculate jumbo loan before closing
  • After closing the HDFC jumbo loan, try to get NOC for the same, if anything goes wrong in the future, that NOC will help you, although you can send an SMS from your registered Email id to your Bank email id([email protected]) to get the NOC through Email, do not forget to mention your jumbo loan number, jumbo loan preclosure reference number while you mail to the Bank

What are the Advantage of HDFC Jumbo Loan Preclouser

Preclosing Jumbo loan soon make you free of paying monthly installment in keeping with credit card billing due date, you save a further month of interest charges by closing jumbo loan early,

What are the disadvantage of closing HDFC credit card Jumbo loan ?

There are few things that are to follow when you avail jumbo loan, and when you close HDFC credit card jumbo loan

  • Do not pre-close Jumbo loan within 2 months or 3 months, otherwise, Bank won’t offer you a Jumbo loan,
  • If you do not pay the due amount within 24 to 48 hours after preclosing then it may levy finance charges,
  • It includes GST charges during you get it closed
  • It does not support every online mode of Credit card payment, Netbanking payment facility or Cash/cheque deposit is required to pay the Jumbo loan amount which may bring an issue to you do not have these facilities then

Can I foreclose my HDFC jumbo loan after paying few installments?

Ans – Yes, this is based on customers choice, for instance, you have paid 6 EMIs for the Jumbo loan and 12 EMIs still remaining, then you can get it closed

I have paid all EMIs for the Jumbo loan so what Should I do?

Ans -If you have paid all EMIs for Jumbo loan then you can get a NOC for that loan, although, this will not create any problem in the future, because you can check the status of that Jumbo loan through Net banking, if that shows closed account, it means that your Jumbo loan has been paid completely

Can I visit the nearest branch to know more about the HDFC jumbo loan?

Ans -I would not recommend visiting the nearest bank branch to know more about HDFC credit card Jumbo loan, because they have very likely to say contact customer care services instead of helping customers, I have come across such issues

Conclusion on foreclose hdfc credit card jumbo loan

Credit card jumbo loan to close is only possible through customer care services so please do not waste your precious time to find out the online solution, Even Netbanking facility has been granted but we can avail jumbo loan offers online and can check online details if you have a question, feel free to ask, the comment section is available for you, hope you liked it #hdfc jumbo loan foreclose process

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