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Canara bank debit card,;debit card of canara bank,

This tutorial will express necessary information about How to Apply for Canara Bank Debit Card Online; Canara bank offers a variety of Debit cards to its customer; including Standard debit card, classic debit card

And moreover, Canara bank debit card types including Visa classic debit; VISA Platinum debit card; and master Debit card, Rupay debit cards, for all these types of the debit card have very likely distinct features and specification;

If the Canara bank classic or standard debit card is concerned; all debit card comes with many features, as the Debit card users often get discount offers through online shopping on the various merchant’s outlets,

A Canara bank customer who has either a saving account or current accounts; can get this debit card with the affiliation of RUPAY debit cards; VISA/Master debit cards,

all this variety of debit card lets you personalized or non-personalized; so in keeping with the self-demand; a Canara bank customer can go ahead, so let’s discuss Canara bank debit card apply online process

How to Apply for a Canara Bank Debit Card Online Easily?

Instead of applying for a debit card online through Net banking, we do not have a direct option to complete this process online, only the re-issuance and hotlisting of a debit card is very likely available for the Canara bank customers, therefore Canara bank account holding customer can visit their home branch; from where they do manage their bank account; if a customer’s debit card has been lost, or blocked, or not yet applied for a Debit card,

They can carry their bank account passbook; along with certain required documents such as -pan card, AADHAR CARD, driver license, two pairs of passport size photo; And Debit card application form; in order to apply for a new Canara bank debit card

After successful document verification for a Canara bank debit card , bank will intimate them with the SMS or through Mail; and then ;Customer can visit that bank branch in order to Pick up that Debit card

  • Note- Most of the bank often takes 7 working days to deliver Debit cards at customer’s mentioned address; I would recommend not to visit early to the bank until you get intimation from the bankside

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Which debit card is best in Canara bank?

Ans- a customer choice is best to decide to choose a Debit card, Canara bank offers variants of Debit card, for instance – Canara bank business debit card is best for if you are a businessman,
Campus debit card of Canara bank – This is just a normal Debit card but is best for Students from any institutional organization or schools or college, this debit card is just very similar to the student identity card as the student photo is printed on this debit card and it has the validity till the completion of the course,

Canara bank platinum debit card -Platinum debit card of Canara bank is best suitable for those customers who are maintaining around 1 lakh per quarter month in their saving accounts or current accounts, this debit card is of higher variant featured debit card, as it comes with the Global accepted Customer access services,

What are Canara bank debit card annual charges?

Canara bank provides free of cost charges for first time Debit card issuance but the 2nd time onwards, it has demonstrated the charges of 120 rupees +applicable GST on primary charges,
please note here – if a Canara bank customer has a Classic debit card, Annual charges applicable with 141.6 rupees including GST
While Canara Bank Rupay select debit card annual fee is 1180 rupees including GST
Moreover, if you have a Canara bank platinum debit card, then this debit card has the annual charge of 200 rupees+ applicable GST on it

How to Block Canara Bank Debit card Through SMS in Case of Suspected fraud?

To block the Canara bank debit, a customer has many options but to do block the debit card through SMS, you need to send the SMS from your registered mobile number in such format –

Note- Here Holistic= block ,DC= Debit card , <>= space ,
2nd option to block Canara bank debit card through SMS-
A customer can also use the SMS Format to get his/her debit card blocked – CANHOTLISTDC<>Entire card number and SMS TO 9266623333, please use the registered mobile number to send the SMS message
once a Canara bank customer send such SMS from his/her registered mobile number, the bank accepts this message as a priority basis and immediately intimate through SMS

How many ATM Withdrawal are free per month via Canara bank Debit card ?

All Canara bank customers who have either Platinum debit card, RUPAY debit cards, Canara Master debit cards, or Visa Debit cards, can use 3 ATM withdrawal for metros; and Seven for other centers, can avail, regardless of whether you have either personalized debit card or non-personalized debit card
with the maximum cash withdrawal limit is 40k per day for classic or standard debit cardholder

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