3 Ways to Add Biller In HDFC Credit Card

how to add biller in hdfc credit card

Primarily the topic is to discuss How to Add biller in HDFC Credit cards? adding biller details using net banking and mobile banking is very easy along with net banking login credentials

In this blog post, 3 ways have been discussed to add biller in HDFC credit cards. such as through Net-banking, mobile-banking, and customer care services; which you should know

How to Add Biller in HDFC credit card(Smart pay registration )

Smart pay registration in HDFC bank credit card does not only pay the utility bill but also enhance the card authority in a specific way; because on utility bill payment bank provides up to cashback offers and reward points as well

if you want to know the cashback and reward points offers on behalf of the bank giving these offers then recently HDFC Bank to modify in cashback capping, before august 2020, cashback capping was up to 100 rupees maximum in a month thus yearly cashback capping was 1200 rupees maximum on your utility bill;

Now in 2021 cashback capping has been increased up to 200 rupees on your utility bill payment, here reward points to receive on the utility bill is also concerned but it varies on what types of credit card you have used for smart pay registration;

How to Add Utility Biller Details in HDFC credit card Via Net banking?

In order to add biller in HDFC credit card via net banking, firstly login to the net banking using customer id and password and then follow these steps below –

  1. Click on cards
  2. Go to Bill-pay & recharge
  3. Click on continue and a new tab will open
  4. Click on add biller
  5. Choose the desired biller’s Catagory
  6. Enter the biller’s details
  7. Add the biller
how to add biller in hdfc net banking?


Users can also add biller in HDFC credit cards using mobile banking; mobile banking is also more convenient and easy to use, therefore; to add the biller details, follow these steps given below- to add biller in HDFC credit card

  • Launch mobile application
  • Login to mobile-banking
  • Go to home and click on PAY
  • Click on add biller
  • Choose biller category
  • Enter the biller details

The above steps will help to add biller so far, it might have cleared to all of us. how to add biller using mobile banking and net-banking

we have another last option to adding biller details through customer care, they can also add the biller details upon request, but they have to say that only those biller details can be added which comes on primary cardholder name, otherwise, this request will be denied,

so make sure, before you call in customer care for the same concern if the above terms and conditions meet,

HDFC bank mobile number change process 

How to Delete Biller in HDFC Net banking

Hdfc bank not only provides to adding the biller through net banking or mobile banking, but it is also up to the user’s choice, users can delete biller details in keeping with convenient time ;

deleting billers can stop auto payment for whatever the bills were added, so there is no more mess at all; to delete it, just go through these below steps –

  • Login to net-banking
  • Go to bill pay and recharge option
  • Click on view billers
  • Select the billers and Delete billers

but remember you are going to lose getting cashback and reward points facility because once biller is deleted and later on same billers are added, users would not get the cashback facility, so think at least once before going to delete biller;

how to delete biller in hdfc net banking

sometimes come across such a condition, during biller does not receive payment on time due to technical issue on behalf of bankside, although such issue rarely is seen, users can stop auto payment for their utility bills for the monthly billing period; so users can stop a scheduled payment

How to Stop Scheduled Payment in HDFC Net banking

As we have discussed above that there is no kind of mess towards adding biller details or deleting biller details; but in between this issue rarely arise due to which users have to stop standing instruction for a particular auto-bill payment; so users are given the facility to stop SI through net-banking

to come over the standing instruction process to do stop; users have to visit on net banking and click on the standing instruction section,

For stopping standing instruction towards that particular bill; users can modify SI OR can Delete  Standing-instruction along with selecting NO against biller choice and can do submit; but also to note here is that particular scheduled payment for biller will not be deleted unless users delete it

Therefore use these steps to Stop scheduled payment

  • Login to Net banking using customer id and Password
  • Go to ‘Bill pay & Recharge’
  • Click on Continue
  • View the Biller details
  • Click on that specific Biller for which scheduled payment has to be stopped
  • Click on AUTO-PAY status so do here AUTO-PAY OFF
  • Go to “Scheduled payment ” by clicking on Left corner given Line
  • Stop scheduled Payment
how to stop scheduled payment in hdfc net banking

hope so far all these above-given details are cleared to all of us; in case of any doubt related to how to add biller in HDFC credit card  feel free to ask


For any consent; you can call on this number 011-61606161, but to find out the location wise HDFC bank customer care you can find it from here

That number is not only for the queries related to Smartpay activation/ de-activation but also for other queries related to your credit cards and debit cards

When you call HDFC Bank customer care, you have to say to add biller in HDFC credit card of your, they will authenticate for this process and your biller details will be mapped in your credit card for auto-payment of that utility


Are there any charges for smart pay utility bill registration?

No. HDFC bank provides this facility to the users free of cost, with no additional charges for smart pay utility bill registration

Who is eligible for smart pay registration?

All HDFC credit card holders are eligible to do smart pay registration

Why can’t do smart pay registration even if being an Hdfc credit cardholder?

If your smart pay registration is not being accepted, then check, whether your credit card is not over-limit nay? if a card is over-Limit, this request will be declined;

What to do if the biller does not receive the payment on the billing due date?

In this case, you can call in Hdfc bank customer care to do initiate the bill payment, if you receive SMS from the bankside that payment has been initiated for a particular utility bill and not received any SMS from the biller-side, then you will have to contact with that biller

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