Airtel DTH Balance Check At 1 Click

Airtel company has many broad services and technological services whether in terms of financial or in terms of technology; today’s topic to comprise and express the essential information related to Airtel DTH balance check

To check airtel DTH balance has approximately 4 ways to check the balance and frequently asked the question you have; Airtel DTH bring convenience in terms of television viewing services including various channels such as – Movie channels, News channels, Song channels, and much more

But these all have mainly a purpose of making the Airtel DTH USERS Entertained or else with the purpose of knowledge and education; For which; we do recharge for our Airtel services, primarily our concern is for DTH balance check online; no matter which ways is easier to use all possible methods have been discussed;

Airtel DTH balance check toll free missed Call Number

Providing you a means of helpline number to Inquire your Airtel DTH balance through a Mis-call number and Customer care number; The consumer of Airtel DTH can use either Miscall service or toll-free helpline number, Airtel DTH Mis-call number – 8130081300; Basically, airtel DTH validity check through miscall number is not for Every consumer of Airtel DTH; as most of us have the un-availability of Registered Airtel number with the DTH services;

Only those consumers are recommended to check the available account balance of Airtel DTH if they give a miscall from their registered Airtel mobile number, Steps- to #check airtel DTH balance check through Mis-call-

  • Dial this airtel dth validity no 8130081300
  • Select the SIM slot (If you have multiple sims)
  • Listen to Airtel IVR carefully
  • Wait till the call disconnected
  • In a moment, you will get an SMS along with the validity of your Airtel DTH, available balance, and expiry date as well

Steps-2 – Airtel DTH user who does not have that mobile number which indicates that can use the following method

  • Dial this number 1800-103-6065 from any mobile number
  • Select the preferred language on call and press the digit accordingly
  • Press 1 if Airtel IVR says if you are an Airtel DTH customer
  • Enter the 10digits of customer id and mobile number on the call
  • Wait for few seconds on the call
  • Get the inquiry related to BAL, expiry date, of your Airtel DTH

Airtel DTH Available Balance check SMS -Similarly the format for SMS service to check Airtel DTH Balance is –BAL space Customer id and SMS to 54325; Steps to go through –

  • Launch Mobile messaging app
  • Click on to send SMS
  • Type- BAL <space>1230008889 to 54325
  • View the top-up BAL, Available balance, DTH plan type;

Airtel DTH recharge online /DTH Bal check

Even when the matter comes to do something online, it is also more convenient to get all details in few steps; We have the Airtel thanks app; Which help to access online all Airtel services such as #Airtel DTH balance, payment bank details, recharge offers, and also the resolution of all remaining queries; follow these steps to check Airtel DTH balance online

  • Login to Airtel thanks app /official website ,
  • Go to the DTH Connection tab
  • Enter your cust id
  • View the Available DTH balance or expiry date and suitable recharge plan offers
Airtel DTH balance check Number,
Airtel DTH balance check Number,
Airtel DTH Balance check SMS,
Airtel DTH balance inquiry Number,

About Airtel DTH validity check and other recharge plans offer –

Airtel DTH which is called – direct to home service of Airtel, as directly digital satellite service intends to work for it; Airtel provides the facility of set up the home connection DTH service on a call; the best thing is that they do not bear us installment charges by the first time but the 2nd time onwards, they do take charges; moreover, every Airtel DTH recharge contains a valid pack

It depends on which plan you purchase with the duration of validity, we enjoy the services if the sufficient amount is available once the recharge pack validity expired, all services stop working; Therefore I would recommend choosing a plan which suits you and also; could get some extra cashback on your Every Airtel DTH recharge; To get 5% cashback on every Airtel DTH recharge you can know from here and apply it to yourself; something doing is better than nothing

How to set-up autopay for Airtel DTH recharge monthly?

We have lot’s of payment Gateway applications and sites, from where autopay for Airtel DTH recharge can be set up; The benefits of the autopay facility are that you will be able to enjoy un-interrupted Airtel Dth services, and you can manage it anytime you wish; HDFC Bank customer can get more benefits to all of their utility bill payment as they do have PAYZAPP and other SMART-PAY services

and that offers are available throughout the year, it’s not that, after one cycle of Airtel DTH recharge, offers will end, you will be getting cashback offer until you cancel the autopay facility, you can avail that benefits from HDFC bank net-banking auto pay activation process or bill-pay facility,

I save 1200 rupees per year by availing those Hdfc bank bill payment services, this is why I share with you all, as I re-iterate the same word; something is better than nothing

How can I get an Airtel DTH technician easily?

For the First time Airtel DTH connection, A technician has to on behalf of Airtel company but from the 2nd onwards, suppose you shift from one place to another place and you are in need to find a technician, for this, you can call Airtel DTH consumer Helpline number is given;18001036065

the 2nd method to find a hired technician through
visit this particular site and search with the keyword technician for DTH installation, you will see lot’s of technician mobile numbers and call them to hire for your Airtel DTH connection

3rd method- You can contact the nearest technician person in your current location but they charge a little bit higher but it’s okay
Note- I do not mention the Technician mobile number due to your location may be different than my location, therefore you can choose either 1st method to find a technician or 2nd method to hire a technician if you do not want yourself to be bothered

What are the airtel DTH recharge plans for 6 months?

Currently for the duration of 6 months plan is not yet available but yes, you can recharge your Airtel DTH with these packs –
RS- 485 Valid for 30 days Number of channels -115
Rs – 160 30 days validity Channel numbers – 25
Rs- 145 validity -30 days Channel numbers- 15
RS -293 30 DAYS validity Channel numbers -73
RS- 254 30 days validity Number of channels-80
RS -475 30 Days validity Number of channels – 138

How can I change my airtel DTH Plan online?

Once your existing DTH pack plan gets expired you can get your Airtel DTH Plan changed,
Although Airtel DTH charge for those particular channels which we choose, if you want to add a new channel you can pay for that channel to enjoy the Airtel DTH services;

How can You see the Airtel DTH pack?

You can see your current Airtel DTH Pack validity by using those above instructions, such as, through miscall services, through customer care services, and through the Airtel thanks app as well,
only you should know how to check, which has been discussed above, please read that,

Can we deactivate the airtel DTH channel by SMS

Ans- Yes, Airtel grant us to deactivate the Airtel DTH channel by SMS, to do so, follow the below steps
Take your mobile phone and open the SMS message app
Select the right SIM slot (in case of multiple sims) which is registered on your Airtel DTH,
type the SMS, REM{} CHANNEL NUMBER(XYZ) TO 54325

here REM = REMOVE , {}=SPACE AND channel number =101/choose the channel number ,

Note(1) If you want to deactivate the Airtel DTH channel by SMS with an unknown number, the process is the same, just type the SMS from your mobile number in a format –

Can I refresh my Airtel DTH setup box?

Ans- Yes, you can refresh your Airtel DTH set up box connection, with the help of a missed call number is 8448284708, make sure you give miscall from your registered mobile number

Conclusion on – Hope You know the all possible methods to do an Airtel DTH balance check now, through SMS, miscall, online, and through Airtel IVR

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