How to change/reset UPI pin in Google pay easily

Bank to demonstrate to you How to change/reset UPI Pin in Google pay, with the Google pay transaction limit in India, most of the Google pay users happen to change/Generate a New Google Pay UPI id address and Google pay UPI Pin

This can be done with the help of the Google PAY App, basically, the Google pay users to change their Google pay UPI Id later after when Google pay generate the Auto UPI ID on the basis of Login credentials like Gmail id/email id with the extension okaxis 0r okicici,okhdfc respectively

This extension of UPI id often generated regardless of Bank concern, because Google pay accept this extension by default, if you do not set a Google pay UPI id by yourself,

In this blog post, you will learn to change the Google pay UPI Pin and also to change the UPI address without a Debit card or with the presence of a Debit card as well,

Reset/change UPI Pin in Google pay without debit card

Changing Google pay UPI pin in the absence of a debit card is possible, Google pay permit its users to reset a new UPI Pin but they need to have a registered mobile number with the bank they seek a UPI id for,

To change/reset the UPI PIN in Google pay, please use the following steps –

  • Please do Login to your Google pay
  • Click on the above manage profile Icon is available right-hand top side
  • Choose the particular bank accounts, for which you wish to re-generate a new UPI id
  • Click on the same bank accounts which you have selected
  • Tap on 3 dot lines given right-hand top side
  • Choose the Option CHANGE UPI PIN
  • Enter the Present UPI PIN which you know
  • Set the Desire PIN which you want
  • Confirm the same self-chosen UPI PIN

Note – doing the above process can change Google pay UPI PIN, but the user id along with the UPI extension will remain the same

in order to bring changes in the User id, you may need to delete the Google pay account and then re-generate the new user id which will be your Google pay UPI id

Now you know how to reset Google pay UPI Pin

Change/Reset UPI Pin in Google pay with a debit card

Foremost Google pay account activation for Google pay UPI id generation purpose with the help of bank account and registered mobile number with that same bank accounts, it requires to complete the verification process along with Debit card number and the DCPIN (debit card Pin ) ,

Only then Google pay app authorize us to generate/reset a new UPI id, but for your case, if you have already an account in Google pay and you wish to change the UPI address completely, you may need to delete the bank account details

To deactivate the Google pay and with the purpose of generating a new UPI Pin, please use the following process

  • After logged in, please click on the Profile icon
  • Choose the bank accounts again
  • Click on the same bank account
  • Click on 3 dot line given right-hand top side
  • Choose the option REMOVE ACCOUNT (doing this will remove bank account details from Google pay )and then
  • To reset/generate a new UPI PIN, re-verify the bank accounts
  • after mobile verification, Google pay display you to select either Forgot UPI PIN or you know your UPI PIN
  • Please click on Forgot UPI PIN and then verify with the debit card details
  • Enter the Last SIX digits of the Debit card Number, and then enter the Debit card PIN
  • Choose the self-chosen UPI PIN
  • Re-enter the same UPI PIN

you are all set now ,now you know how to change Google pay UPI PIN

Note- You can use this process to generate a new UPI Pin if you have forgotten your Google pay UPI PIN

Can I change my Google pay UPI PIN without using a Debit card?

Ans- Yes, you can change Google pay UPI PIN without using a debit card, for the same, use the above steps, which we have discussed but with that please remember to apply the process
Note– This process is applicable to change UPI PIN only in case if you know your present Google pay UPI PIN

Can I change my Google pay UPI address ?

Ans- Yes, you can change your Google pay UPI address, to change it, please use the below methods,
Make your presence on the Google pay app with the login credentials,
Tap on the Google profile icon
select the bank account
Click on the same bank account( from where you can see your account information)
Click on the Pen ICON
Choose the desired UPI address by clicking on + sign
verify with the mobile number
Let Google-pay complete the further process
You are all set now,

Can I change UPI PIN without a mobile number?

Ans– NO, all Unified payment interface application requires a mobile number for the verification purpose,if you wish to generate a new UPI pin without a mobile number,verification won’t be initiated,kindly use that mobile number which is registered with your respective bank accounts

Conclusion – I would like to make you aware that, I have discussed the information related to changing the UPI pin,(both cases, if you have a debit card or not ) , moreover,you would also know how do we change/reset Google pay UPI address ,

Hope you find this article please feel free to ask if you a doubt

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