4 Ways to Detect CIF Number in Central Bank of India

CIF Number in Central Bank of India. CIF typically acronym word stands for a Customer information file; for each and every bank have its unique CBI CIF Number, essentially it helps a lot for the purpose of banking, with the medium of a CIF number to reveal Customer identification details; details of transactions and account-related information can be easily accessed; it also helps to transfer a bank account from this branch to that branch,

this is how; CBI CIF number required us to do online mobile banking and for other purposes of CBI Banking; The CBI CIF number is prefaced in the Financial field and nonfinancial field transactions; For which Central bank of India customers should be aware of their CIF Number

Now you can obtain the Central bank of India CIF Number here

Therefore to be cognizant of the CIF number; Central bank of India customers can use it to initiate non-financial transactions; without having internet on their phone by dialing USSD code- *99#, this code help to fund transfer; to check mini statement, bank balance inquiry; and this will work only if a central bank of India customer has registered his/her mobile number in Bank accounts ;

How to Find CIF Number in Central bank of India easily?

Most of the options a Central bank of India customer has; such as Bank passbook; Internet banking, mobile banking, CBI Customer care services, Bank account statement; we will know the process to detect CIF number central bank of India by using these methods –

1-Get in touch with Central bank of India customer care executive to Get CIF Number

CBI customer care has given an authority to access all of your Bank data; excluding (the entire debit card number of your, confidential details, MPIN, such details), Rest other details they have to reveal to a customer; therefore you can call on this number 1800221911 to #find your CBI CIF Number; Whenever you call on this number; make sure you authenticate this call with your personal details, only then, you can get your CIF number central bank of India

2- CBI Bank passbook – Most of the Banks provides all essential required banking information on their Bank passbook; such as, Bank account number; IFSC CODE, MICR CODE, Customer name, and address; so please view your Bank passbook in order to check CIF number in CBI

3-Internet banking of the Central bank of India also helps to detect CIF Number

To check the CIF Number of your bank account; please log in to Central bank of India Internet banking using User ID and Password, after logged in; view the Homepage area of Internet banking, CIF Number can be seen

4-mobile banking to find CIF number

Basically, Mobile banking can be accessed only in a case if the user knows his/her CIF number; as at the initial time of mobile banking registration a CIF number is required, so this situation tells you to contact customer care services; But if you knew your CIF number now you forgot but then you have access to CENT Mobile app;i/e; mobile banking; so please log in to your Cent mobile banking app with the help of user id and Password, Now follow these steps to check your CIF number in central bank of India

  • After logging in on Cent mobile app
  • Go to the ‘USER Profile’ option
  • view your CIF Number

Finding CBI CIF Number

Now we have another two options to check the Central bank of India CIF number; these two options may be really complicated for us, Because we need to visit the nearest bank branch in order to know the CIF number; if all above given process does not work for you; then I would recommend visiting your home branch, and ask them to tell you your CIF number; for this, you need to tell them your bank account number

cif number in number bank of india,
CIF number central bank of India

another option do we have to check the CIF number through CHEQUEBOOK; a bank’s CHEQUEBOOK also contains the required information, such as CIF number, IFSC code, cheque number, and MICR code as well; But most of us do not have a Cheque book when in Need,

How can you know your CIF number in the Central bank of India?

You can know your CIF number in the central bank with the help of a Bank account, bank branch, customer care services, internet banking as well as with the help of mobile banking also,

Can we get the CBI CIF number through SMS?

As the SMS process is Concerned to Get CIF number is only possible through the Bank statement we receive, you can subscribe for your bank statement in order to receive real-time transaction details, however, I have one thing to tell you,
you can dial *99# from your registered mobile number in order to check, Bank balance inquiry, To change MPIN, to get MMID, a mini statement through TEXT messages,

IS IFSC code the same as the CIF number in the central bank of India?

No, the IFSC code is different than CIF number, For a particular bank branch has a unique IFSC CODE which is the same for all bank account holders in that particular bank branch, whereas, every bank has also a unique CIF number but for a particular Bank branch, all bank account holders have given distinct and Unique CIF number, it is just unlike IFSC code

What is the full form of CIF?

The full form of CIF is a Customer information file, it is used to find out the Transaction details, A customer details, i.e entire information of a Bank account holder can be revealed with the help of a CIF number, but the access is only available to either bank branch or customer care services
A central bank of customers has to use CIF for mobile banking registration,
if he/she gives CIF number to a bank employee in the Home branch of Central bank of India then that bank employee can provide all details by CIF Number ;

Conclusion – I have mentioned all possible ways to check the CIF number in the central bank of India, so a customer can get his/her CIF number by choosing any one of those processes, hope you liked this article to know CBI CIF number

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