Best HDFC credit card settlement process Guide

HDFC credit card settlement process to be discussed in this blog, HDFC bank credit card settlement process seems not a difficult task in this covid-pendamic situation,

in favor of your financial need bank does provide the credit card to you should have tactics of how to use credit card wisely , in order to escape debt burden on your credit card, but the fact can’t be denied that you get maximum benefits when you know the proper uses and maintenance of a credit card,

keeping real-time transaction record along with credit card billing due date and the Limit really helpful for at least you are aware of the current happening on your credit card , but such a certain circumstances come across that when it is difficult to keep up with a credit card dues amount ,

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Thus due amount payment increases month by month according to whenever your credit card statement generate, you find the levied charges on charges, only then it cause the financial stress and scarcity in financial status, but whatever the HDFC credit card settlement process maybe you look after

Therefore some useful advises and instructions are which may help you in HDFC credit card settlement process ,

  • First of all, check all over dues amount and consider whether you can pay off the bill or not, if not then
  • Check total used amount which had made on your end and note down that amount,
  • Check total levied charges so far, (whatever the charges may be ),
  • call up HDFC bank customer care services and inform them of credit card settlement
  • Try to convince them of charges reversal if you can make them possible
  • Get a call arranged from the HDFC credit card settlement department
  • Once you receive the call, request them to give you relief for total debt on your credit card
  • Make an agreement with them
  • Pay the settled amount within or before the given expected time from the credit card settlement department
  • Ask them to give you a settled statement or ask for NOC

Before you Initiate the HDFC credit card settlement process

Before you initiate the credit card settlement process, I would like to inform you, the bank often accept the credit card settlement process, very likely payment is not received to the Bank from last 3 months, if you pay the only minimum amount due to your credit card bill by the every billing due date , the bank won’t accept the credit card settlement concern,

Best HDFC credit card settlement process Guide,
Best HDFC credit card settlement process Guide

So my advice for you always make total payment instead of minimum amount due payment considered to be paying interest amount to the bank only, thus it will not take you out of debt, but personally, I can suggest you can take the loan and with that loan amount pay off the total credit card dues amount,

the benefits of doing this may be that you can just get rid of further charges levy and then you can have two choices either you use that credit card or you get your credit card closed permanently ,

Credit card settlement is meant to surrender that credit card to issuer company or bank , which leads civil score may down and can create problem to avail other sorts of loan from bank side in future , therefore , do that only ,when it is convoluted to manage,

so the better use of credit card is only using the required limit which you can afford somehow, regardless of whether you have a higher credit card limit

Is HDFC credit card settlement process a Good initiative ?

Ans – No, the credit card settlement process impact a credit score, and that manner of negotiation with the bank also keep matter, but when you have no other option but to settle then it is a good choice, rather than being a fish in trapped water,

How can I know my hdfc credit card settlement status ?

Ans- You can know your credit card settlement status with the help of HDFC bank phonebanking officer ,to contact a phonebanker you may call 011-61606161,

I have settled my HDFC credit card so can I re-apply for a new credit card ?

Ans- Yes , you may apply for a new credit card but yes bank would not accept your credit card application early , you may need to wait at-least 6 months from the succesfull credit card settlement time, otherwise ,application will be declined , if you have done so you can check the hdfc credit card status below

What is HDFC credit card settlement process?

Ans- Hdfc credit card settlement process concludes mutiple instructions ,i have mentioned almost those instructions which are really useful for card settlement so please read above to know more details,

How much should you pay for credit card settlement ?

Ans- it depends on how much credit card limit you have and how much is total outstanding due balance including levied charges, but whatever that could be, often bank does take at least 30 to 40 % of your total outstanding balance,

Can I pay HDFC credit card settlement offer ?

Ans- Yes ,it is recommended to pay HDFC credit card settlement offer , however you can negotiate on your end with the bank ,

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