Airtel SMS Services Not Working After SIM Change

HOWDY Airtel SMS services not working after SIM change solve this problem within five minutes by reading this article. if Airtel sim is blocked and then Re-activated then it is easy to solve. this primarily happened due to some reasons which we will know now and also how do we solve this issue is important

basically, this issue is to confess only in case of when Airtel sim is not recharged for many months, then it occurs such issue. maybe your Airtel sim is blocked and is not in use anymore when it happens to use that Sim is unable to work;

the third issue very likely happens. when the Sim card is closed or has been ported into another telecom company, such a case also bring the same issue with that Airtel ported sim, unable to deliver SMS and also is unable to receive SMS from the sender

Airtel SMS Not Working After Sim Change

If the SMS service of Airtel not working after you got your sim changed, do call in customer care for the same concern for the quick response

but this issue will be resolved with one thing that Sim is highly recommended to be activated;

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Once the Sim card is activated and you made the recharge of the same airtel mobile number then this SMS service will start working after 24 to 48 hours from the Sim activation and recharge time;

basically what happened was that one of MY Airtel Sim was blocked for the last three months as I never recharged in between, so I just made the recharge of rupees 49 thus my Airtel Sim was activated but the SMS service was not working, I was informed this service will start working after 48 hours,

Airtel SMS services not working,
Airtel SMS services not working

Airtel SMS not receiving

If SMS not receiving at all in Airtel SIM, the above scenario may be, but particularly SMS not receiving on a specific person behalf, and rest of SMS receiving from different sides; then it may be other issues so let’s see

basically, I was not receiving OTP whenever I was trying to make the transactions Using my bank account as Airtel number had been registered with that bank;

so this issue was not from my bank side but it was the fault of my Airtel SIM, this issue was caused by as DND service was activated,

after all these DND services were removed and then SMS were started initiating,  but in case, if you have come across other issues as well, which relates to SMS not receiving;

Therefore, do check whether have that particular numbers been blocked already?  which OTP you are unable to receive from your bankside, so try to check your phone’s blacklist setting, and do check that number is unable to send SMS at your Airtel mobile number;

so try to remove that particular numbers from the blacklist, thus it will resolve the issue;

Not Receiving SMS on Airtel After Sim Change then Check the possible Issues at a Glance

  1. Airtel sim should be active
  2. The mobile number should already be recharged
  3. wait for 48 hours from SIM activation time
  4. IF Airtel mobile number was recently activated so, please recharge that Airtel number with a valid pack
  5. Wait for 24 to 48 hours, the issue will resolve automatically

above resolution will work when your Airtel sim changed, Below resolution tips will work when SMS not receiving from the particular sides even Airtel Sim is active

Hope all you have issues related to Airtel SMS services not working, might have been resolved,

How to solve if unable to use the internet from Airtel ?

This issue to be resolved is very simple, you can solve this issue using the Airtel thanks app

in order to solve this issue, open the Airtel thanks app and log in to this app, now use the below steps

  • Go to the help and support tab
  • select the question M unable to use internet
  • diagnose this

Whatever the possible reasons could be on your Airtel mobile number, will be delivered through SMS alert at your Airtel mobile number, no matter, even if your mobile number is recharged with the valid internet pack,

and the resolution alert also so that you can follow that resolution alert SMS and then do resolve this issue, generally this issue often comes when a mobile number is not recharged along with the valid pack,

despite Airtel sim is already recharged however such major issues come across, follow the above method, otherwise call in Airtel customer care,

How to solve if Airtel internet not working after Sim change?

This issue varied on the type of Mobile device and recharge Pack, if you have a 4G mobile set that supports LTE Networks, so make sure to recharge your AIRTEL SIM with the Valid 4G Internet pack

However, if the above criteria match, go through the below steps –

  • Check your Airtel network setting and diagnose mobile network
  • If that issue still persist Check your APN setting in Mobile device
  • Go to setting > Network setting >Click on APN setting >Re-set the APN
  • If that issue still not yet resolved then ,Check your Mobile data usability
  • Check if the limit not yet exceed if yes do increase the DATA Usability
  • Re-start your mobile device
  • Enable the DATA of your Mobile device
  • Run the applications

Airtel duplicate sim sms activation time

Airtel duplicate sim is considered inactive status when you Port from another services to Airtel ,initially it remains inactive for a few days until/unless an Airtel user send a request for activation, to activate your Airtel sim , we recommend you visit the Airtel store and ask an Airtel agent to activate for you,otherwise airtel customer care representative are also adept in these things,

We often notice that when do we port from one sim service to another sim service then they inform us to send a request number for final completion of Airtel port, after sending that SMS if that approve then ,immediately visit to the same agent of your and ask him to re-activate it ,so it does takes minimum to maximum 2 to 3 days to continue your Duplicate Airtel sim working,

If your sim can’t be activated then please ask the reason and do accordingly either with the help of customer care representative/officer or agent you contacted with,

Final statement on Airtel sim stopped working

As you can read now all possible methods have been discussed, when your Airtel sim stop working however multiple reason could be ,if that things happen to your Airtel Sim , To diagnose such issues on your Mobile phone,kindly do exactly that I am telling you Now,apply these methods only in case of your Airtel SIM status is active but unable to use that SIM

  • Remove your Airtel SIM from your Mobile device ,clean the Golden chip of that SIM slowly ,make sure it doesn’t hurt that Sim ,otherwise ,it may create an issue of not reading that SIM
  • After doing it ,please insert your Airtel sim on your Mobile phone
  • If nothing changes happened then re-insert another SIM which could not have such issues, to check whether that SIM working fine on your mobile device
  • If another SIM working Fine, then,again remove that SIM and re-insert that Airtel SIM which is not working now
  • If that issue resolved it ‘d be very Good, otherwise ,please keep calm and don’t worry
  • Diagnose via Airtel Network setting
  • If Airtel Network is set up Manual Network connectivity then try to change with Automatic network setting
  • Keep your Airtel roaming setting always ON
  • Re-start your Mobile device
  • Now your issue resolved,

Doing these all possible methods Which we instruct you is really helpful ,these methods do not only work in Airtel network diagnosing but also with Another SIM network issues, hope you found today’s article helpful ,if you have a question towards this article ,please ask ,comment section is available for you,

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Conclusion – This blog post has shared the specific information about how to solve if your Airtel SMS not working

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